Emma and the Master Part 3

02 February 2023

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I loaded my horse in the trailer and with mounting excitement, drove off to Ranulph’s stables.

Ranulph himself was waiting to greet me, which he did in an open and friendly manner as he helped me unload my horse and settle him into his new stable. There was no sign of Rachel and for the moment it appeared that we were alone. Then he invited me into his house. We went in through the imposing main door into a massive hallway with a small fountain statue in the centre. The statue was a young but naked bronze girl, apparently only just into puberty, with tiny breasts but prominent nipples, and smooth pudenda, with a full tight bottom. Ranulph stopped before the statue, and turned to me.

"Is she not beautiful? I believe in surrounding myself with beautiful young women, as I have told you. But these young women must have no false modesty. I have no interest in observing your intimate toilet activity, but that apart, I expect you to quickly get used to the fact that your naked body is mine to observe, to touch and caress, and that you will present and display it to me in any way I choose. And not just to me but to anyone else with whom I wish to share your beauty. Come with me."

Feeling excited beyond my wildest nocturnal imaginings I followed him from this entrance hall into another reception room. In one corner of this room was another stunning bronze statue. This again was of a naked young female, but she was posed rather like the crucifixion, standing, legs loosely apart, but her arms above shoulder height, her hands out in space above her head height, her small breasts stretched and taut, her head looking down. What took my breath away was the other figure in the statue, a naked young man, standing to one side, his erect penis well sculpted and a girl’s dream, his chest muscular, and posed as having just lashed the girl with a long whip, which was touching her out-thrust buttocks. Ranulph observed my intake of breath and reaction to the tableau before again speaking.

"As part of your acceptance of my power over you, and my understanding of your need to be dominated to achieve the inner calm that will enable you to become a really accomplished dressage rider, you too will feel the kiss of the leather. You will grow to love it, to seek it out, not just to present your naked flesh for it, but to actively thrust your flesh to meet the kiss, to crave the pain and the pleasure which will follow it. Do you agree that that is indeed what your inner psyche desires?"

I heard myself saying to him in reply

"Oh, yes, dear Ranulph, I will have no false modesty, no place to hide, I want to display and present my nakedness to you and to your friends, and crave the punishment of these instruments on my flesh. I am sure that is what I have always secretly longed for to fulfil my sexuality, and now I feel I have finally come home".

To which Ranulph replied

"I have waited for this moment since I first set eyes on you. Come with me."

And with that he led me through to another room. There were Gothic stained glass windows along the sides and two rows of columns separating the centre of the room from each side. The effect was of a church or chapel. Only as he led me to one of the columns on one side did I realise some of the columns were different.


This one had a padded circular cushion maybe a foot wide about pelvis height and Ranulph guided me into facing into the column with my pelvis resting against the cushion. He then took my arms and placed them high on the column where I could grasp two rings set in the column. He then directed me to place my feet to either side of the column forward of my body line. I was like putty in his hands and realised that my position forced my jodhpur clad buttocks outwards while spreading my legs and leaning my upper body inwards. He flicked a switch and a spotlight at the top of the column and lights in the floor around the column came on and illuminated me. I knew this was for his eyes only but could imagine the effect if others were watching.

Ranulph again spoke.

"Emma, my darling, you are dressed as I asked in your dressage gear, but imagine, if you will, standing here completely naked for me. Take a moment to think of that. Think of how you will be displayed, your buttocks thrust back and spread by the position of your legs."

At these words I almost fainted as I felt his hand on my right buttock, squeezing gently through my jodhpurs, then running across my crack to my left buttock, stroking and squeezing my flesh.

"And as you stand there, hands up on the column, your delightful breasts hang forward against your blouse and jacket, inviting any red-blooded male to slip his hands round your body and caress them."

His hands came round my body and I felt him undo the three buttons on my riding jacket, and spread the sides away from the front of my blouse. I shuddered with anticipation of his hands holding the front of my blouse, grasping my breasts, feeling their weight and firmness of which I was justly proud. But Ranulph knew more of how to bring me to a sexually submissive state than I could ever have conceived, as he avoided touching my blouse, and I heard him give a little laugh to himself.

"Emma, turn round now and face me, then resume the position."

I gasped as I did his bidding, now placing my bottom against the cushion, placing my hands high above my head on the side of the pillar, and my feet back to the position to the sides of the column. I now felt almost obscenely spread, my pudenda thrust outmost, my legs apart, my jacket open, the front of my blouse unprotected from his admiring gaze.

