Sharing Links on YouTube [Updated 2021]

Whether you’re looking to put in affiliate links or the URL to your website, there’s no doubt that there are benefits to adding links on social media. YouTube is a platform that offers a lot of opportunities, thanks to the fact that it’s the go-to video sharing site. And while putting your links on your channel might be a good idea, there are often things that you can do to enhance them.

From improving the way everything functions, to looking at the basics of adding links on this platform; we’ve got all the information you need.

How to share links on YouTube

YouTubers will have plenty of options on where they can put links, which certainly comes with a few advantages. Generally, there’s no harm in putting them in more than one spot to try to enjoy the biggest potential.

One of the common places to put them is in the description, and since you have a limit of 5,000 characters, you’ll often have plenty of room to fit as many links and as much text as you can. This doesn’t necessarily mean that dumping a large number of links or a huge text block is a good idea though – balance is often the key here.

The end card, side of the screen, and even your YouTube channel description can all be areas where you could put links, with some areas being better suited to certain links rather than others.

Sharing Affiliate links on YouTube

The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) isn’t exactly a reliable and consistent way for content creators to earn money on their videos, but this doesn’t mean that there are no options. In fact, a good alternative that could help you to build some income is affiliate marketing. While fairly simple, there are a few things that you could do to gain more traffic from your affiliates.

Here are just a couple of tips that might help you out with promoting your affiliate links:

  • Use call to actions to help make your links more interesting. In many cases, it can help to use link shorteners too since a plain link can often feel less reliable.
  • Consider adding comments with affiliate links and pinning them to make them the first one any viewers will see when they scroll down.
  • You could use an affiliate link in your end card if you’re a member of the YPP, although it’s important to know that the link has to meet the required criteria set by YouTube if you don’t want to have to deal with any trouble.

Avoid making an overly cluttered video description

Sometimes, it’s not always a great idea to have a long list of links in the description of your video. There’s no doubt that affiliate links can be beneficial, but a sea of links and text doesn’t always have much of an impressive impact, since having too much within the confines of YouTube can be a little overwhelming to viewers and could even end up looking a little too spammy.

If you put it all in the description and put a few more prominent ones in a pinned comment, you might get more traction on the links in the comment, but those in your description are likely to get overlooked, which might not be ideal if you’re hoping to gain more traffic on them.

So, what’s the solution to getting a better-rounded result from your link placement? Well, we believe that Pastelink could help you out.

Use a Pastelink page to compile links in the description

If you’re worried about fitting everything into your description while still keeping it manageable, it might be worth putting all your affiliate links (and any information pertaining to them) on a Pastelink page. In general, it isn’t hard to create and manage a list of links with Pastelink, and it can help to declutter your description space all at the same time.

This gives you the freedom to give as much context as you need on the links, knowing that the people reading it are interested (since they clicked the link to your Pastelink page in the first place). You can focus the description on any things that are important to your video, whether it’s your own social media links, keywords, or details on video sponsorships.

Essentially, Pastelink could be an excellent opportunity to free up space for other important details. It could also be far more convenient too, since you can manage your links and information whenever you need without having to change the description on every video.

Copy and pasting the URL to your page will also be much easier than putting in the details for affiliate links on every YouTube video you put up, every single time you need to upload videos, which is another bonus you might want to consider.

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