Limited Time Airdrop ! Coin already on coinmarketcap Free 200$ daily


29 May 2019

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Free VITE coins ! Already on coinmarketcap ! 

Earn 10 - 1000 coins each 24 hours

Works for android and ios devices !

Download VITE WALLET App for your ANDROID -

Download VITE WALLET App for your IOS -

Once installed run it create a new wallet
Create Name and Password
Than they will provide you 24 random words click switch to 12
Write them down on paper and enter them again the same way !
Save your 12 words only this way you can access to your VITE WALLET if you lose you phone or if you want to login on pc !

3. Enter my CODE : 1g1SNiX9
When you enter 12 words correctly and when you access to your VITE WALLET
Scroll down on click on bottom right icon than click invite friends and than enter my
CODE in first empty line !

Share you code with crypto enthusiasts and help them earn FREE crypto

Check all about VITE on coinmarketcap :

If you are going to join me i want you to know i really appreciate your time !

Thanks for reading
Happy Earnings


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