Sexual Summer Camp with Daughter's Mates[01]

19 May 2023

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Not all of them invited their parents along but since my daughter was close to me and asked me to tag along, I went along with the flow when she hinted to me it would be fun and sexy. I did not exactly knew what she meant but I knew that there must be something interesting to see.

It was an eye opener for me as I did not expect this kind of things to happen and neither did I expect to be drawn into it either! Guessed I was tempted too! To cut a long story short, I would go into details only on the interesting parts.

The interesting part was the shower room cum lavatory or toilet. The whole structure was entirely made of wood. The toilet was quite big with eight cubicles to do your private things and a big open shower room. The male counterpart should be similar too. On the first morning while I was in a cubicle peeing, I saw a small metal cap, about the size of a tennis ball, on the side of the wooden wall. I was curious as to what was that for? I pulled the cap and it opened upwards and I was shocked to find a smaller hole.

Instinct told me to peep through it. I squat down and put my eyes near it. From the look of it, it was definitely another cubicle from the boy's side. Nobody was there and so I closed the cap again. I stood up and realized that the hole was about the height of my crotch. I was thinking to myself what was that for and it dawned on me that it could be a glory hole! Oh no! The boys must have been putting their cocks through the hole and the girls from this side would be sucking it and that meant my daughter could be one of them too! They must be having fun! My daugther could be referring to this when she said it would be fun.

This glory hole was different in a sense that, there was an option to open or close it from the girl's side but the boy's side were always be opened as there was no metal cap on their side. While I was thinking, I heard some noises and it sounded like the closing of a door from the other side. I was curious and slowly pulled up the cap and peeped through. Oh my gosh! What a sight! I could see a guy standing and pulling out his cock and pee. From the peep hole, I could not see his face as it was too near and that meant that I could see his cock pretty clear and near!

I felt weird that I was peeking on that guy peeing but at the same time, I was just curious and consoled myself that I did not do it on purpose. But then, I could have closed the cap and walked away but I did not and instead carried on watching him. When he was done, he seemed to be looking in my direction as his limped cock was facing my eye! He must have known that someone was watching him as he took his cock and slowly jerked it to live! Again, I could have just closed the cap and be on my way but I was curious and wanted to see what was he up too!

The head of his cock came nearer to my eye and it was cute as it grew bigger too. I backed off slightly from the hole and the next second, I saw his eyes near the hole and so I quickly backed off and stayed on one side. I did not want to let him see who I was.

I then stood one side and waited for his reaction and as expected, his cock came popping out from the hole. It was hard by then but I was suddenly at a lost on what should I do! I had never tried anything like this before even though I had heard stories about glory hole stuffs. I used my hand and touched it and slowly jerked it. It was a long time since I had touched another man's cock other than my hubby. It was quite a nice looking cock and I was so tempted to do more than that! I used my wet tissue to clean it and instantly opened my mouth and sucked it, without much thinking.

It was such a long time since I had a cock inside my mouth and it felt really good to suck a young hard cock! The fact that I hardly sucked my hubby's cock as he was not interested in it and did not want me to go down on him. He is such a boring man! I could feel his cock grew harder in my mouth as I enthusiastically sucked it with full of heated passion! I was surprised that I was wet too, just by sucking his cock. I could not help it but to rub my wet clit while sucking him. I did not know how he looked like but it did not matter as long as his cock was nice and hard!

It did not take him long, probably less than five minutes and i could feel his boiling cum bursting inside my mouth but it did not stop me from sucking. In fact, it urged me on and sucked till his last drop was spent, flowing down my throat. Surprisingly, it did not taste too bad either and so I just swallowed it all down to my belly! I knew I was feeling very naughty but it was alright since nobody knew it!

I was so damn curious that I went to every cubicle to see and I found out that all the four cubicles next to the boy's toilet had the glory holes. The other four on the opposite side did not have any. I went back to the female dormitory and took a good satisfied nap. I did not tell nor ask my daughter about it as i felt embarrassed to.

