7 Free EBook Readers To Help You Go Paperless

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22 June 2022

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They’re cheap and you can start reading in seconds. Bonus points is they’re several thousand times lighter than regular books (well a thousand books will be the weight of a single reader).

But not all eBook readers are created equal. Some are easier on the eyes. Others are easier to search. And some even come with hundreds of free books.

We did some research and polled the folks here on the Soda PDF team to see what they use. We’re happy to bring you 8 FREE eBook readers so you can save extra money and start reading instantly.

#1 - The Best Free eBook Reader - Kindle

#2 - Soda PDF

#3 - Aldiko

#4 - Freda

#6 - Calibre

#7 - Moon+

#1 - The Best Free eBook Reader - Kindle

We didn’t want to put this in the top spot since it showed ads, but there’s no denying just how incredibly awesome this free eBook reader is. That, and we also decided Jeff Bezos needed some more money.

The Kindle is really a sight to behold: it’s sleek, intelligent, stylish, and compatible across all devices. If you’ve got an Amazon account, you can log right in and you’ll instantly be inundated with a deluge of books to choose from.

If you’re using it on a PC, you can even change the font size and color with a single tap.

BONUS: Kindle is great for students. The flash card function instantly syncs across devices. That’ll come in handy when cramming with that digital textbook two hours before your final.

#2 - Soda PDF

We hate to be the runner up, but we didn’t want to come across as narcissistic.

Soda PDF is actually an amazing free eBook reader, and all you need is a free account to read any PDF you want across any of your devices (phone, laptop, tablet). It even works directly on your browser so you don’t have to download anything. You’ll be ready to go in seconds.

Some added bonuses you get from Soda PDF that you don’t get elsewhere are:

Text markup

Sharing with friends


Soda PDF’s awesome support and security

Seems like a no brainer to us. In fact, almost everyone here uses Soda instead of an eBook reader.

…we might be a bit biased though.

#3 - Aldiko

You may not have heard of this beast of an eBook reader, but you will once it roars onto your Android phone.

Aldiko has a few awesome perks that landed it here. For one, it doesn’t take up any extra memory (it doesn’t save books to your phone unless you ask it to). That’s a huge plus for those of us who don’t have a ton of memory to spare.

Second, it’s got excellent reading extensions (changing background color, font size, text).

Lastly, and our personal favorite, it looks great but is still minimalist and easy to navigate. Your shelf is right there, and all you have to do is click on a title. Simple as that.

Aldiko rocks.

#4 - Freda

Freda offers a massive advantage to eBook lovers that few other apps have: access to Project Gutenberg.

Project Gutenberg is a volunteer effort to digitize the greatest cultural works in history. Think War & Peace, The Grapes of Wrath, and the Cat in the Hat. PREMIUM EBOOKS gives you instant access to 59,000 FREE eBooks (what, you thought you had to spend money to read?!).

You don’t have to choose from the greatest library in history though. You can import books in any format AND get direct access to Smashwords, a listing of independent authors.

Freda for Students: Freda helps students save money AND lets them annotate books for note taking. Sounds perfect to us.

#5 - Cool Reader

We were about to go forward without Cool Reader until we found out that you could toggle day/night mode. That blew us away!

It really is a lifesaver lying awake in bed at night. Aside from the fact it’s easy on the eyes, it’s the only e-reader we found that offers text-to-speech for free.

If either of those sound good, give it a shot. There’s nothing much else that sticks out, though. It’s definitely a useful free eBook reader.

#6 - Calibre

Another BEAST for students, Calibre uses a unique “reference” mode that shows chapter and paragraph number. Anyone who’s spent more time writing a bibliography than the essay itself will appreciate how easy that makes citing sources.

Just list the chapter and paragraph number and you’ll be good to go.

Our favorite thing (our essay writing days are long gone) is how lightweight and fast Calibre is. It outperformed most other e-readers with ease. We highly recommend it for “work” or “study” readers, since it makes life so easy.

If you’re reading for your own pleasure, though, maybe take a look elsewhere.

#7 - Moon+

This reader is excellent for readers with OCD. Hear us out…

Moon+ shows your reading status for the entire book as well as your status within the current chapter. That status bar is awesome for keeping us motivated. If you want to upgrade to the premium version, you’ll love all of the cool reading statistics you gain access to. If you’re anything like us, you’ll be obsessed with maintaining pages, reading hours, and books on shelf metrics (we have issues). The display settings control also ensures all of the numbers-obsessed reading doesn’t hurt your eyes.

If you’re a voracious bibliophile, Moon+ is THE choice.

Don’t waste money on an eBook reader. Not when all of these free eBook readers are available. If you had to ask us which was the best, we’d say Soda PDF for obvious reasons, but Kindle is a great choice too. You might even want to try out a few others until you find one you love. The important thing is to keep reading!

You can get started using a free eBook reader right away. Click below to try out Soda PDF.

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