The Neighbors 3

04 March 2023

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Friday comes, I head to the gym to get back into my routine, I had found a nice place not too far from my house, so I decided to put my things in a small pack, and jog over.

I arrive at the gym, check in with the instructor at the front desk, then go about my workout, I’m on a station doing lat presses when I hear "owwww.. help please!!...", I look towards the voice, and see a young lady having trouble with a butterfly machine, I jump over to her, see that she had used way too much weight and was currently sitting with her legs pulled wide open.

I pull the two attachments together, straining, I tell her "get your legs out now!" she quickly pulls her legs up and out, I slowly let the arms open again, she is climbing out of the seat, and as she gets down she cries out "owwww.damn it!, I move to her "are you okay?" I ask, "’s going on with my inner thighs…owww" she cries, without a word I pick her up and take her to one of the tables, and set her down.

"it sounds like your having spasms from over exerting your adductor longus" I said "my what?...and do I need to go to the hospital for this?" she asks with concern in her voice, "adductor longus…those are the long muscles on the inside of your thighs…and hospital…" I laugh "you just need to massage the muscles to stop the spasms…would you like me to show you?" I ask.

"would you please….it hurts so fucking bad right now…oh god..I’m so sorry about the language..but it really does hurt" she pleas, I chuckle and tell her "don’t worry about the language…I’ve heard….and said a whole lot worse….lay back, and move your right leg so your knee is bent ninety degrees, it will hurt, but I’ll get it to feel better".

She complies, and I start to knead the muscles starting closest to her knee, then working my way up the inside of her thigh "ohhhh….god…that feels sooooo good" she moans as I work the knots from her muscle "ohhh…seeing as we’re being so intimate…mmmm…damn….my name is Alexis Duval….and you are…ohhh..god" She says, laughing again I say "nope, not god….just Steve Edwards at your humble service, rescuer of maidens in distress"

Giggling she say’s "it’s nice to meet a rescuer of maidens Steve", I move to the other side of the table and tell her "now the same thing with this leg, but don’t bring the other leg back yet, we want to keep the muscle elongated until the lactic acid has bled off some".

I massaged the muscles again, eliciting more moans from her, she quips "god I sound like a proper slut here…but it feels so good not hurting.." I chuckle politely, "not going to judge you" but the truth of the matter, is that her moans were causing a reaction I didn’t really want at the moment, so I shifted myself to try and keep things under control.

After I finish getting the spasms to subside, I help Alexis down from the table, and finally get a really good look at her, mid twenties, shoulder length straight red hair in a ponytail, sparkling green eyes and pale lips in a beautiful face, 34 b breasts, slim hips, long legs…a walking wet dream standing there in her tights and sports bra.

"I can’t thank you enough for helping me out here…the reason I came to this gym was that there was hardly anyone here…that almost caused me some trouble" she said, looking me in the eye, "can I buy you lunch, or coffee, something?, anything?" she stands on her toes and kisses me on the cheek "my knight in dri-tech armor" a loud rumble of thunder startles us, and we both look towards the window and see it’s now pouring rain.

I turn toward her, smile and say "as a matter of fact, there is something you could do to rescue me…could you give me a ride home?.. I jogged here because the forecast didn’t say anything about rain…I’ll even throw in lunch.." she smiles back and says "deal!"

We get into her car (a friggin hybrid of course) and I give her directions to my place, we chat about what each of us is doing in our lives, I find out she’s 23, a legal assistant, had just gotten out of a long term relationship because he wouldn’t stop cheating on her, even though she gave him several chances to stop (what a royal douche bag I thought!) and several other tidbits of information about her, when we arrive at my house "holy shit…what a nice place…damn..sorry about the language again" she blurts out, I laugh out "no offense taken….again, in fact I even find it kind of cute" her cheeks start approaching the color of her hair "you do?...really?" she inquires, "uh huh…..let’s go" I reply and we open the car doors and get out.

Mother nature must have a sense of humor, because she chose that exact moment to unleash the most torrential downpour I had ever experienced in my life, in the twenty-five feet it took us to get from the car to the door we looked like someone had sprayed us with a firehose, laughing, screaming, and dripping we entered the house.

