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21 May 2022

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If you're searching for an application for financial projections There are many choices. We'll discuss some of the most well-known apps, like Jirav, LivePlan and Smansha. These apps allow you to make financial projections and scenarios. It is also possible to be able to share your results with others through interactive dashboards. While these apps are useful, we would suggest you read reviews before making your decision.


If you're the kind of business manager who is spending excessively in Excel spreadsheets, PlanGuru is the financial projections software for you. Its similar interface to spreadsheets and automated functionality make it easy to simplify and automate difficult forecasting and budgeting. The app takes away the burden of maintaining complicated excel sheets and provides 20 options for forecasting. This application can import Excel information into the app, as well as accrue expenses and declare dividends.

It is possible to choose between a desktop and cloud-based version of this software. The software is reasonably priced per user. The vendor website provides additional details about the product as well as how to buy it. It is possible to try a free trial before buying it. The application is developed to help CPAs make and manage financial projections, while also ensuring the accuracy of these projections. It's versatileand can be utilized by businesses of any size.

PlanGuru offers many features in its financial projections tool. The tools for financial projections allow you to compare the performance of a firm with those in its industry. You can also assess the amount of reviewers according to the size of your company. The program can save you time and improve the accuracy of your financial forecasts. You can use this software with any computer that is connected to the internet. This program is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. However it may not be suitable for large organizations.

PlanGuru's unified income, balance and cash flow statements make it easy to build multiple budgets and forecasts. With the help of sophisticated method of turnkey and a flexible structure, this financial projections app is a great asset for your business. PlanGuru lets you create specific budgets that are and dated for up to 10 years in advance. It also offers budget versus actual reports that will aid you in developing a greater knowledge of your company's financial situation, and which steps need to taken.


Jirav's financial forecasting software can be used by small and mid-sized businesses to generate accurate, meaningful forecasts. They generate automatically three-way financial statements including the Income Statement, Balance sheet and Statement Cash Flows. Jirav also provides forecasts of up to 60 months of cash flows. It allows you to modify the assumptions and develop custom models to meet your unique requirements. Jirav lets users make simple sales forecasts, an industry-specific revenue models, and projects delayed revenues into a forecast.

Jirav's financial projector apps are compatible with QuickBooks Online and Desktop, unlike other programs that require you to export data into Excel. Jirav is integrated with QuickBooks Online and extracts data from the accounting program daily. It is also possible to import data into other accounting software, including NetSuite as well as Intacct. Users can customize their forecasts by using Jirav's custom reports, dashboards, and reports. Its intuitive interface is easy to use, regardless if you already have an accounting system.

Jirav's business-planning apps integrate the workforce, operational, and accounting data for extensive forecasts. Jirav's cloud-based information is used to create the financial models it uses. This eliminates the chance of making mistakes in spreadsheets. Additionally, Jirav's financial forecasts applications let users collaborate in a variety of scenarios, including bookings, planning for the workforce, and forecasts for sales. This provides a more complete picture of your company's business activities.

Financial projections apps can assist small businesses to prepare for any scenario including the smallest budget to the biggest global catastrophe. Through an integrated system, Jirav's COVID is a combination of the capabilities of planning and integration to provide real-time data on cash flow. Its interface is like Excel and allows different departments to work together more effectively. It is simple to use and doesn't require need for training. It helps businesses manage their forecasts, budgets, and reports in a smooth manner.


LivePlan simplifies the process for business owners to create and share financial projections. With its intuitive interface, LivePlan helps make financial reporting as simple as is possible even for the less skilled. With LivePlan, you are able to effortlessly share your business plan and make smart presentations using a broad range of templates designed for specific industries. LivePlan's financial forecasts app monitors actual-time updates and changes in financial data, making it the perfect tool to help you manage your business plan.

It has many great features , such as the ability to transfer financial information from QuickBooks or Xero. You can also create the plan in your home language, and then choose the output language. It is also possible to enter your financial information in any currency symbol using the app. For members of teams or users of different departments, LivePlan's features for collaboration makes it the ideal tool to manage projects in a team. The limitations of LivePlan should not be an issue.

LivePlan has templates and charts that you can share with other users. makes easy to create Investor-friendly decks. It is also possible to invite others to review the plan. Create custom dashboards, and keep track of milestones with this app. It has industry-leading measurement capabilities that allow you to quickly compare your organization's progress against others. Furthermore, with LivePlan you can develop an entire business plan in no time at all.

LivePlan's financial projector application is simple and quick to use. There are more than 500 templates. Each template has instructions and specific terminology for making financial projections. It also lets you see how your projected numbers stack up against industry benchmarks. If you're not sure about how to use LivePlan it is possible to utilize GoSmallBiz it's an easy to use business planning application that comes with assistance modules.


Smansha is one of the apps for financial projections that is that are listed in Intuit QuickBooks. The program lets users create a simulation of future cash flows and then compare them to figure the best method for them. It's an excellent time-saver for busy business owners. It aids them in planning for unexpected expenses and improves their accuracy. It's available on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Smansha is a small-business cash flow forecasting app that connects users to the network of more than 40 other lenders. It provides predictions using advanced predictive algorithms. It also integrates with popular accounting software such as QuickBooks Online and Xero, which makes it simple to make informed choices. It's simple to get an estimate within a matter of minutes, so don't delay to get started.


Vena has an easy-to-use interface that enables cross-functional collaboration. It is able to be linked to existing systems and departments to give instant insights into cash flow. Vena is simple to use and comes with a zero-learning curve. It gives users the capability to manage budgets, forecasts reports, budgets, and other details. It aids companies to manage and monitor the whole lifecycle of business. The cloud-based software can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Excel.

Vena's primary problem is the inability to see the price. It's user-friendly but users are reporting that it's not always fast when uploading data or creating templates. Some users aren't sure whether the program is popular with their customers. Though some users have reported performance lags, they are usually relatively minor. Vena isn't the perfect solution for all businesses, but it is an option for those who need automated financial projections.

Vena's native integration with Excel helps users get an improved understanding of their financial and business performance. This financial forecasting app helps businesses to manage their annual as well as quarterly, monthly and annual budgets, and perform variance analysis as well. It provides a centralized view of all financial activities. Vena's financial projections applications can be integrated with Microsoft Excel and provide businesses of any size with a cost-effective budgeting solution.

Vena's wide range of features facilitates financial consolidation , and also automates complicated intercompany transactions and minor interest calculations. Vena also consolidates data and automates key tasks , such as the creation of process maps. It automatically routes data journals, creates journal entries and then sends updates and approvals to users. It eliminates the need to manually enter data , and allows finance departments to concentrate on analysis and value-added tasks.

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