Diary of How I Became a Gay Sex Slave - Chapter 3

Author: fc9ece325e

13 October 2021

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I thought it couldn’t get any better when I felt Mike’s cock start to tense up, I knew what was coming. I reached a hand up and cupped his balls, sliding my middle finger into his asshole. Mike reached down and grabbed my hair working my head back and forth as he started to fuck my mouth. I stuck my tongue out to give his cock a nice runway to the back of my throat. His thrusts got faster and faster until I felt his cock swell up, I eagerly waited for it to explode inside me. With one last thrust his body tensed up and shuddered as he let a hot stream of cum shoot into my mouth. I clamped my lips down around his shaft and worked it from the base to the tip, working it with my tongue. He thrust his cock into my mouth a few more times and shot another hot load to the back of my throat. I sucked his cock hard as he pulled out so I could milk it for all he had. James saw me sucking down Mike’s load and started speeding up his thrust, slamming his cock into my asshole. Mike leaned down and gave me a kiss saying, “now be a good girl and swallow my cum”. I swirled his hot load in my mouth savoring the flavor before I let it slide down my throat. The flavor was amazing and made me want to cum myself. 0 - https://bbwxnxx.it/ 1 - https://bbwxnxx.it/niche/kissing/ 2 - https://bbwxnxx.it/niche/work/ 3 - https://bbwxnxx.it/niche/old/ 4 - https://bbwxnxx.it/niche/ass-to-mouth/ Laying on the table, I cannot move my arms or legs, but I can turn my head from side to side. I can hear noises from upstairs, but cannot make out anything specific. I expect guys to arrive any minute to begin using me. I find I am eagerly awaiting, getting aroused thinking about what is going to be done to me. It seems like forever, waiting for someone to come downstairs. I hear the door at the top of the stairs open, and footsteps approaching. From the voices and sounds on the steps, I can tell it is group, but the stairs are behind me, and I cannot turn my head to get a look.

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