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29 June 2022

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Welcome to the Old School RuneScape Wiki User Help page. This page is here to offer a central location for those who are participating with the development of this wiki to make general requests for help. For admin help, click here.

Note for requesters - Once a solution has been presented and implemented, please add a comment signifying completion, if the request hasn't already been archived. This is to help other users know when to archive completed requests.

Instructions[edit source]

What this page is for[edit source]

Coding help. Requesting help with writing templates, making a nice user page, or any questions on writing wiki-code can be asked here and users will help to the best of their ability.

Requests for non-administrative actions. If help is required with an action (such as moving a page), asking users here for help with that action is acceptable.

Questions on how the wiki works. All the policies and processes in use on the Old School RuneScape Wiki may seem a little overwhelming at first. If you need help in understanding any of the policies, or more in depth instructions on a process, asking here is a good start.

Other questions to the users of the wiki. While the Redwood Grove is often a better place, a simple question may be asked here for a quick response.

An all-in-one place to put things. Many of the wiki's procedures are lesser-known, so putting a note here is a good way to do something if the correct procedure is not known.

What this page is not for[edit source]

Requests for actions involving administrator tools. Please use Admin requests for such requests.

Larger discussion with other users on policies or other wide-ranging actions. The Redwood Grove is a more suitable location to discuss larger changes to the Wiki's policies, procedures and high-use templates.

General chat (about Old School RuneScape or not). General chat about Old School RuneScape (or an off-topic subject) should be taken to individual user talk pages, or article talk pages when applicable.

1 Instructions 1.1 What this page is for

1.2 What this page is not for

2.1 Adding the page '100% completion'

2.2 Reset Quest Table Highlights and etc

2.3 Achievement diary skill reqs

2.4 Linking to MMG profit

2.5 BIS Links

2.6 Zulrah Drop Table

2.7 Shattered Relic League tab

2.8 Graphical updates template

2.9 Drop Rate for Crystal Teleport Seed Discrepancy

2.10 king ' ranson

2.11 Information on NPC attack range and aggression range

2.12 Hide sidebar

2.13 Equipment bonuses

2.14 Adjacent images help

2.15 Request for remote Jewelry Use

2.16 Inclusion of relevent music tracks across wiki pages

2.17 setting bank pin

2.18 In dark mode on mobile, have readable text

Requests[edit source]

Adding the page '100% completion'[edit source]

I'm interested in adding a page describing the requirements to achieve a theoretical 100% completion in the game.

I already did a short writeup of what I can think of over on my user page. I'm interested in feedback on how to make it a proper wiki article, general advice and things I've missed.

Thanks for any help! -The preceding unsigned comment was added by CX gamer (talk) on 16:11, 21 September 2021 (UTC).

Reset Quest Table Highlights and etc[edit source]

With the new Group Ironman mode out, I was wondering if there was a way to reset the quest highlights as well as the item requirement checkboxes, etc.

Thank you, bravo713 -The preceding unsigned comment was added by Bravo713 (talk) on 07:26, 14 October 2021 (UTC).

Achievement diary skill reqs[edit source]

I would like to suggest in every skill page that a section be added showing which diary steps require that skill and the level needed. -The preceding unsigned comment was added by Vampire00757 (talk) on 20:08, 31 October 2021 (UTC).

Linking to MMG profit[edit source]

Is there any way to link to the profit per hour of an activity that currently has an MMG? I want to do this for a skill training guide. --Mannana 21:52, 9 January 2022 (UTC)

Just figured it out and made a template for it! Haven't created any documentation yet though, so for now it's just on my userpage: User:Mannana/Template:Mmgprofit --Mannana 21:42, 10 January 2022 (UTC)

BIS Links[edit source]

I have no idea how to do this myself, but I often wonder about certain items (such as BGS, DWH for spec) and which instances they would be the best in slot option. I've not seen a way to see this in one place, so I thought it might be a good idea to have a section on each weapon/armor page that listed this such as "Best in Slot Uses" (a better title because that's not good) and then have it link to the Strategies page for the respective boss (Like DWH would have a list that included KQ and others that would be the BIS spec weapon) Some may need tailored and shortened since something like Primordial Boots or Pegasian Boots would be listed in almost all guides that require melee/range. Gatorglue (talk) 21:50, 15 January 2022 (UTC)

Zulrah Drop Table[edit source]

I have a question/recommendation about the Zulrah drop table. Technically speaking, doesn't the Mutagen drop table fall into the same table of items that the flax is listed under? Since it says "There is a 10/2,632 chance to hit the mutagen sub-table within the flax table (10/248)." wouldn't it make sense to have it listed in that same table?

Shattered Relic League tab[edit source]


I accidentally closed down the leagues tab, and now I can't re-enable it. Could you help me?

Graphical updates template[edit source]

Myself, and more recently SacKings and Spineweilder have been adding images to the graphical update galleries at the bottom of pages, in the way that was broadly agreed on in Forum:Changing pages' graphical update galleries.

