The Online Dates I Ever Went On

29 April 2024

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The problem with offering a lot of effort and classical dinner dates where the man pays etc. is that women intuitively know that the most sought after men don`t have to do that at all. So when you do offer it, on some level it is a DHV. Women keep claiming that the more comittment signs you offer (and that is what it is) the better it is and you win points that way. However, since supply and demand predicts that the men won`t normally do that unless they have to it becomes a sign of lack of options. That is exactly what happened to the poster Jason when he tried to ask women on regular dates in stead of going through the murky hookup landscape as he usually would. In fact you describe part of how this is a DHV yourself in your post when you say that the highest SMV men offer this to the highest SMV women because they know they have to. By this you are saying these men have to chase these women and that the women are the prize. However, if you flip the script and force her to play by your rules in order to get you, you put yourself up as the prize and the one that has to be chased. This is a basic game principle and all my natural friends follow it at as well, either intuitively or because they understand the principle. So even if a woman really, really wants traditional dating and so can think she of course would “reward” a man willing to do it with attraction it will be very hard to shake the suboncious suspicion that it signals suplication, putting her on a pedestall and lack of preselction.

In fact the people I encounter that actually do a lot of dinner dates from day one are the below average women and the betas who date them. They seem to rarely if ever have casual sex and are virtually the only people I meet who wait for a long time untill they have sex. I think that is because the lower ranked men sell committment rather than attraction and the lower ranked females intuitively know they have to sell chastity as they don`t have much good looks to sell.