I tell her "come with me, and I’ll get you something dry to change into, while I put your clothes in the dryer" but she shakes her head (spraying water as she does) and says "I’m not going to walk through your beautiful house dripping all over the place, I’ll just take my things off here, and then we can go dry off" before I can say a word, off come the shoes, leggings, yoga tights, then her sports bra, leaving her in a pair of white thong panties, with her pale pink nipples hardening from having been cold "your turn" she grins, I smile at her "okey dokey…" I pull off my shirt, then drop my workout shorts, while I’m still bent over, I reach over and grab her clothes up with mine, then standing I sort of hold them in front of my crotch.

"A little modest are we" she smiles, "let’s just say…cautious…in new company" I reply, she says "well you don’t have to worry about me, I’ve got six brothers and have seen it.." I move the clothes aside "all…oh myfuckinggod…you’re…you’re like.." she stammers "big..large..huge…yep…I’ve heard rumors to that affect" I grin as I turn, and walk towards the laundry room "the upstairs bathroom is top of the stairs, and to the left, there’s towels in there" I call over my shoulder, and see her wide eyed, and checking out my ass, biting her bottom lip.

I throw the clothes in the dryer, and head up toward my room to get her one of my shirts, she comes out of the bathroom toweling her hair as I get to the landing, "there you are, I see you found the towels, come with me and we’ll find you one of my shirts" I say, "heated towel rack, quarry tile shower…nice!" she comments "so..we’re going to your room huh?...what are the chances of me parlaying this into an all over body massage, because after feeling what you did to my thighs, I’d be willing to bet you could unkink alllll my muscles…" she cooed with her hip cocked and a finger to her lips (you know that damn sexy pose that women can pull off!)

"If that is what the lady desires, then that is what the lady shall receive" I say in my best shining knight voice, bow to her, then hold out my hand for her to take. Laughing, she takes my hand and says "oh….my!, that is one.. of the ladies desires…we’ll talk about her other desires later" she blushed, then "you don’t think I’m being too forward, or coming off as a slut do you?...because I’m not…a slut that is, I don’t do these things…normally, I mean..I mean…oh god I don’t know what I mean right now..I mean..god there I go again.." she blurted out nervously.

I reached out, put a finger under her chin and tilted her face toward me, looked her in the eye and said "I don’t think you’re being too forward, or a slut, I think people should be able to speak their minds when they desire something, the world might be a better place if we all suffered from speaking honestly" she stared into my eyes as if looking for something "I don’t know why, but I feel so safe with you…and that makes me want you even more than I already do…is that weird..? she softly asks "not weird at all" I say, then lean in and kiss her sweet lips.

She drops the towel that she had been holding, and puts her hand to the back of my head, pulling me deeper into the kiss as our tongues battle for domination. I feel her hard nipples pressing into my chest as I pull her tightly to me, caressing her flawless skin, finally she breaks the kiss "wow…I feel…like…mmmmmm is the only way I can put it!" she mews.

I pick her up, she wraps her arms around my neck, and her legs around my waist and I carry her to my bed, I kiss her again as I slowly lower her to the edge of the bed. Laying her back I kiss my way across her cheek, to nibble on an earlobe which elicits a giggle, then I kiss her neck and the giggle turns to a soft moan, my hands move to lightly caress the base of her breasts, I run my thumbs under the circumference, then up and over her nipples ever so lightly…raising goosebumps lightly, she moans loudly "oh god…what are you doing to me…it’s like my body is on fire".

I kiss and lick my way across the front of her neck, then down between her succulent breasts, I lick around her right areola, and watch it crinkle then pull the nipple between my lips and suck it firmly, "oh fuck…I’m cumming" she cries out as her hips buck uncontrollably "oh gawwwd… nipples are so sensitive right now" she pants, I move her left breast and give it the same treatment, she’s almost hyperventilating as she moans "gawwwd….mmmmm…yessssss".

I work my way down her stomach, tasting her, her stomach muscles go into contractions as I lick across her abdomen, her hands come up and grab my head firmly "ohhhh….shit!.....will you fucking lick my pussy already!...I’m going fucking crazy here!!" she barks.

