How does white wine ruin?

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14 October 2022

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White wine putridity can be brought on by a variety of factors, including exposure to oxygen, ultraviolet light, heats, and bacteria. Red wine putridity can cause a white wine to taste sour, have an off smell, or have a diminished flavor.

White wine spoilage is caused by the interaction of red wine with oxygen. Oxygen causes wine to oxidize, which modifies the flavor and fragrance of the wine. Red wine that has actually been exposed to oxygen for too long will taste flat and have a decreased taste.

UV light can also trigger wine putridity. UV light causes red wine to fade and can make it taste bitter. White wine that has actually been exposed to excessive UV light will have an off flavor and fragrance.

High temperature levels can likewise cause wine spoilage. When red wine is stored at a temperature that is too expensive, the taste and fragrance of the wine can be affected. Heats can also cause wine to ruin by triggering the red wine to oxidize.

Germs can likewise cause wine putridity. Bacteria can trigger wine to ruin by triggering it to oxidize or by producing off smells and tastes. Germs can also cause wine to ruin by producing acetic acid, that makes white wine taste sour. linked here