Platonic-Fullerene Biochemistry and Nanopolymer Technology

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03 February 2022

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This article seeks to connect ethics with energy and emotion to be able to help mankind reach it is optimum talk about of health and well being. It is crucial the fact that humanity achieves a high level from coherence while using new Platonic--Fullerene Chemistry considering that if supplies a key to individuals survival within this planet. The reason behind this is that PFC is dependent on ethical technology, as opposed to the disinfected, antiseptic, sterilized, spotlessly clean, hygienic, sanitary, entropic chemical break down that human race is currently at the mercy of. An ongoing infatuation with that entropic biochemistry can only produce incoherence, disorder and total breakdown. This paper displays how values and honourable science are essential to human evolution. We need to understand how strength and passion fit into that picture as well as how to utilise these forces to deliver about ethical behaviour pertaining to the betterment of the individual condition.

Platonic--Fullerene Chemistry, therefore named by just Professor Robert Pope, movie director of the Science--Art Centre from Australia, holds the spiritual engineering rules of both equally Plato and Buckminster More voluminous. Buckminster More voluminous, inspired by just Platonic geometry, designed geodesic spheres, later on replicated because of a team from chemists, exactly who named them 'buckyballs' in the honour. These became a fabulous scientific impression, alluding to solutions to the world's energy source crisis, simply because will be revealed in this article. The buckyball tale is largely regarding carbon, an exceptional element, with over 85 percent in all known chemical substances built about it; most likely the most important turning into, the GENETICS and its aminoacids.

However , inspite of organic chemical break down being based upon carbon, that wasn't until 1985 that its most extraordinary feature was found out. Until then your only two known forms that comprised entirely from carbon atoms were precious stone and graphite. Graphite carbon atoms (which are made in piled sheets of linked hexagons) are every bonded weakly to three various other atoms, offering graphite it is soft, dirty feel. During 1985, experts discovered that employing a powerful laser they could vaporise graphite within an atmosphere of helium gas. Analysing the resulting carbon clusters, they will discovered as well as molecules of the previously undiscovered nature, that the most common was a perfect world comprising hexagonal and pentagonal geometrical designs that covered 60 carbon dioxide atoms.

Soon after much question, it became clear to the researchers involved (Curl, Kroto and Smalley) the spherical compounds were incredibly stable. Then they discovered that this combination of geometric shapes created the basis with the geodesic sphere designed by Robert Buckminster Satiety, for the 1967 Montreal World Display. From then on, the brand new carbon molecule was known as the buckminsterfullerene, nowadays shortened to fullerene as well as buckyball, which inturn chemists compose as City (c) 60. Following the prestigious medical journal 'Nature' (Holper & Sarre 1999) published this kind of extraordinary finding, quite a stir took place in the scientific society, once it was realised the fact that buckyballs could be very useful substances. In mil novecentos e noventa e seis, for this breakthrough, Curl, Kroto and Smalley became subscribers of the Nobel Prize meant for Chemistry.

As a result of their abnormal hollow cage-like shape, science finds buckyball molecules and various fullerenes intriguing, especially simply because the carbon atoms can react with other atoms and substances, while holding their honesty and shape. Scientists have also discovered pontoons of carbon-like rolls in chicken cord by transferring an electric recent between graphite rods. All these carbon tubes, (nanotubes or buckytubes) form a series of embedded cylinders, which will when catalysed by a little dose from cobalt, nickel or golf club, form a good hollow nanotube a mere one atom thick. These pipes can be of great length, comprising up to one million carbon atoms.

Fullerenes will be being made use of in numerous methods, perhaps above all for their newly discovered energy levels producing potential. Fuel lined carbon nanotubes are now recognized to generate an electrical current by a fast switching thermal burning wave, venturing along it is length, by dragging electrons behind. Ma Institute in Technology professionals have discovered this energising approach produces weight proportionately, 80 times extra energy than the usual lithium-ion power. Also, in contrast to batteries, will not discharge energy levels while not being employed.

Nanotubes, being 50 to 200 nanometres thick, happen to be wide more than enough to allow the passage from proteins functioning with coherent light dunes. According to the German scientist Hans Herman Gerdes, nanotubes period distances in several cellular diameters linking two separate cell decorations, giving the organism a different way of conversing over extensive ranges. Gerdes colleague, Amin Rustom determined naturally occurring nanotubes in tipp cells and later, together these saw them all forming concerning human kidney cells as well. With the help of online video media microscopy, these observed adjacent cells contacting each other with antenna--like predictions, establishing phone and completing the tube connection. This method goes far beyond previously observed cellphone pairing, given that cells send out many nanotubes, forming an intricate and mobile network of attached cells, lasting anything by minutes to hours. By just utilising neon proteins, Gerde's team also discovered that comparatively large cell structures could actually commute concerning cells, because of these nanotubes.

