Dark Serenity

31 January 2024

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On top of all that to almost get raped by a hung-over man.

She wasn't surprise when the lady of the house took up for the man who had the stench of blood on him. She had been trying to get rid of Eliza ever since last night when that man had been ogled her the whole time.

She just found the perfect excuse to do so. "Josephina what is taking you so long with those damn steaks hurry up I am hungry." Mrs. Vermont yelled. Letting out a chuckle Josephina was thinking of the outcome of the things that would happen in the very near future.

The two arrogant families that she is so freely 'serving' and the vile disgusting people she had met will have another thing coming to them when the time comes.

"Coming Mrs. Vermont your dinner is served."


Eliza sat in the front row of church with a bible in her hands praying for a better day to come. She still felt sick to her stomach at what happened two days ago. She cried until her eyes were sore. Not only was she fired, but she was fired for being almost raped.

Her father was outraged when he first got wind of this. It was the first time ever that she had heard him curse like a sailor, and wanted to hit something. But deep down she knew her father could nothing about it, do nothing to protect the women he loved from those who meant them harm. He tried calling the NAACP but they were always too busy with the big time stuff such as race riots, living conditions, and fighting against Jim Crow laws.

But no matter how hard they tried the NAACP couldn't be everywhere all the time. He had even written them letters about all the horrible things that were going on in South Carolina but he never got a response. They were working hard for better conditions for colored people, but they were just one organization trying to help millions of people in an extremely racist world.

"I will no longer idly set by while they continue to harass our women and get away with it. I will no longer walk by an oak tree and see my fellow black man hanging from it. I will no longer keep my head down every time a white man talks to me. I shouldn't have to be accused of raping a white woman just because she said so. Me and five other black people should not have to set on the last two seats in the back of the bus."

"That's right pastor, preach" one woman said from the congregation.

"I shouldn't have to go in the back of restaurant to eat, I should not have to be the one to think of myself as less than a man to make them feel better about themselves. This has to end and I will do my damn best to do it. We are equal, and we should be treated as such. Our mistreatment will end today at whatever cost necessary." Charles shouted with tears in his eyes. Eliza was proud and also very scared for her father.

The whole congregation went up in a roar. They all cheered with newfound hope that their church leader finally gave the colored people of Charleston, South Carolina. In fact they were so riled up they failed to realize an onlooker was peeking inside through the window and had heard everything that went on.


The old farmer was too conflicted with all the thoughts that went through his mind. One side of his brain was saying that this was a bad idea, and he had no place eavesdropping like he did and the other part was telling him to go to the authorities about the possible danger of a hostile black man.

His ignorant side won when he went into the police station to report what he saw.


"Are you sure about this John?" the police sheriff asked

"Yes sir I am very sure. He seemed like such a good man, but now for some reason he has completely changed. I wasn't eavesdropping on him on purpose, but when I heard him ranting on when I was for my dog Bo Bo. If you don't mind me asking sir, but what will happen to him, I mean he hasn't bother anybody til now."

"You don't worry about that John, now go back to your farming, I have to make a few calls to the boys."

"Yes sir."

With that he got up and headed to the phone and started dialing. He waited for a few seconds until the person he wanted said hello.

"Jackie boy I need you to get everything ready for tomorrow night, we have something to get rid off."


Despite everything that what happened to Eliza, today was a new day. Her father gave a good sermon yesterday. When she finally arose from the bed the sun was shining through her windows down upon her. She gave out a good stretch and headed to freshen herself up for the day.

She made her way downstairs to meet her mother who sat at the kitchen table with her grandmother and dad.

"So what are we going to do about money, we are probably to loose our home because of what happen few days ago. Charles I mean you and Eliza are the most educated ones in the house right now, and that will damn sure get us nowhere but lower then the bottom. My sewing skills can only get us so far."