He stepped up between my legs, and teased me by pressing his jodhpur clad firmness against my pubic area. I almost fainted with this first intimacy from the man I had thought about so much over the previous weeks. He smiled and ran his hands up inside my open jacket over the back of my blouse, grasping me from my waist up my back, feeling my spine and spreading his hands sensuously over my shoulder blades. Then he dropped to his knees in front of me and ran his hands up the insides of each leg of my jodhpurs from calf past knee and up my thighs to within a millimetre of my crotch. He certainly knew how to get me worked up to a frenzy, exciting me without actually touching any of my erogenous zones directly. He laughed at my predicament again, then told me to drop the pose at the pillar and step across the room. There, between two pillars there was a chair slightly into the main body of the room, and outside the row of pillars facing the chair was a full height mirror. Before I could take it in he told me to remove my riding jacket, boots and jodhpurs. The suddenness with which he moved from teasing me to instructing me to expose myself to him in this way drew my breath away, and gasping I hurried to obey him. He then led me to arrange my body in the seat, my white cotton briefs all that was between me and the soft cushion. He passed a belt round my naked midriff above my briefs and touching my bare skin beneath the hem of my blouse.


He cuffed my wrists and attached these to the arms of the chair. He then bent to the side of me and fastened leather cuffs round my ankles. Taking each ankle in turn he lifted it and I saw then rings and clips all the way up each pillar. My ankles were fastened at about my shoulder height, but my legs spread out to reach the pillars. Then he again flicked on the spotlights and I could now see myself fully illuminated and reflected in the mirror opposite me.

My long legs were parted and up in the air, my panty clad bottom perched on the edge of the cushioned chair, the shape of my sex clearly outlined beneath the white cotton. Ranulph came round in front of me, between my body and the mirror, and knelt before my upstretched legs. Very gently he started to stroke my thighs, starting at the knee, and running his long aristocratic fingers up my inner thigh to the very edge of my panties, then back down again, returning over my upper thighs to the side of my hips, exposed by the cut of my panties. It seemed he repeated this for several minutes, gradually increasing the pressure of his touch, caressing then massaging my supple flesh. I meanwhile was becoming quite aroused and I felt sure that the crotch of my panties must by now be showing the damp giveaway of my arousal.

He then rose and came round behind me. My arms were handcuffed to the arms of the seat, though he knew that I wouldn’t move anyway. He bent and lifted my long golden hair off my neck before gently kissing the right side of my neck just below my ear. The sensation was overwhelming. The small hairs on my neck were electrified, and he repeated the kiss on my left side, moving my hair out of the way. Then things started to happen quite quickly. He breathed gently into my left ear before darting his tongue inside letting the tip run round the whorls of my inner ear. As he moved to my right ear, I realised his hands had come round to the front of my blouse, and as I immersed myself in the ticklish tonguing of my ears, he unbuttoned my blouse and peeled the two sides away from my chest. I forced myself to watch in the mirror as my white bra was revealed, then blush in anticipation as he deftly unfastened the clip in the centre of the front of the bra between my breasts. He lifted the cups away and I saw my breasts revealed to his and my gaze, my nipples surprisingly full and dark against the pink of my firm mounds. He now grasped one breast in each hand, cupping them, then letting his thumbs move up to roll my nipples. The sensation was delightful, tingling messages shooting from my nipples across my belly beneath the waist strap to arouse my sex even more. I knew now that I was aroused because I could see the damp juices soaking into my panty crotch. Ranulph was now firmly handling my breasts, teasing my nipples, twisting them gently, squeezing the sensitive flesh until I was gasping with erotic feelings. I knew instinctively what would follow, and Ranulph didn’t let me down. Gradually his hands slipped down from my breasts, and as he continued to kiss my neck, then over my flat tummy and the restraining belt to the waistband of my panties. Both hands slid inside and I was aware of straining my position to force my legs even further apart, almost lifting my bottom off the seat, as his fingers slipped down, seeking my labia, parting them and with his thumbs encouraging my clitoris to engorge and his fingers opening up my vulva, now dripping wet with my lubrication, I swooned into a state of pure submission, no longer watching him play with my body but just letting the experience flow over me.

But he was not going to let me peak to orgasm just yet and he suddenly stopped and undid my cuffs and waist belt. He helped me to stand up, then quickly removed my blouse, bra and panties so I stood before him naked.


I was sure this was just the start of my submission to him, and he was about to take me onward and upward, till I achieved the calm confidence of a woman who knew that her master would not only satisfy her hidden needs, but release her potential to achieve great things, in my case with my horse in dressage.