Eddies tale part1

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12 December 2021

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A young boy leanrs about love from some unlikely sources

This is my first story, please feel free to leave tons of comments or message me! If peaople like it I'm hoping to make it a series. Also I'd love to find someone to edit my futire stories. If you like the story I'd love to hear from you and share our experiences. Hope you enjoy.

I never knew my father. Mom had told me he died in a car accident but as I got older I believed her less and less. Whenever he was brought up she always changed the topic which was fine with me because I couldn't even remember him. And so it was growing up just me mom and my brother tom. My mom, Kathy, worked hard to support us. We weren't rich by any means but she did the best she could to make sure we never went without. The years had taken their toll on her but she was still beautiful. At 32 the lines on her face were premature, but you barely noticed them because her sparkiling green eyes always seized your attention. They were warm and comforting but showed a longing for excitement and adventure. It didn't dawn on me until I was older how much she had had to give up in order to care for two boys by herself. She rarely went out or spent any money on herself, she occasionally dated over the years but the men were few and far between. Not that she couldn't get a date whenever she wanted. Despite having two children she remained slim. Her rich brown hair fell down just below her shoulders which she often held back giving off an air off confidence. It made her full c-cup breasts stick out on her chest and made her slender waist seem even smaller untill it met her hips giving her a perfect hourglass figure. I never thought about how elegant and beautiful she was as she was my mom, but it was not uncommon for her to be approached and complimented by a variety of men whenever we went out. She had me when she was twenty, she named me Edmond after the main character in her favorite novel but I mainly go by Eddie. She had Tom two years later and from what I can gather that's about the time our dad split, disappeared or died. School had just let out for the summer which is always an exciting time for a kid, but the end of school was always double exciting for me as my birthday was right around the corner. I was turning twelve on june 11th and couldn't wait for mom's famous chocolate fudge cake. Plus the presents from her, her older brother Keith and her mom and dad my grandparents. Now despite all that I had to look forward to I was plagued with worry. For the past few months I had been having problems. I knew from what they told us at school that it was natural for boys my age bodies to start changing but in my case things were more dire. I was fascinated with women and couldn't help but stare at their bodies, I had never seen a naked woman before but often found myself fantasizing about what they looked like beneath their clothes. I would sit in class and stare at my teacher mrs. green. I'd glare at her full breasts, out;ine perfectly in the tight sweaters she would wear. I'd watch the fabric stretch over them as she reached up to write on the white erase board. I often raised my hand for her to come over and help me with my work, ppointing to my book so she'd bend down, giving me a glance down the v of her neck at the soft white flesh hidden beneath. I wondered what her nipples looked like, if they were soft and pink, or a darker brown. If they were big or small. I imagined squeezing them. Needing them in my hands, pinching her nipples and sucking on them for hours. I'd often fantasize about her in sexy lingerie, like the kind I saw in my mom's victoria's secret catalogues. I was so fascinated by the thought of it that my school work began to suffer. Not only that but I was constantly having to sit at awkward angles and hide the fact that I constantly had a raging hard on. Although my penis was only about 4 1/2 inches and thin it would still stick straight up in my shorts. And even then the feel of my underwear fabric rubbing against it only me made more horny. Several times a day I would ask to be excvused to go to the bathroom just so I could sit in the stall and stroke myself. I'd drop my pants and with one hand stroke my shaft and use the other to rub my balls. I would be so worked up the slightest touch would send shivers throughout my body, I'm not sure if I orgasmed but I'd stroke until the tineiest amount of milky whote cum would seep from the tip. Occasionally I rub the cum on my fingers, put them in my mouth and taste the salty goodness. Now, even though school is out I still can't help but fantasize about various women, my cock always hard. I'd never looked at my mom that way before, but as I wasn't allowed to leave the house when she was gone and rarely did when she was there I found myself drawn to her beauty. When she would leave for work in the morning I would sneak into her bedroom and go through her laundry. Finding a pair of panties that carried a strong scent. I'd rub the soft silk or cotton up and down my throbbing cock just dreaming of her. When she was home I grew bolder and would often try to catch her chaging or coming out of the shower. My favorite thing to do was to hide in the bushes outside her window and try to sneek peeks through the cracks in her bedroom blinds. One night she arrived home later than usual and looked absolutely exhausted. She had brought a pizza for dinner and laid on the table the second she wa sin the door. After announcing she needed to take a long hot shower she headed to the bathrom. I seized the opportunity and went straight outside to the bushes. It was already dark and with the light on in the bedroom she couldn't see out very well. Luckily she had forgotton to shut the blinds completely so I had a perfect veiw, Bu there was no way I was ready for what I was about to see. She came into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around her and another done up like a turban around her hair. She paused in front of the mirror and undid the towle around her hair letting it fall down to her shoulders. It looked perfect against the her tan skin. She bentover to dry it giving me my first glimpse. as she bent the towel crept up so the bottom of her tight asswas exposed. I a swell in my pants as my cock throbbed, begging to be stroked. I slipped my hand inside my pants and slowly stroked holding it back not wanting to blow to soon. She stood and let the other towel fall to the floor. Her skin glistened with tiny beads of water as she stood before the mirror naked. Seeing a woman naked for the first time was too much, I lost control and blew a full load of thick white cum into my underwear. I went dizzy for amoment but continued to rub my cum covered cock. When my vision steadied as stared through the cracks in the curtains at my beautiful naked mother. Her nipples were drak brown, perfectly proprtioned on her full breasts. They were hard as rocks, sitting at attention. Her ass was firm and curved with the faintest hint of a tan line which just accentuated it more, In the mirror I could see the top of her slit. She was completely shaved. Staring at that tiny crease made my cock pulse and I was hard again instantly. I tightened my grip around my shaft and pumped and pumped until I came a second time. My orgasm was so hard I lost my balance and tripped over the bush I was standing by. Quickly I regained my feet and recklessly peered through the window once more. My mother had obviously heard me fall and had already covered up with the towel. She was staring at the window though I was unsure if she was able to see me or not. I didn't want to risk it any longer so I ran back inside and quickly imerssed myself in a xbox game and waited for her to come into the living room. A few minutes later my mom came into the room and though she seemed casual with her conversation she would occasionally send me inquiring glances. That night I couldn't sleep. I laid in bed fantasizing about my mothers body, what her skin would feel like against mine. How firm her breasts were and all the things I would do to them. I drove myself crazy wondering what the rest of her pussy looked like, how it would feel, taste and smell.by the time the sun began to peek through my bedroom window my cock was sore from a night of constant tugging. Still in a daze and weary from a sleepless night I went into the kitchen for breakfast. My mom was standing there already dressed for work drinking her morning coffee. I stared at her remembering what she looked like naked. My eyes strained as I tried to see through her clothes. She gave a slight cough and are eyes met. If she hadn't known before she seemed to now. We at a pleasent breakfast together and as she left she told me to wake Tom. The second she had stepped out the door, rather than wake my brother I ran to her bedroom and rummaged through the clothes hamper. Finding a pair of white cotton panties I rushed to my room and rubbed them against my flacid cock. It was still sore from the night but the fabric felt good against the head and balls. I let it slip between my legs and tickle my ass, then slowly drag it up my sac. After 20 minutes I was hard and came soon after.