"Martha you need not to worry about such things. Look the only thing we need to worry about is making things better around here. Do you know how hard it is for a colored person to get a job around here, and get paid a decent enough amount of money?"

"Ray is happy making almost a dollar day. Now I know that the church can't keep a roof over our heads, but if need be we all can just move into the church if we have to."

"And what about Charles and Martin when they come back from Canada. We all are going fit in that one little church. Charles we are a poor black family that's made up of nothing but females, we are going to starve to death." Martha said crying

"Martha sweetie look—" whatever he was about to say was cut off by a knock on the door.

"Eliza honey, get the door." She rose from her seat and left the room. At the door was the middle age Romania woman. Eliza squealed with glee. It was so nice seeing the older woman again, she had become friends with her on the day that they met, and couldn't help think about her ever since.

"Hello there um, I never knew your name."

"Its Josephina child. I stopped by to see how are you doing sweetness, umm are you going to invite me in?"

"Um sure come in. and yes I am doing just fine despite what happened to me, can I get anything like food or something to drink?"

"Oh you are such a sweet child, you stay so positive and don't let the bad things get to you, I going to keep you if you keep this up darling. You would be a wonderful addition to my family."

"Oh no ma'am I don't think my parents will allow that. They already have two sons in Canada and I pretty sure they don't want to loose their daughter next."

"Oh well can't say that I tried, my little cher."

"Are you still working for the Vermont's?"

"Yes I am. That's another reason why I came over, tonight will be my last night working for them and the Mayor and I want something very lovely to wear, do you have anything by any chance?"

"I sure do, wait right here."

Eliza went into her room to get the garment she had already made. Eliza loved making clothes but she didn't like doing it in a rush. The dress she pulled out was beautiful. It was made from a black velvet material that she cut into a shoulder strap, v neck dress that came to the knees. It had gold trimming around the collar, and gold trimming at the bottom of the dress.

She ran the dress back downstairs for Josephina to see. When she presented the dress to her, Josephina had a big smile on her face. To say she loved the dress was an understatement. "Oh thank you so much cher." She said hugging Eliza.

"Oh damn our visit have to be cut short my sweet little child until next time. You stay sweet as you are."

"I will Ms. Josephina"


As the day turned into night Eliza helped her grandmother and mother sew a quilt. While her father was out handling man business like he usually did. Stitch after stitch the quilt they were was slowly becoming a masterpiece. Her mother and grandmother were busy talking while the sun began to set.

They talked endlessly about the town peoples, the rumors that came along with those towns' people and Charles of course. They knew this new plan of his would get him killed if he didn't stop. They continue their sewing until it was the grandmother's bed time.

When her mother eventually got tired as well, she finished what she could and picked up the remains and put them away. She looked over at the grandfather clock to see it four thirty pm. Her father said he wouldn't be at home til seven so that means she could have an hour nap before super.

She laid her body on her comfy bed and went to her dreamland.

She was so caught up in her dreamland; she ignored the awful stench of something burning in the near distance.

"Eliza, Eliza wake up, honey please wake up." She heard mother frantic cries. She woke the instant she heard her mother's desperate pleading. "You gots to get out of here now."

"What?!? What's going on? What's happening?"

"They're here, they are trying to get your father out the house. I knew he was causing trouble around, I just knew all his preaching would turn out bad. Eliza get up and let's go."

Without a word Eliza jumped from her bed with her heart in her throat. She started to panic with so many thoughts running through her mind. Her mother grabbed her hand rushed her down the stairs. Once she came down the stairs her heart dropped from her throat to the pit of her stomach. In her yard was a burning cross. She stood frozen in place as reality hit her.

Her mother shook her out of her frozen palce "Eliza please they are going to kill your father and maybe us too please for the love of god head to the woods."

"Wait. What about grandma what happen to grandma?"

"She died from fear as soon as they came an burned that damn cross calling out Charles, she had a heart attack. Now please stop asking questions and go."

