Obsession Ritual For You.

06 August 2022

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This obsession Ritual has two parts.
Note that on 11th August You must think only positive things, You can think about great time you have passed with your wife.

First part of this Ritual :

You need to do the first part on 11th August at night 10 10 ‘o clock in a room where only you will stay. You can clean the room before starting ritual, sprinkle some rose water for beautiful fragrence.

Items you will need in this part :

1. Two Red candles

2. A picture of you & your wife together

3. Sugar

Ritual instructions:-

1. In an alone room, sit on the floor and place the photo in front of you.

2. Take the two red candles and give them name, one is you and another is your wife.

3. Keep the candle representing you in front of the picture and keep the other candle representing your wife at a very small distance

4. Now light up both candles and imagine the love moments that you spent together.

5. Following is the chants you need to speak as well bring both candles near to each other. You have to say the chant by looking at the photo and the candles and visualize actually your wife is becoming obsessed with you.

Darling won’t you come and play
With my heart, and won’t you stay?
I’m your love, and don’t you see
How happy that us two could be?
For near and far I attract them all
Short and fast, or lean and tall
Man and woman of every race
Of every leaning, every face
Overcome with willful desire
Only I can quench their fire
Now with the sirens’ chiming song
Bring my admirers, never gone''
I am obsessed can't you see, you become
Obsessed to me and so mote it be.

6. Thus repeat these words as well as remove the distance of candles.

7. In the last, bring their flames together and blow out instantly.

8. Spread the sugar on both candles and let the material stay on the floor overnight.

9. The Spell is done, next morning you can bury the remnants in the garden area.