The next three days were awkward. I tried to sneak a peek at my mom undressing every chance I got. At first through the window, then she began to leave her door cracked slightly. A few times I saw her look in the mirror or over her shoulder in my direction but I couldn't tell if she knew I was looking or not. When not posing in front of the mirror she seemed extra loving, gentle in her speech, more interested in my day. Tom didn't seem to notice but I was sure she was paying extra attention to me. Her hugs lasted just a little longer and she pushed her breasts firmly into me. Her night shirts became increasingly low cut and she was constantly bending over to pick something up giving me a brief glimpse of the tops of her breasts. As nervous as I was of being caught I couldn't help but look, and for the most part she didn't seem to mind. It was 2 days before my birthday, Tom and I were lounging on the couch watching a movie when mom came home with a pizza. As we crowded around the table grabbing slices she said she had an announcement concerning my birthday. This year instead of the small party we usually had at home we would be going camping with my uncle Keith. I was super excited because we had never gone camping before, in fact we rarely took any kind of trip, plus uncle Keith was awesome. He always let us stay up late and watch whatever we wanted on TV. Mom said she new a place not to far from where we lived that had trails for hiking, a lake to swim in and was far back in the woods. We were going to leave on the 11th and stay for three nights. I was so excited about the trip that nothing seemed to matter the next couple of days. I had even slacked off trying to see my mom naked and it was almost like she was a little disappointed by it.

