Converted shipping containers

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27 October 2021

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Workshop container

Container training seminars - will serve to set up a place of work for locksmith and maintenance function, that are performed outside the settlements, in the places where construction, geological research, and drilling operates are completed. If necessary, variants of execution of the container-house workshop are possible. The total list of household container houses matches the needs of users in convenience and features.

Container office

A container business office is a superb alternative to an entire-fledged building. It can easily allow for all that you should organize and equip your business. The container place of work is perfect for small and method-size businesses; 3 employees will feel relaxed such a workplace.

Major advantages:

Mobility. The container business office could be located in any important area.

Scaling. The properties can be simply broadened with the addition of new offices in case of an increase in the amount of staff

Straightforwardness and rate of installation

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