Solar PV Panels Market Research Report 2024-2034: Industry Trends, Regional Wise

19 January 2024

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The global Solar PV Panels Market is projected to reach USD 400.50 billion by 2031, at a CAGR of 11.0%, from USD 155.80 billion in 2022. The solar PV panels market is expected to continue to grow in the coming years due to the growing awareness of climate change and ongoing innovations in PV panel design, materials, and manufacturing processes.

From the invention of the photovoltaic effect, the solar PV technology market has grown rapidly worldwide. PV panels were mostly utilized for specialized purposes in the early 20th century, such powering satellites and distant sites. But in the twenty-first century, the business took off because of rising environmental awareness, technological advancements, and government subsidies. An essential part of the renewable energy scene are solar photovoltaic panels. They provide clean, sustainable power for home, business, and industrial uses by converting sunlight into electrical.

The market has grown significantly as a result of widespread use, rising energy efficiency, and declining costs. Globally, corporations and governments have accepted solar photovoltaics (PV) as a vital tool in the fight against climate change and carbon emissions. As a result of the producers’ increasing competitiveness brought about by this market expansion, PV panels have become more economical and efficient. The market for solar photovoltaic panels has a bright future ahead of it and is anticipated to be vital to the shift to a world powered by renewable and sustainable energy sources.

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Segment Analysis and Market Dynamics

Based on technology, the global market for solar PV panels is segmented into thin film, crystalline silicon, and other categories. With the largest revenue share, the thin film segment leads the market. Thin film solar foils are characterized by their flexibility and lightweight design. They are manufactured by depositing thin semiconductor materials, such as amorphous silicon, cadmium telluride, or copper indium gallium selenide, onto various substrates. Thin film technology is known for its versatility and suitability for a wide range of applications, including building-integrated photovoltaic and portable solar devices.

The on-grid segment of the solar PV panels market is the largest based on the grid type. On-grid solar PV systems, also known as grid-tied or grid-connected systems, are designed to be connected to the local electricity grid. These systems are characterized by their ability to feed excess electricity generated by the solar panels back into the grid, allowing consumers to earn credits or receive compensation for the surplus energy they produce. Based on the end use, the global solar PV panels market is divided into utilities, commercial & industrial, and residential segments. With the highest revenue share, the utilities sector dominates the market. The utilities segment encompasses large-scale solar foil installations that are primarily developed and operated by utility companies.

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Furthermore, changes in the cost of conventional energy can have an impact on how appealing solar energy is as a low-cost substitute. The supply chain can be impacted by trade regulations, geopolitical issues, and global economic situations, which can change the cost and accessibility of PV panels. Consumer preferences, energy storage technologies, and the expansion of grid infrastructure all have an impact on market dynamics. Government regulations, technology advancements, environmental consciousness, economic considerations, and customer behavior interact intricately to shape the solar PV panels market. The solar photovoltaic (PV) business is anticipated to become more and more important in the global energy scene as these dynamics continue to change.

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Econ Market Research has segmented the global solar PV panels market based on technology, grid type, end use and region:

Solar PV Panels Market by Technology (Revenue, USD Billion, 2023-2031)

Crystalline Silicon
Thin Film
Solar PV Panels Market by Grid Type (Revenue, USD Billion, 2023-2031)

Solar PV Panels Market by End Use (Revenue, USD Billion, 2023-2031)

Commercial & Industrial
Solar PV Panels Market Regional Analysis (Revenue, USD Billion, 2023-2031)

North America
Rest of Europe
Asia Pacific
South Korea
Rest of Asia Pacific
Middle East & Africa
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
Rest of MEA
Latin America
Rest of Latin America
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