Martha continued to push her daughter to safety. "You will find safety in the woods, once you are safe go too your brothers and tell them I love them please Eliza. I love you."

"Huh? What about you why aren't you coming with me please mamma."

"Because I am an old half-breed woman that has nothing to offer the world besides cooking and cleaning, plus my mother is dead and my husbands going to die I have nothing else to live for."

"But." Eliza said protesting

"But nothing hurry leaves this house and leave this town there's nothing but hardship for you here. Now I am going stay here and be with my husband 'til death do us part', now please go." Her mother said with tears in her eyes.

"I love you mamma, tell daddy the same." With that she turned and headed out the back door. She wasn't outside for a good two minutes when she heard windows shattered and another stench of something burning. She wanted to turn back and get her mother, but even now, as grown woman she still obeyed her parents every wish.

She ran bare foot on the hard earth of the woods with no sense of direction. Twigs and rocks kept digging into her feet as she ran, her tears almost blinding her vision, but she didn't let that stop her, she continued to run.

When she stoped for few seconds to catch her breath, she could hear cheers of success and screams of pain. Ducking behind a large tree not to far from her house, she saw her father on the ground in a fetal position protecting himself as he was surrounded by six Klansmen beating him to within an inch of his life. She heard more screaming from her mother as she was being dragged out of the house by her hair, kicking and screaming One man grew tired of the screaming and slapped her into unconsciousness.

"Hey boys are you ready for some midnight sun." The only response he was got whooping and hollering from his fellow Klansmen. The speaker grabbed some long rope and started swinging it around while the others drank from a whiskey jug. It was then Eliza couldn't watch any more, she couldn't watch her parents get murdered. She turned around and ran again.

She had ran for a good a distance until she grew tired again and leaned up against a tree to catch her breath, and process everything that just happened. She sat there with so many thoughts running through her mind. She couldn't understand why this had to happen to her, why she couldn't be born a different person, why couldn't she do anything to stop those people.

She cried for what seemed like forever. She kept crying until there were no more tears to surface. She cried so hard the sound of someone approaching didn't come to her realization until that person grabbed her. She struggled for her freedom but whomever this was way to strong.

"Woo hoo calm down my sweet nappy haired cherry pie, don't struggle so much you are going to make me hurt you even more." Her nostrils smelled the familiar stench of bad whiskey breath. She only got up close and personal with somebody with whiskey breath once before and now that person was probably responsible for killing her parents.

Now not only was she in emotional pain, scared she had to face Jackson again.

When she tried to run away from him he just grabbed her like he did that day she got fired. His eyes were blood shot red, and his breath not only smelt of whiskey but smoke as well with his Klan robe on.

"How did you find me? And what do you want from me? Haven't you already done enough damage to me? Pl....pl...please let me go. I have done nothing to you, and yet you have destroyed my entire life right before my eyes, you have no need for me so just let me go."

"That's where you are wrong my sweet little jiggaboo." He said turning her around with her back against his massive chest. She felt something long and hard press against the middle of her back and it didn't feel like a gun either. "I know you can feel that you little black jezebel." He said rubbing erection on her back through his robe. Leaning down to her left ear he spoke with drunkenness

"I have been thinking very dirty things about you since the day we met, and it's all your fault. It was all your fault that day when you got released from my brothers family." His hands traveled to her breasts where he grabbed them hard enough to make her scream out in pain. More tears fell from her eyes. "But I am going to fix that once and for all. From now on you will be my golden pussy. You will bring in all the finest men in all of South Carolina."

"Yep my little seductress, you will put your jezebel skills to good use." He used his middle finger to take a few tears off ho her check and sucked them into his mouth. Then he suddenly pushed her on the ground. "But now there is some unfinished business between you and me. Open your legs." He got on the ground and turned her over to face him again

This man had taken everything from her, made her feel like it was all her fault. He was going to finish what he started in that bedroom. Something told her she couldn't let this man win again. She would die if she had to. Just like before she took every ounce of strength she had in her small body and started fighting.

