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08 July 2022

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Chapter 1219 - I'm Not Good At Movement Techniques resolute important

Zhou Wen considered really for a moment before resolving, “I’m best at existence-preservation. Even so, I can’t educate this power to other folks. Even though I educate it, they won’t manage to find out it. Hence, I only consider instructing Hui Wan Substance Strength Artistry.”

Liu Yujin couldn’t take what he was listening to. He was quoted saying coldly, “The 2x Genuine movement procedure originated from the Hui family, but it’s used by lots of households in the Federation’s four areas. It’s a obligatory mobility technique for the armed service. It has been approved by plenty of troops in numerous fights. Even an army as strong as Luoyang’s Sundown Army routines the 2x Accurate activity approach over a massive. Sir, you asserted that this motion approach is average. I really believe you own a much better motion procedure compared to the Increase Correct mobility approach?”

“Dad…” Hui Wan’s expression was peculiar almost like he desired to say something.

Section 1219: I am Not Capable At Mobility Strategies

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Chapter 1219: I’m Not Capable Of Movements Strategies

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Moreover, to be able to let Hui Wan to increase it, he experienced specially developed a Mythical Serum that can bestow a distinctive appearance on him. The purchase price was unthinkable.

“It’s regular,” Zhou Wen claimed casually.

Zhou Wen idea seriously for a second before replying to, “I’m ideal at lifestyle-preservation. However, I can’t instruct this ability to other folks. Even if I educate it, they won’t be able to master it. For that reason, I only plan on training Hui Wan Fact Electricity Artistry.”

He was required to disclose that Hui Haifeng was really a master. The fact is that, he possessed used the vast majority of his strength on research and later grew to be director. Otherwise, with his skills, his farming stage might have been high quality.

“That’s similar to it.” Hui Haifeng pushed Hui Wan’s top of your head and required, “Cultivate the Basis Power Craft your Granddad Zhou explained you. You don’t should grow other Fact Electricity Disciplines sooner or later.”

Hui Haifeng nearly spat the mouthful of tea he obtained just drunk when he heard that. “He isn’t good at action strategies? If his activity strategy is not great, is there any individual in the world that has good mobility techniques? He’s partially to blame for identifying the Increase Correct motion strategy. Point about this movements approach was copying him. Do you think his movement process is not excellent?”

Hui Wan was somewhat disappointed. He experienced blended sentiments. Despite the fact that he didn’t wish for his father’s track record to be ruined, he also hoped that Zhou Wen would be as sturdy as it can be. Given that that has been the way it is, the price of what he mastered from Zhou Wen could well be bigger.

Liu Yujin couldn’t take what he was ability to hear. He said coldly, “The Two times True activity strategy came from the Hui loved ones, but it is used by many family members during the Federation’s four districts. It is a obligatory mobility way of the military services. It has been proven by many troopers in numerous fights. Even an army as strong as Luoyang’s Setting sun Army methods the 2x True movement strategy at a large scale. Sir, you declared that this action strategy is average. I really believe you have a better action technique compared to the 2x Real movements method?”

Additionally, this motion process was only viewed as typical to Zhou Wen.

Now, without being aware what Fact Electricity Fine art Zhou Wen got imparted, Hui Haifeng obtained identified being c.r.a.p. This change was too shocking.

Chapter 1219: I am Not Proficient At Motion Tactics

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This was the Hui family’s personal household, not Hui Haifeng’s office.

Liu Yujin couldn’t guide but sneer he observed that Zhou Wen was resembling a charlatan.

“Your Excellency, we devoted a great deal work to have the Essence Power Art from your Family Clan of G.o.ds and come up with corresponding Mythical Serum…” Liu Yujin hurriedly reminded Hui Haifeng.

Experiencing Zhou Wen check out the troopers perform their mobility procedures, Hui Wan stated proudly, “Zhou Wen, what do you think in the action strategy?”

Section 1219: I am Not Proficient At Motion Approaches

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Within Liu Yujin’s “escort,” Zhou Wen emerged facing a mansion just as before. Nonetheless, Hui Wan had applied one side entrance previously this time around, these folks were getting the main entry ways.

“Your Excellency, we put in a lot time and effort to get the Heart and soul Vitality Art work from your Family members Clan of G.o.ds and created the corresponding Mythical Serum…” Liu Yujin hurriedly reminded Hui Haifeng.

Having said that, Hui Haifeng thought to Zhou Wen, “Zhou Wen, I don’t care if you prefer it or maybe not. Anyways, Tiny Wan is the nephew. Do as you see suit and teach him a thing. Permit me to ponder over it. Let us focus on motion techniques…”

Now, without understanding what Substance Strength Craft Zhou Wen experienced imparted, Hui Haifeng had detailed it as a c.r.a.p. This transformation was too unexpected.

“Your Excellency…” Liu Yujin was somewhat stunned. From Hui Haifeng’s expression, he appeared to be confident that it was the true Zhou Wen.

Under Liu Yujin’s “escort,” Zhou Wen turned up before a mansion all over again. Even so, Hui Wan experienced considered along side it doorway previously this point, these people were bringing the principal entry.

“It’s typical,” Zhou Wen said casually.

With that said, Hui Haifeng believed to Zhou Wen, “Zhou Wen, I don’t treatment if you want it or perhaps not. Anyhow, Small Wan is your nephew. Do as you see in shape and instruct him a thing. Let me consider this. Let’s get started with motion techniques…”

Hui Haifeng didn’t loose time waiting for Liu Yujin to finish before introducing, “Yujin, this really is my junior, Zhou Wen. Come up with a pa.s.s for him making sure that he is able to enter as well as leaving freely to stop difficulty in the foreseeable future.”

Experiencing Zhou Wen disclose defeat, Liu Yujin didn’t say other things.

It was to Zhou Wen’s surprise that the Twice Accurate movement procedure was traditionally used from the armed service.

Hui Wan originally needed to point out that this mobility approach was developed by his dad, but when he listened to Zhou Wen declare that, the latter 1 / 2 of the sentence was stuck in his neck as his facial area purged red-colored.

Liu Yujin couldn’t aid but sneer he observed that Zhou Wen was resembling a charlatan.

“Your Excellency, we expended a great deal work to obtain the Essence Power Skill from your Friends and family Clan of G.o.ds and created the corresponding Mythical Serum…” Liu Yujin hurriedly reminded Hui Haifeng.

With Zhou Wen admitting that his movement process was missing, Hui Wan naturally wasn’t joyful.

Seeing Zhou Wen view the soldiers apply their movement strategies, Hui Wan mentioned with pride, “Zhou Wen, what is your opinion with the mobility approach?”

“Young Become an expert in, His Excellency is going to be back quickly. You together with Mr. Zhou can wait in the living room area for the present time.” Liu Yujin ceased Hui Wan from consuming Zhou Wen to the backyard.

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“Dad… He said that he’s not proficient at activity techniques…” Hui Wan identified the chance and whispered.

That wasn’t what Hui Haifeng acquired claimed before. The c.r.a.p he was talking about was a best Fact Strength Skill he got paid for a big cost to receive from your Family Clan of G.o.ds.

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