How To Install A Dirt Bike Graphics Kit

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28 November 2021

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Have you ever purchased dirt bike graphics kits to freshen up your motocross bike, but you were too afraid to put it on for the fear of damaging it in the process? Here are the secrets staff members have employed for decades to get graphics up quickly and easily.

What options do you have?

The old saying is that there are a few different ways to skin a cat this is also true for stickers, as there's never really a correct or incorrect way to go about it. The following method has been highly recommended by us because it is the most efficient and produces satisfactory results. It can also be easier than other methods which use soapy water to get the graphic straight. You may get additional information about dirtbike by visiting site.

There are other options for applying graphics to your bike are to apply them using elbow grease that could work fine, but if you haven't applied graphics before , we don't recommend this! You have to be careful when you apply the graphics because they are very sticky and aren't able to be pulled off easily.

Another method is the wet application of soapy water to grease the materials and the stickers kit, so that you can apply the graphics and move the pieces around until you've placed them in the right location. Some believe that dirt bike graphics kits can peel off even though they dry using soapy water. This is due to the soap residue remains underneath the dirt bike graphic kit.

How to accomplish it:

Make sure to warm your graphics using a hair dryer or heat gun to allow them to be more flexible. It is not necessary to use soap to make the graphics stick so you are able to wash your hands before applying the stickers.

Step 1: Take out the graphic kits you have used previously. Your graphics need to appear professional and remain on. There could be glue residue on your plastics. This is easily removed with an alcohol-based cleaning agent. Cleaners based on oil can damage the glue.

Step 2: When your bike is dry and clean, take all of the new graphics from the packaging and work out the best place for each piece to go. It could be difficult to remember with similar -shaped dirt bike stickers the best method to keep track of is to work all of the pieces out before laying them out in the same pattern that they will go onto your bike.

Step 3. Now you're all set to go for it! Step 3: You are prepared to apply! Pick the smooth, flat portion of the dirt bike instead of choosing a rough surface that can create a challenge. We usually start at the front of the fender, and then work toward the rear.

Some people prefer to remove the plastics off their bikes to install graphics. But, we discovered that certain parts of the complete kit do not line up perfectly. Keeping the plastics on your bike will make it easier to line everything up. You may want to remove your seat, or other pieces of plastic for a moment since some graphics are made to fold over edges and rest on the top of your fuel tank, as an example, which would be much more difficult with your seat in place.

To see if the sticker will fit in the area you prefer make sure you hold the sticker in the exact position. Once you are happy you are, remove a small section of the backing paper so you have a small section of adhesive exposed.

If the section is straight, we suggest starting with it. If the initial piece is straight, the rest should be aligned to the plastic if the sticker template has been constructed correctly.

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