Fico Gutierrez is a candidate for being considered "Uribe’s candidate"

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14 May 2022

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Since the night of Sunday, Federico Fico Gutierrez , the Colombian presidential candidate, has been the most ferocious. Although it is not the first time that his name is on an electoral document - he has been a councilor and mayor of Medellin and his first attempt during a national vote which he won more than 2 million votes in the Team for Colombia coalition, they place him as an ideal candidate for the conservative groups or those who are scared when they think of the possibility of a leftist president. Fico (47 year aged Medellin) is currently this time, Gustavo Petro's principal opposition. Gustavo Petro was with the Historic Pact Movement one of the candidates who won the election that decided who was the representative of the three most powerful political forces were.

The presidential election has only begun. The question of whether Medellin's former mayor can become the real opposition to petrismo is dependent on the alliances he creates and the negotiations that he holds. Not only will he be expected to bring together the entire right under his control as well as take on a portion of the electorate at the center, which was sunk on Sunday with any extraordinary leadership. He must keep his distance from former President Alvaro Urbine, something was not the case in the past. For the first time in 20 years, the public acceptance of uribism rather than adding, may reduce. "Federico Gutierrez faces a dilemma. He has to form an alliance, on Uribe's side along with the Democratic Center. However, Gutierrez must convince Uribe, the center that must decide on its course," Yann basset, analyst at the University of Rosario.

Fico is on the way to an alliance, with the CD, the center of uribism as of Monday Fico already has its first win. Oscar Ivan Zuluaga who was previously the presidential aspirant took a step back to acknowledge the few chances he had of competing with him. Now it will be fascinating to see if Uribismo's entire collective that is without a representative, follows his example. Especially when Uribe is willing to openly support and attempts to convince voters of the traditional issues of the Colombian right, which is not that difficult for him. of "security", "order", "opportunities" and "love of the country" already showed him that he adds votes. This past Sunday, he confirmed it at the electoral consultation. The same thing happened while in Antioquia as the mayor. "The bandits in jail or in a grave"" Fico stated recently on a visit to Arauca which is a region that has been particularly hit by violence. Fico knows very well what Colombian law likes. But it won't suffice for him.

"We are not in 2018, when the fear of the left was effective, but this time the electorate is not affected by fear," Basset points out. suggests that Fico might not get Uribe’s blessing because of the fact that Alvaro Uribe isn't the absolute leader the country has had since 2002 when Uribe was elected president. However, this doesn't mean the Uribismo votes are not enough to Gutierrez. This could be due to the fact that they are less than the table. Uribism was also a key factor in this win (winning in the coalition). Basset warns that now his ability as negotiator is likely to be constrained. "To persuade the right to not invest all his resources in this alliance, will be his goal." Andres Mesjia Vergnaud, analyst commenting on Fico's ties with the former president: "The great difficulty of Federico Gutierrez's desire to win the support of Uribismo without the image of Uribe as it does not fit him to be his presidential candidate."

Gustavo Petro is left-leaning, however, Gustavo Petro is right-leaning. However, Fico - if he can reach a compromise - will persuade Gustavo Petro to support him. Rodolfo Hernández, an independent, is still in contest. Gutierrez must mention the accomplishments of former Bucaramanga mayor Bucaramanga and millionaire builder, Rodolfo Hernandez, if will fight against petrismo.

Gutierrez has a lot of work to complete before he is even considering names for the presidential formula. But what Gutierrez already has is backing of the other candidates running for the leadership of the Team for Colombia alliance. It's not just a little. He has by his side two former mayors, Enrique Penalosa (Bogota) and Alex Char (Barranquilla); the leader of the Conservative party, David Barguil, and one woman, Aydee Lizarazo, of an Christian party, who normally makes judicious decisions based on the instructions at the lectern of his church.

The Conservative Party has been strengthened - it received the largest votes from right-wing parties with more that 2 million votes. Additionally the U Party has shown sympathy for the Conservative Party. They also had an outstanding voteof just over 1 million votes, in the legislative. Oscar Ivan Zuluaga supported Fico and didn't hesitate until after the results of Sunday's election to concede defeat in the face of a possible clash with the votes of the right. This will give Fico an additional push within the conservative wing but keeps him far away from the middle. Alvaro Uribe (ex-President) summoned his party to a gathering on Monday to determine if Fico would risk his chances of gaining a seat in the center as a result of being publicly felicitated by Uribe.
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