I comply by shoving my tongue as far into her pussy as it will go, her hips buck up as her hands try to shove my head inside of her "fuuuuuck meeeeee…..I’m cumming again…..eeeeeeeeeeee" her pussy gushes a stream of juices that soak my face, neck and chest.

I let her rest a moment, then slowly start sliding my tongue up and down her slit, then pushing it into her while my nose rests on her little red haired landing strip, back to the bottom..then to the clit, her hips move with my tongue "mmmm…yes …oh yeah…ahhh….ahhh " I work her pussy over and over, pushing her closer and closer to the edge, when her breathing starts speeding up I unleash the bomb.

I rapidly flick my tongue on her clit, she almost tries to stand up as she screams "ahhhhhhhh……ahhhhhhhhh….ahhhhhhh" and I get another face full of her sweet nectar
"Enough…..oh god…..enough….please…please…fuck me already" she pleads, as a bead of sweat runs down between her breasts, only to land in her cute little belly button.

I stand between her spread legs, and rub my mushroom head along her soaking cunt, then push it into her "yesssssssss….." she hisses as I push as far as I can, back up a bit, then drive even deeper, again and again I take ground, give some up, the take even more, until I hit her cervix.

"oh fuck….that is deep….fucking gawwwd that is farther than anyone has gone in me…fuck!" she starts to grind her hips up, meeting my thrusts, I’m grunting "yeah…you like this cock in you don’t you…uhh …uhh" and she’s replying "ohh gawwwd…fuck me like the slut I am…fuck me with that big cock…"

I’m sliding my whole cock in and out of her tight hole at this point, her legs are up under my arms, as I drive it into her again and again, then she pulls my head to her chest violently, her legs extend all the way, her hips rise up, and she screams…."ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..ahhhhhhhh… ahhhhhhhh" as her pussy clamps painfully onto my cock, I push it deep and hold it there as she soars to the heavens, her juices spray from her so hard, that she wets the carpet behind me.

I stay deep in her until I feel her legs come down, her hips drop and I pull out of her slowly, "oh….damn…I feel so fucking empty now" she moaned, she turned herself around on the bed, flopped onto her back looking up at me and said "I want you to fuck my face" and hung her head over the edge of the bed.

I slid my cock into her inviting mouth, as she swallowed I could see her throat bulge then I pulled back letting her breathe, she pulled me out of her mouth, my cock slimy with her saliva "don’t be shy…fuck my face…" she taunted.

I slid my cock in, feeling her throat contracting around the head, until my balls were resting on her forehead, then I started fucking in and out of her mouth, listening to her "glob…..glob….glob…." breath "glob…glob…glob", I had never had a woman who could take the whole thing before and I was loving it!

My rhythm sped up, faster…and faster, until my balls were smacking her face, over and over I plowed my cock deep into her mouth, while I reached down and pulled on her erect nipples, I felt her try to moan around my cock.

I felt my balls tensing, my shaft pulsing, she must have felt it too, because she reached back and grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me as deep as I could go, I yelled out my orgasm "awwww fuuuuuck…..I’m cumming…..ahhhhhh….ahhhhh.." my cock exploded in her throat, I felt her throat pulse as she milked my sperm, spurt after spurt deep into her belly, until she actually had to push me back, my cock spurting a last shot as it pops from her mouth.

Taking a deep breath, her face covered in saliva and my cum she says "fuck that was hot!, I thought you were going to choke me out for a second, but god damn..I’ve never taken anyone as big as you before!" as she holds my deflating rod possessively, and starts licking it clean I say "well, that was a first for me too, fuck…I could see your throat bulge every time I pushed my cock deep…it was indeed VERY fucking hot!!"

She jumps up from the bed, grabs my hand "come on…let’s take a shower, I know the clothes are dry by now, we’ll get cleaned up, order some Chinese take out, and then fuck each other silly until morning….sound good?" she quips, I pull her hand bringing her to face me, lean down and kiss her, reach behind her and pick her up, she wraps her legs around my waist.

"how about we fuck more…then clean up and get Chinese" I grinned, as I reached under her and guided my stiffening rod into her hot wet cunt "ahhhhhhhhhh…..god…how can a girl ….mmmmmmm….. refuse ……ohhhhhhhh…fuck… an offer like that" she groaned out as she slid all the way down onto my cock.

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