I woke up in the afternoon and went out to the fields to watch my daughter and some of the boys and girls playing some games. Some of them who did not join in, were siting around chatting and giggling among themselves. It was a funny game and kind of physical too as it involved the guys carrying the girls on their back. And when the girls are riding on the guy's back, like a horseback, the girls legs would have to split open from the back. And as some of the girl's shorts were a little too short and some with split at the side, almost the entire bottom half of their bum were exposed! You would clearly see the colors of their panties, thong and g-strings! It was more like a panties show for the boys! Some guys behind the girls back, were cheekily looking up the girl's shorts and my daughter was not spared either.

There was no denying that I was looking at all the guy's shorts and some were obviously sporting a boner! Of cause I could not tell who was the guy whom I had sucked earlier even though I was trying hard to sport him. All their fun teasing had an effect on me too. After a while, I was feeling restless and thought of an naughty idea. I went back to the dorm and got my stuff and put it in my bag and headed for the restroom.

I went into one of the corner cubicle, opened the hole cap and waited. I was actually waiting for a cock to suck! I felt terrible but I just did not want to miss this chance. I stripped bared and sat on the toilet bowl totally nude. After about ten minutes, I heard voices of two boys talking. I was shocked at what they were talking about! They might be referring to my daughter as they were mentioning her name unless there was another girl by the same name.

It went something like this:

"Did you manage to see that Angie's ass? I saw her cunt as she never wear anything beneath!"

"Yeah, she is such a slut, don't you know that? I managed to fuck her several times and she is a wild girl! I passed her to Eddie and he fucked her too. You mean you have not had her? She is very easy and she did not get the name of a pass-around slut for nothing!"

"Oh really? You are making my cock hard now! I gonna make sure I will fuck her tonight!"

And then there was a moment of silence and I heard them whispering instead. It was getting closer as I could see some shadows coming into the cubicle. They must have spotted the opened hole. I backed off slightly and stayed by the side. They were looking into my cubicle and one of them said, "Sexy, you wanna suck some cock?"

At that moment, I decided to give them a naughty show. I quickly put on a cap and sunglasses as I did not want to be recognised. I went in front of the hole and with my back facing them, I spread my legs wide and bent over, completely exposing my pussy and ass to them. they were clearly excited when I heard them said, "What the fuck! You gonna see this! What a fine piece of ass! They were taking turns to peep at my private show.

And with their urging of "c'mon, spread your ass for us!" and I did as I was told. I used both my hands and spread my pussy and asshole for them to see. I was feeling so naughty and wet then that I just could not care much. My daughter was having her own fun and I had mine too!

"We wanna fuck you! Oh no, you are making us so hard now, so you gonna suck our cocks now! and they actually tossed a coin to see who was going to be first!

As the first cock came in, I hungrily devoured it as if I had not eaten for days! After a while, the other cock came in and it was a black shiny cock! I sucked it without hesitation! And at that passion moment, I was heated up to the point of no return. I decided not to waste it and fucked his cock instead! I stood up, with my ass arched back, I slowly eased it onto his hard shaft! It was real good as his cock was quite thick and long. I could feel that my pussy were grapsing onto his cock. I kept pushing backwards faster and faster when a wave of strong orgasm hit me in a short span.

I was feeling so great that I could not care even if this guy might be the one who had been fucking my daughter several times as he had claimed. After several minutes of hard fucking, I heard him saying he was cumming to his friend as his friend hurried him for his turn. I should have pulled out but I wanted to feel his cum inside me, and so he increased his pace and the next moment, I felt his sticky warm cum spurted inside my pussy.

He pulled out and I saw a gush of sperm started to leak down from my used pussy. I then heard the other guy said it was his turn now and so I just kept my pussy opened for him and he pushed his cock in too. With hardly a rest in between, I was tired and so I let him do the pushing. He was excited and so he kept banging me hard and furious and made me came again uncontrollably. It did not take him long before his cum added to the mixture of my cunt juice.

They both said thank you for the fuck and went off their way. I was left alone sitting on the bowl, in deep thoughts and letting their cum slowly leaking down. What had I done and that was the beginning of my extra activities that got me addicted, like a bee to the honey!

I was curious and determined to find out more about whether they were referring to my daughter. I thought of a plan of watching where my daughter would be heading tonight and who she was going out with. I knew my daughter was not a virgin anymore as she did confine in me that her schoolmate had taken her cherry on a dare basis! If it was really her, I would be embarrassed to tell her that I had just fucked two of her friends too!

Will write more on the next part if most of the readers like it. Thanks from notti Susan :)

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