Basement tanking, structural waterproofing & damp proofing systems

20 October 2022

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Or you can control the ingress and flow of the water to a pre-determined evacuation point by the use of cavity drainage systems. A waterproofing barrier applied on the external surfaces that are exposed to ground water . The structure is protected against water ingress and also against any aggressive substances or influences. Waterproofing your basement or cellar is the first step to having additional living space in your home and often costs less than moving house or building an extension. But, to get the project done correctly, you need a skilled contractor specialising in waterproofing.

As an independent company, we can choose the appropriate products to suit the large variety of properties we are called on to waterproof. Guidesa collection of helpful guides, featuring best practices, technical advice, reccomendations and more. And domains for this site are managed by the concrete centre on behalf of the basement information centre. The concrete centre is part of the mineral products association ltd . Our exceptional products are matched with a network of newton specialist basement contractors to offer a fully guaranteed installation and maintenance service – wherever you are and whatever the size of your project.

Not only do wise basement systems adhere all the proper rules and regulations, our surveyors are also among the most experienced and qualified in the industry. Congratulations to all of our team members involved on the project below. Learn more about the pca, what we do, our values and why our members and contractors see the pca logo as a 'badge of honour'. With over 25 years of experience within the waterproofing market and a member of the pca.

In most cases, planning permission is unlikely to be needed when converting an existing basement or cellar. However before progressing with a basement conversion, you should check with your local authority whether planning permission is required. For instance 'product types' aren't split in to a, b and c - a fairly important aspect which is only introduced late on in the article as a sub-point below "The existing form of construction".

Barrier a waterproofing barrier applied to the structural element being waterproofed, also known as tanking. Type a fully bonded barrier type a barrier that forms part of a composite structural wall, including liquid applied and cementitious systems. This chapter gives guidance on meeting the technical requirements for the waterproofing of basements and other structures below, or near to, ground level. Sika 1 pre-bagged structural waterproofing system - sika 1 mortars are prebatched kiln dried blends of aggregates and cements in 4 grades at the appropriate mix ratios for optimum application performance and durability. When mixed with the diluted sika 1 liquid waterproofing admixture they provide the multicoat components for the structural waterproofing and waterproof rendering systems. Here at twistfix our membranes and basement waterproofing products are manufactured to the highest standard.

Independent management ensures that the association is run for the benefit of its members and their customers. Liquid water penetration is stopped by the structure itself and cannot entirely pass through into the basement. Typical products are admixtures for watertight concrete combined with appropriate joint sealing systems for connections, construction and movement joints. A waterproof barrier is applied on the internal surfaces of the structure . These systems do not prevent damage to the structure from water ingress, nor concrete damage due to aggressive chemicals.

With eroded pointing, apply 20mm of render onto the rough surface, wait until dry and cover with the required number of rbe coats. If you’ve used polythene to waterproof the floor, cover the join between plastic and wall with flashing tape around the border. Type b waterproofing would typically be achieve grade 2 waterproofing results, but it is very versatile, so this is not necessarily the limit of its application. For professional tradesmen or contractors looking to find out more technical detail about structural waterproofing, visit our professional guidance section. Cemflex vb plate waterstop is a weatherproof, galvanised steel plate that only reacts with the water within the concrete and is therefore ideal for use in icf or twin wall installations.

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