The sun had barely come up when I heard Uncle Keith's truck pull into the drive. I had barely slept I was so excited. I rushed down the hall and opened the door before he had time to knock. Mom was already in the kitchen packing. "Good morning Birthday Boy," he said with a smile. I gave him a huge hug and started to tell him how excited I was. He just grinned and followed me to the kitchen. Mom was wearing a tight white tanktop and a white sports bra underneath, but that didn't stop her nipples from poking out. "Cold," laughed Uncle Keith as he sat at the table. My mom just sirked and said, "excited, it's been so long since we've had a vacation. Plus there's that other thing we talked about." Uncle Keth's grin turned to abroad smile. " we'll have to see how that goes but from what you've told me I don't think we'll have much of a problem." His eyes fell on me, then my groion. I had been staring at my mom's firm breasts so much I had started to get a hard on. "Eddie dear, why don't you run and wake up Tom, finishing packing and bring your things to Uncle Keith, he'll pack the truck and we can get an early start." Blushing I turned and hurried to Tom's room.I skook him till he groaned and got out of bed, then packed quickly and met Uncle Keith in the foyer. I handed him my back pack and followed him to the truck. There were two small 2 man tents and all the supplies we needed. " Couldn't find a tent big enough for all of us so we'll have to sleep in two's. You and me in one tent sport. This way we can have some guy time. Man to Man. Your getting old enough know that we can talk to each other like men, How's that sound?" Despite that fact that Uncle Keith considered me a man and wanted to hang out with me like men do I was a little upset that I wasn't going to be bunking with mom. Alone in a tent would have been the perfect time to get a closer look or maybe even rub against her while she slept. Mom yelled that the cooler was packed and we grabbed the opther bags and loaded them into the truck. Mom sat up front with her brother and Tom and I sat in the back. We drove for about an hour till the houses became fewer and fewer and the woods became bigger and bigger. Eventually Uncle Keith turned the trcu off the highway and headed down a shabby gravel road that lead staright into the woods. After another 20 minutes we pulled up to a small clearing. Too excited to wait I jumped out of the back seat and began to explore everything around us. "don't go to far." I heard my mom yell as I darted through the trees. The air was cleaner, the forest was alive, I felt better than I ever had in my life. After a half hour of exploring I returned to the campsite to find that the two tents had been set up and Uncle Keith had got a small fire going. Tom was sitting on a tree stump playing his nintendo DS totally unaware of the woods around him. Mom was spreading out the sleeping bags. Uncle Keith waved at me to sit by him so I did. "What do you think kiddo, pretty neat out her hugh." I smiled and started to rattle off all the things I'd seen while walking about, the rabbits and squirrels, the variuos birds and how big all the tree's were. He smiled and said, "Wait till later, you'll see a lot more." Mom made a coughing sound behind us and Keith just started to laugh. We ate a small lunch of sandwiches from the cooler and sat around the fire talking. For dinner we roasted hot dogs and had potato salad. After we had cleaned up Uncle Keith suggested we take a walk. Tom refused and went to his tent to resume playing his DS. I Still wanted to go and pleaded for him to take me. Mom said she didn't want to leave Tom alone and volunteered to stay behind with him while the two men in her life took a walk. She lauighed saying it would be great time for us to talk and she gave Keith a wink. "What do you say kiddo, you and me." I nodded and after grabbing a couple of flashjlights we headed into the woods.

