Radio was fun

31 January 2024

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She was a senior(i was a junior) and god was she HOT. Her name was Kristy. Her hair was red, not ginger but dark red, she always wore dresses or skirts, and a lot of the time without panties. She also wore fishnet gloves a lot, they always make things better in my opinion. Anyway One day she came into the radio room and sat down on the table next to our computer for picking songs. I did my bit of talking and turned on the music.

​ "Where’s your radio partner Alex?" She said opening her legs slightly.
"Oh, he had something to do. Some marching band shit." I said looking at her huge breasts. Now when i say huge i think they might have been In the higher CC, lower D range.

​ "Well the teachers have left, they put me in charge until we close the station for the day." She Said.

​"Cool" The songs ended, I did another speaking bit and played more music.

​ "Jezz, Its warm in here, You mind if i take off my shirt." She said, I forgot to mention that since this is first semester its the middle of december so it’s cold, but the radio is always warm, which sucks in the spring and summer.

​ "Go right ahead. Although, That seems weird." I said strangely oblivious to the fact she was horneier than than 2 teens in an adult store.

​ She took off her shirt and was in a black lacy bra, fishnet gloves, and a blue skirt.

​ "So, is everything in your life okay Alex." She said in a soothing voice.

​ "Uh… Yeah Kristy, Why do you ask," I said.

​ "Well, you listen to people and i needed an excuse to talk. My boyfriend broke up with me today, and I’ve been "Craving" today." Said Krishty, spreading her legs further revealing her wet pussy.

​ "Oh, well Kristy why are you telling me." I said hiding my hard boner.

​ "Well Alex, I see the way you look up my skirt, and the way you stare at my chest, I stopped weating panties alot because of that" she said, placing a hand on my leg, right on my boner. "And I can always see that boner of yours everytime we talk."

​ "Well Kristy its just..." As I spoke she got down on her knees and yanked down my jeans, Revealing my 8 inches of man meat.

​ She went slowly at first and just pumped my cock for a second, she then slid the head of my cock into her warm lips. She swirled her tounge around the length of my shaft as she slowly engulfed all 8 inches into her mouth. It was wonderful, she would slowly slide back to the head then all way the back down until she was very quickly deepthroating me.

​ "Uh Kristy, I'm about to cum." I said. Suddenly she stopped sucking and just held my cock in her hand.

​ "Not yet, I need a good fucking and you will do nicely." She said. She then stood up and took off her skirt and threw it in the corner, then she unhooked her bra and threw it at me. After I moved it from my vision she stood, big tits, big ass, and wanting to be fucked.

​ She came up to me and pulled me to the wall. She grabbed my cock and put the head in her waiting cunt. She then wrapped her legs around me and rocked back and forth for about 30 seconds, then I slammed her on the wall and slammed her wet cunt as she rubbed her clit.

​ After a minute or so I stopped while I was deep inside her cunt. I moved her to the table and then I took my cock out. She looked puzzled until I got on my knees and began to eat her out.

​ As I started, I stuck my tounge in her pussy, tasting her delicious juices. Every few strokes id tounge her clit for a second.

​ "God Alex, your tounge feels great" moaned Kristy, as she shoved my face into her pussy, moaning and having an orgasm. I drank up all the juices she'd squirt out.

​ After a second she was breathing normally.

​ "Hey Alex theres one more thing to do." She said leaning forward and spreading her ass.

​ "you still need to fuck my ass" she said.

​ I slapped her ass a few times before I slid my cock in. as I did, she moaned loudly. I started pounding her ass very fast and Kristy enjoyed every second.

Suddenly, I pulled out

​ "Whats wrong" asked Kristy. I forced her to the floor and rammed her pussy until she had another orgasam. As her cunt squezzed my dick I came inside her and she screamed in plesure.

After that I slid my cock out slowly, as I did Kristy turned to me and sucked my cock until I became hard again. Then she gave me a hand job until I came on her tits, she scrapped off a few spurts and licked it off her hand.

"Mmmm, your cum tastes nice Alex." Said Kristy


"I guess I should get dressed," said Kristy dishartedly

"not yet, lets just hang out for a bit. Your body is beautifil Kristy"i said. So she and I cuddled for a bit, with a hand job here and a fingering there.

​ About a week after second semester started my friend Tori joined the station, and Kristy must have told her something. But that's a story for a different time.

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