When she started to fight back Jackson became angry and slapped her across the face, but that didn't help cool her down, she just fought more. She punched, She kicked, and she even clawed at him again, but when she spat in his face he went crazy.

"AHH you disgusting little nigger bitch. You think you are too good for me how dare you think that? Oh that's it I am going to kill you just like the beast that you are." He took out his gun and aimed it at her.

For those brief seconds she closed her eyes welcoming her death. She let her arms fall on either side of her waiting for the bullets to pierce her flesh, so she would be reunited with her mother, father, and grandmother in heaven. She was all too delighted to leave this awful earth, but nothing happened. There was nothing but silence, dead silence. She opened her eyes to see Jackson nowhere in sight.

She looked around for any sign of him, but he was nowhere, he just vanished into thin air.

"Up here my sweet little cher in the tree behind you."

She looked up to see Josephina in a large tree on the highest branch dangling Jackson by the collar of his shirt in one hand and the gun in the other. Eliza gasped with shock. How did she get up there with that big man?

"I'll tell you how my sweet, but first lets get rid of this thing." She said throwing Jackson across the woods. She jumped down from the big tree and landed on her feet like a cat. Eliza panicked and started to run again, but Josephina was right there in front of her.

"Ho...ho...ho.. How did you do that, why were you in that tree, how did you into that tree, you just jumped down without getting hurt, you killed him, he killed my parents, grandma, he was suppose to kill me. Why?"

Josephina gently raised Eliza head in her soft soothing hands and looked into her eyes they were so strange but so beautiful. They were so many different colors, and so hypnotic. She felt herself getting very sleepy.

"Oh Eliza my sweet child you say you are old, but there is still so much to learn, all the questions you are asking will be answered in due time, but the first thing you should know is that my full name is Josephina Marie Chevalier and I will be your sire and you will be my youngling."

"What?!" Eliza was slipping further into the old woman's eyes, and before she knew it her world went into complete peaceful darkness. That was it Eliza Lilliann Burnet was dead to the world.


He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a dark knight.

Peaking under the covers Eliza turned over on her back to see the closing monologue for The Dark Knight. She lay there on her back looking at the ceiling fan hoping that this day would go easy on her but she doubted it. She had to be at work in two hours, but what she really wanted to so was lay in bed all day without interruptions.

It was inevitable when she heard Jimmy Hendrix's Joe blaring from her cell phone. "Hello Sage what's is it?" Sage could hear the bitterness in her voice

"You vampires never do mornings well do ya?"

"We sure don't, we're not like demons that get up in the butt crack of dawn and cause all kinds if mischief we like wait til night to cause hell, plus I am not feeling so hot today. It's the anniversary of my parent's death, so why should I be all chipper?"

"Oh dear you re-lived the past again did you? You told me this happens every year, I am sorry hun."

"Aw don't worry about it, I will take on the day with small steps. Speaking of which I have to get ready for work."

"AH yes that reminds me stay low and keep an even lower profile the hunters are going to be out tonight, along with Eva and her minions out to hunt you down so please be careful. Although I am powerful a demon I cannot protect you from her just yet, so please be very careful."

"I will, and thank you so much for helping me get through this Matthias thing I really needed it."

"You welcome kiddo, now get your sexy ass to work, and I will come by to check on you, ok."

"Ok bye."

She hung up the phone with dread, and a sick feeling began to boil in the pit of her stomach. Not only today was the anniversary of her parent's death, but she had to be on the look out for Eva.

Matthias was just pure evil, hell he was to damn evil for some demons. And just for that reason she knew his wife Eva is just as bad.

Finding her center piece of mind she calmed herself to not think about these things. Like always she will keep a low profile, and keep herself entertained so the day will quickly pass her by.

Once she was calm, she released a breath got up and started her day.

To Be Continued........

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