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Those looking for an opportunity to make money from home might be inclined to take a closer look into how they can money from ad links. One particular platform that you might be interested in taking a look into is AdShrink, which will simply redirect individuals to a short ad before they can visit your site.

Overall, if you’re looking for a good way to shorten links and make a little profit off every click, it’s worth taking a closer look into that AdShrink has to offer. And, for those hoping to make the most out of this platform, it might also be worth using Pastelink to help boost your profits.

How to use AdShrink

For the most part, you’ll find that it isn’t hard to use AdShirnk – in fact, most individuals will find that it’s easy to get started. There are quite a few benefits to shortening links in the first place, but using this platform also redirects those who click to a short advert, giving you a little extra money with every click.

When you shorten your links, you’ll often find that it simply makes your links more manageable. Not only are they more pleasing on the eye, but they’re also easier to put into a social media post (particular on sites like Twitter where you have a limited amount of space to Tweet).

You can also track the amount of traffic that you gain from short links, as well get useful data that might help you with creating better links and posts (from testing which ones do best to seeing what locations offered the most traction).

Better yet, AdShrink can be used to make shortened links free of charge, which makes it even easier to use since there’s no need to worry about paying cash out of your own pocket. In fact, thanks to the adverts, they pay you based on your clicks, which just makes using it even more effective for those hoping to make money online.

Things to consider

If you’ve never used a short link service before and you’re unsure of whether or not AdShrink is worthwhile, here are just a couple of things that you’ll want to know about these platforms in general:

  • Not all link shortening sites are as reliable as others, and while they might monetize your links, they may not actually pay you. Because of this, it’s often best to make sure you go with a more well known site, like AdShrink.
  • Some short links are banned on certain types of social media, which could be quite a problem if you’re hoping to get people to click. Facebook is a prominent example of a site that doesn’t tend to work too well with shortened links.
  • Consider some of the different aspects of the platform and how it’ll work for you. For example, if you double monetize a link with AdShrink, only the first URL will be tracked and monetized and therefore the second won’t provide you with any profit.

How to make money with AdShrink

This might not be the only URL shortener that rewards its publishers, but as you’ll find when using their services, there are quite a few things that make this platform worthwhile. One of those things is the potential to earn cash.

AdShrink makes it easy to get a little money on every click of your link, whilst also helping to make your link look more appealing to by shortening it. There’s o payments involved, which means that anything you earn from it will be yours to keep.

The best options are usually to either use them on media download links, or even to use them on topics that you know will get clicks (which still avoiding clickbait content, since that doesn’t tend to do well for long term profit). This could be having a relevant post based on a certain topic which you can share in communities that will be interested in the information you have to offer, for example.

One important note on that is that it’s not usually a good idea to lie about what’s on the other end of the link. Making something sound amazing might get more clicks, but it’ll only last until someone bursts your bubble and either reports you for spam or tells others not to click. If you want people to come back and click more of your links, it’s best to be as honest as possible while still providing something that people will be interested enough to click on.

If you’re looking for a good way to share links, it might be worth checking out Pastelink. This site offers plenty of ways for users to share links and create pages – and you can monetize them easily since AdShrink is their ad partner.

Is AdShrink legit?

There are quite a few ad shortening websites out there that aren’t quite ad legitimate as you would hope, which can be quite frustrating if you’re putting adverts on shortened links and not even seeing a return!

AdShrink has been used by many people, and don’t forget that they have a partnership with Pastelink – an established platform that has been in the business since 2014. From this alone, it certainly shows that this particular platform is at least more reliable than some of the other ones out there.

If you want more information, you could always look around for more information on the site by asking other users for their experience and how they earn money through AdShrink. In most cases, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a little more info on what this site could do for you and why it could be the ideal link shortening tool for your needs.

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