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13 October 2021

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When she was done she called Terry and told her she needed sunscreen as well. So my aunt poured some of it on her hand and started rubbing it on my cousin's naked body. My aunt then squatted to rub some lotion on the lower parts of my cousins and when she squatted her legs spread naturally and I got a good view of her pussy, I could make out the shape of her pussy lips and I could see her clitoral hood. I saw all of it and I still masturbate thinking about how my aunt rubbed sunscreen all over my little cousin’s naked body while her pussy was exposed. 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - A second single male friend that my lady and I became attracted to and are still involved with to today, is a tall man with an enormous cock. His cock was/is not only very thick but also very long. This was my lady's first encounter with a huge cock. However, even at her first encounter, she did not hesitate to impale herself on this monster cock and continues to enjoy it to this date. She has always enjoyed him cumming in her and continues to enjoy a man cumming in her pussy. She enjoys this friend filling her pussy with his huge cock and with his warm, creamy cum.

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