Free VITE coins ! 100% LEGIT and TESTED already on coinmarketcap


29 May 2019

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Welcome ! 

This is my little tutorial for Vite Airdrop, it's already listed on coinmarketcap, where you can earn between 10 to 1000 Vite per click, each 24 hours.

I suggest you to join asap and start collecting free VITE coins from the airdrop because it's completely free and this free offer has limited time and it will expire soon !

Get VITE App on your ANDROID -

Get VITE App on your IOS -

Once you install the app you need to create your account !

They will provide you 12 or 24 word phase witch will be only way to import your wallet to the new phone if you lose a current one, or if you want to login to your account on pc or laptop ...
It's like your secret code for login...

So i suggest you to click switch on 12 word phase and save it on few places and don't share it with anyone !!!

When you login to your VITE account add This CODE : 1g1SNiX9

If you don't know how to add the CODE here's little tutorial !
So when you login to your account click little person logo on bottom right and click invite friends than
add my CODE on the first empty line to receive your VITE coins instantly ...

I suggest you to share you CODE with everyone because you can earn a lot of coins for FREE !
You can sell your VITE coins already on few exchangers instantly tomorrow if you want but i don't suggest you to do that because of the price witch i'm 100% sure it's gonna rise a lot !!!

Thanks for joining happy earnings !


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