We walked as the sun went down till we came to small lake. The sun was barely visible above the trees and the water shimmered in the twilight. "Eddie, How's school going?"

"Fine I guess, I mean my grades are okay."

" And what about other things? Do you have a girlfriend?"

A little embarassed, I said "No"

Uncle Keith just smiled. "I'd like to," I eventually mustered. "There's this one girl, Sally Jenson who's a grade above me. She's got really big boobs." Realizing what I had just said my cheeks turned pink. Uncle Keith just laughed. "I guess you're at that age hugh kiddo, all the girls are starting to change. Used to drive me crazy. I would jack off like a hundred times a day back when I was your age."

"Really'" I said slightly amazed. Uncle Keith was cool but before now he's never spoken to me like this.

"If you're anything like me I bet you walk around school with a boner all the time. Must suck now that schools out, none of those pretty little asses to stare at."

Smiling I nodded, "Though from what your mom tells me you've found a new source of inspiration."

I stuttered incoherently for what seemed like forever before Uncle Keith interupted me. "It's okay, your mom's one hot peice of ass, I can't tell you how many times I tried to sneek a peek at her naked when we were kids, I used to jack it to her all the time." Noticing how uncomfortable I was he said, "Don't worry Eddie, it's perfectly natural for a kid your age to masterbate and think about girls. There's no need to be shy. In fact, your mom asked me to come along on this trip so you and I could talk about it." He could sense my apprehension and changed the subject. " Nice night hugh, want to go for a swim?"

" I didn't bring my trunks."

" That's okay, I didn't either, since it's just the two of us and no one else is out tonight we should be alright to go au naturale."

And without another word he pulled of his shirt and slipped his shorts off. Standing there in his boxers he looked at me. " Come kiddo it will be fun." He then dropped his boxers and stood in front of me completely naked. His cock was a lot bigger than mine. He had no pubic hair. I had never really seen a grown man's penis before. He reached down and gave the flacid six inches a slow pull. I felt my own cock twitch at the site of him stroking his member.I slowly began to undress. I let by breifs fall to my ankles and covered my cock with both hands. I felt very inadequate next to my uncle. He smiled and turned and ran into the lake. After a moment I followed. The water was cool but felt great against my naked body. I turned and dived and swam deeper and deeper. The flow of the water against my balls and cock caused me to get hard. I didn't care, the water felt so great. After about twenty minutes Uncle Keith suggested we get out. I hesitated at first because I didn't want him to see my hard on but as I watched him emerge from the water I saw that his cock was hard as well. Standing a full 8 inches and dripping with water. I was so impressed and honestly a little turned on. I wanted to know what it felt like in my hand. I wondered if mine would grow that big. Seeing that he was hard I was no longer ashamed and began to swim to the shallows. As I walked froom the lake Uncle Keith smiled and gazed at my own erection. "Man," he said, " That water felt great, I'm hard as a rock." He walked to the grass and laid on his back. His cock stood at attention in front of him. He reached down with one hand and began to slowly stroke it. Slow at first then his grip became firmer and he quickened his pace. Dumbfounded I stood there and watched my uncle masturbate. My hand eventually made it's way to me cock and we began to stroke together. Proping himself up on his elbows he looked at me and grinned, "Get over here and plop a squat kiddo, let's have some fun." I walked toward him and sat beside him on the grass. " Have you ever seen another guys cock before." He asked. " Yes," I stammered still staring at his massive erection. "In gym class in the showers."

" Have you ever touched another man's cock before?" He asked.

" No."

"Would you like to?"

Some how I managed to nod my head and I reached out and grabbed his throbbing member. It was warm in my hand. I could feel the veins pulsing.

