Fake New Balance 998 M998cseh

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20 April 2022

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Your just touching a tip off the iceberg. growing up in Boston new balance was always

a hot thing. 993, 997, 998, 1300 models are the upscale ones. the 574 is very well

known but personally think they look good in small sizes. but if you really want to get sick on them look at the past new balance

and bodega collabs. they have a new collaboration dropping on the 25 I believe.

wow i'm looking everywhere for you but I'm surprised they're sold out in most places!

footlocker website has size 8 and 9 left, at full price though. what size are you?

i'll keep an eye out for you if I see any restocks. the style code is CM997HCA, and

fyi I use reddit and twitter to find my sneaker deals: New Balance China Fake 998: )

If I ever purchase something from the 990 series, it'll definitely be a 993! I love

that mini N logo.

You might want to check out what new balance is doing with the 850s. The silhouette

is even more "chunky dad shoe" vibe and some of the colorways have been really


the 327s have been interesting to watch too.

The collabs NB did with Casablanca are incredible IMO. I'm not as impressed by the

general release 327s, but I hope they keep improving and do like a 327 v2, because I

think they're onto something with the design.

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