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26 May 2022

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the dislikes on this Blog are all fellow sneaker heads lol:

. some of these are actually good alternatives though, if you have friends that

don't care about shoes or know brands, do these little "hacks" its actually pretty


except the ultraboosts as an alternative to yeezys.


Funny thing is that both are fake. The one on the right is a fake that you

can find on dhgate. And the one she shows as the « real pair » is fake as

well. The dead giveaway is the strip of beige « off white » part on the

shoe. And the dior logo on the insole is wrong on both of them. It should be the same style as on the boue


Yes, the fakes are becoming more and more perfect now.I get all my high quality

replica sneakers from, I don't see the point in buying authentics when replicas are perfect nowadays.

I can get 10 pairs of replicas for the price of 1 pair of authentics, what's

the point? Nobody will ever call you out or even know that high quality reps

aren't real. Save yourself the dough and go on vacation lol.

Yes, Yes you should, while I could buy some retail pairs I prefer to have my

favorite pairs and not giving any reseller with 30 bots my money, in any given

case If someone asks I tell them they're reps. No one has asked or noticed,

at the end of the day it's what you want but I promise you no ones gonna call

y'all out.

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