"Good boy, go ahead and give it a few strokes."

I did as I was told and slowly began to tug on his cock. I was mesmerized by the the sheer size of it. It slid throug my hand. I watched as his balls contracted. Faster and faster I pumped. My Uncle's breath quickened and soft moans began to escape his mouth.

"That's it Eddie, Faster, I'm goin to cum." I knew what to do. I tightened my grip and pulled as fast as I could until I saw it. Streams of white cum arching from the tip falling on his belly and the grass around us. He came forever, I didn't miss a step. My little hand pumped and pumped until every last ounce of cum had flew from his body. I slowed my stroke and let him go limp in my hand. I finally pulled back and looked at the cum everywhere. IMy hand was covered. I brought it to my face to look at it as it dripped between my fingers. I sniffed it.

"That was amazing kiddo." Uncle Keith said between staggered breaths. "You've never done that before? You give one hell of a hand job. lesbianbabez.net One of the best I've ever had." He noticed me examining the cum on my hand. "Have you ever tasted it before?" I shook my head no. He sat up and moved my hand to his mouth. He began to suck on one of my fingers. I watched as he lapped up his own cum.

"Delicious." He said with a grin. " Go ahead and try some, you might like it." I raised my hand to my mouth and liked at the salty goodness that remained. It felt weird in my mouth. Unlike anything I had ever tasted before. It was warm and I loved it. I was so wrapped up in the passion and excitement of the moment. I had completely forgotton about my own throbbing cock. I looked down to see the precum oozing from the head. My Uncle sat up and looked me in the eyes. "That was amazing, I hand job like that deserves something special in return." He put his hand on my stamach and pushed me back till I was laying flat. He rolled to his knees and took my cock in his hand. It felt amazing. He slowly rubbed it, letting his hand slide from my shaft to my balls, then gently rubbing between my balls and ass. I was blinded with pleasure, All I could do was moan and whimper. He lowered his head and flicked his tongue across my tip. I shivered with extasy. He cupped my balls with one hand and held my cock at attention with the other. Then slowly he lowered his mouth and engulfed my entire erection. I felt his throught working and his tongue sliding around my shaft as his lips pressed firmly against my crotch. I twitched as he massaged my balls. I couldn't take it. I began to cum harder than I ever had before. My Uncle never moved position but gulped down each spurt of my cum. I was lost. I had never before ever experianced something so wonderful. I cried out into the night as I emptied myself into his mouth. He held his mouth onto me as I fell limp. Finally releasing me from his lips he kissed my cock head and sat back wiping his mouth. We were slient for the longest time. Lost in my thoughts and dazed

I didn't have the strength to move.After an eternity my Uncle leaned over me and said, "Thank you, little boys are always sweeter. I can't believe what a man you've become. I hope you enjoyed tonight." Finally able to speak, "That was amazing. I never knew you could do that with another guy."

"Sometimes another guy knows how to do it the best," Uncle Keith said. He helped me to my feet and we began to dress. We didn't speak on the walk back to the campsite. What could I say. As we approached the fire was still going and Uncle Keith grabbed my arm. He pulled me close and gave me a firm but loving hug. "It's best not to mention this to anyone kiddo, some people wouldn't understand okay." I nodded in agreement. "if you want though, we can sneak away tomorrow, there is a whole world of things I'd love to show my Nephew mow that he's a man." I thought about this for a minute, then smiling I said, "Why wait roomie, there's no one in the tent but you and me." He started to laugh and we made our way back to the campsite. Mom was sitting by the fire roasting a marshmellow and I could here Tom snoring in the tent behind her. "You guys must have had quite a hike," she said with a yawn. And looking me directly in the yes she smiled and siad,"Hope you had fun, My boys finally a man." She winked at me and turned to head to her tent. Uncle Keith just laughed. I looked at him confused. "Tell you what kiddo, let's call it a night, you're in for a fun couple of days."

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