However, these can't handle synced switches very well at all. Without going into too much detail, look at the source for the Bronze bolts page to see just how ugly it can get. (On some pages such as Fire giant, it just doesn't work at all)

Anyway I think these need a new template to simplify things, and allow switches to work properly. However I have no idea how to go about creating this. So basically I need a kind volunteer to pretty much do all the work for me after I specify how it should function. Hlwys (talk) 21:04, 16 February 2022 (UTC)

Drop Rate for Crystal Teleport Seed Discrepancy[edit source]


Just wanted to let you know I noticed the drop rate for the teleport seed is listed differently on its page from the teleport crystal item page. I believe they are the same item. One is listed at 1/5.12 and the other 1/128. Linked below for convivence.

Cheers, -The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) on 01:06, 5 March 2022 (UTC).

king ' ranson[edit source]

During the trial, it is impossible for me to ask questions to the witnesses. I can only ask to bring a witnesses to the bar when I click on it. Anyone know if this is a bug ?

Information on NPC attack range and aggression range[edit source]

I can't seem to find information regarding the attack range values of various NPCs that attack used ranged/magic attacks. For example, Jal-MejRah in the inferno has an attack range of 4 tiles, but this information isn't on the wiki. This information would be particularly useful for monsters in Inferno/Fight Caves and probably a lot of other places as well. Is it possible for someone to add some of this information to the wiki? I have information about some of the monsters, but I don't know how to add it to the wiki.

It would also be helpful to have information on the Aggression ranges of each NPC. This could be difficult due to the fact that NPCs with same ID could have difficult aggression and/or attack ranges. I've noticed this for mithril dragons in the Ancient Cavern. Runescape The aggression radius for these NPCs seems to vary based on the particular spawn, even though the NPC IDs are the same.

Hide sidebar[edit source]

what I need to do to completely hide the sidebar on desktop view on mobile? -The preceding unsigned comment was added by MotMBC (talk) on 15:38, 1 April 2022 (UTC).

@MotMBC: Can try copying this page into Special:MyPage/vector.css. Cheers, Shayani (talk) 15:52, 1 April 2022 (UTC)

@Shayani: Ty bro <3 MotMBC (talk) 16:41, 1 April 2022 (UTC)

Equipment bonuses[edit source]

Hello, I would like assistance in adding a GE price column to the equipment bonuses template.

When looking through the various articles on equipment, there is almost always a set of two redundant tables - one labelled "components" which lists the items in a set with their GE prices, and then another labelled "bonuses" which lists the items again with their equipment bonuses. If the GE prices could be added to the equipment bonuses table, these two tables could be consolidated into one.

However, I am not versed in editing templates or using Lua, so I require some assistance to realize this change.

Thanks all,

--Ioticonfo (talk) 01:41, 9 April 2022 (UTC)

Adjacent images help[edit source]

Hello all,

I am struggling to figure out how to get two images to be placed side-by-side instead of on top of each other. Specifically, on Ardougne cloak 2 under the "Benefits" section, I would like to have the two teleport animations appear next to each other on the right side of the table, instead of the second one "overflowing" and moving down into the next section. Any tips or assistance is greatly appreciated.


--Ioticonfo (talk) 03:41, 9 April 2022 (UTC)

Request for remote Jewelry Use[edit source]


I'd like to propose adding a new function to the game for Jewelry, Teleport spells and Teleport Tablets, and items that might otherwise need equipped.

Suppose I need a one way, single use, trip to the Wizards Tower, and won't need to use that again before I get to a bank, I have to set aside a precious inventory slot to do so.

My proposal is that the above functions be added so that a person could be in their bank and rub a necklace or cast a teleport spell, or break a teleport tablet, and get to their destination without sacrificing an inventory space!

The function would appear as an item option, by right clicking on the item in the bank and then selecting the action desired. Basically the same menu that would pop up while holding or wearing the item would happen while it was sitting in the bank.

Thanks for your consideration! -The preceding unsigned comment was added by 2600:1007:b001:82b9:90fe:149d:550e:ba01 (talk) on 14:40, 27 April 2022 (UTC).

Inclusion of relevent music tracks across wiki pages[edit source]

Hey! I'm an editor and the wiki has been super useful for proper renders and relevant details, however some pages are missing the music tracks that play or are included around said content. That said, I do know that the song "Chef Surprise" plays during the RFD Culinaromancer's Realm, and I scoured for a while on my own trying to find out which track it was. Just was hoping for it's and many others' inclusion

Thank you for all you do, INCLUDING the itemDB.

~ Omega_Pegasi <3

setting bank pin[edit source]

How do you set a bank pin in old school Runescape? -The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) on 19:30, 4 June 2022 (UTC).

In dark mode on mobile, have readable text[edit source]

When editing via certain interfaces on mobile in dark mode, I have dark text on a dark background. For example, the "reply" box under a topic on a talk page.

This is almost impossible to read. Does anyone know how I can either change the background or text to white?

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