Scientists own long noted that h2o and nanotubes can be extremely efficient on conducting temperature. New lot biology research demonstrates that functioning from carbon nanotubes violates the 2nd law from thermodynamics, while Robert Père clearly probable several years ago. Your second law has, for a period of time, been performed sacrosanct in scientific forums. This is because sense says the fact that hot factors can only turn into cold, not likely hotter. However , at piccolo scales. it seems that different rules can apply. Scientists talking about thermal conductivity, refer to heat as 'phonons' moving because of material. Within just commonplace elements such as wooden, phonons continuously bump in to things. Crashes scatter the heat packages, decrease their improvement in comparable way that your crowded speedway would obstruct the overall performance of an Olympic runner. This is not so with and also carbon nanotubes. Contrary to entropic chemical break down, heat placed on one end of a h2o and nanotube events to the opposite end 100 situations faster than heat travelling through the most conductive mining harvests.

Chih Wei Chang's workforce at Berkeley University created defects in their nanotubes to slow down the high temperatures energy course of action. Surprisingly, the following had not any affect on their heat making powers, forcing their high temperatures conductivity undamaged. The fact the fact that thermal ocean do not decrease in contorted tubes contradicts second legislation logic. According to thermo powerful science, and also carbon at 1000 kelvins should certainly soon become carbon dioxide. Still, due to the great speed with the phonons in temperatures above 2, five-hundred kelvins, the intensely scorching carbon was left unburned.

Michael Strano, one of the global top chemists, poured some line of natural gas on the ground, up coming to a keep to of the same size. He ignited both additionally end concurrently, knowing the flare would maneuver much faster in the liquid. Yet , during laboratory experiments, the heatwave igniting the fuel--drenched nanotube travelled 10, 500 times swifter than throughout the fuel exclusively. The resulting super fast say, appeared to be self--propagating. This is not practical according to the second law. However , as the gasoline burned the idea released better heat into your nanotube, completely violating classical thermodynamics. According to Strano, the warmth wave, moving at catapult speed, excites the nanotube's electrons, going them combined with the idea. This cold weather power say, generates power at an amazing rate, revealing new types of potential clean energy. The principle right here seems to be the faster the wave the greater the power. The actual generated by the fuel drenched nanotube, earlier, is already much higher than associated with a lithium-ion battery which is just the starting of their substantial potential.

Doctor Bruce Lipton made an enormous breakthrough during quantum biology with his uncovering that the fractal properties of the cell are linked to mobile phone evolution so therefore, the major potential of this whole v. His book titled The Biology from Belief, demonstrates that genes and DNA are certainly not the controllers of our biology. Instead, DNA is governed by the environmental signals out of outside the phone. Lipton postulated that energised messages by positive and negatives perceptions in response to our feelings plus the way we perceive the environmental reality, have a strong affect on our intelligence. In this synthesis of the hottest research for quantum mobile phone biology, Lipton posits which our DNA and therefore our bodies can modify as all of our thinking and perception can be retrained. Robert Pope has got obtained treatment plan evidence that the unconscious optic sensing of reality have been evolving innovative holographic awareness for many centuries.

Furthermore, since both Lipton and Père predicted, environmental information because quantum waveforms, received by way of protein receptor bio-photons inside cellular liquid-crystal membrane happen to be transmitted electromagnetically through nanotubes to reassemble protein enfolding in the GENETICS. The effect in the fractal sense sonic beatings of the soul rhythmically linked with our thoughts, formulate the re patterning of DNA, contradicting all of our present understanding of the second laws of thermodynamics. This process builds up consciousness to balance entropy, as alleged by the Nobel Laureate on Medicine, Svent Gyoergyi.

The heart beat turns into electromagnetic energy in the body's glandular system, holographically copying the heart's emotive sound. All of us experience feeling from incoming environmental light-energy information directed through the cell carbon nanotubes. This information, because coherent laser light light sporting through and also carbon nanotubes modulates the DNA's codons (antenna--like triggers), which are activated by simply electromagnetic strength passing through the double helix. Accordingly, the quantity of codons brought on by the might is determined by the intensity of this emotional experience. Sensually, the harder pleasing the event aesthetically the higher quality the high temperatures nanotubule strength, hence the larger the electromagnetic vibration.

Doctor Candace pert, in The Molecule of Feelings, posits the fact that consciousness is a lot like light. The woman explains how emotions occur both in an important quantum scientific state because energy and matter inside the vibrating receptors on every cell phone in the body. Through her clinical work while in the 1980's, she theorised how a 'body--mind' features as a singular psychoacoustic network of information substances that influence our health and psychology. While we are in a psychologically healthy and emotionally acoustics condition we feel good and that we can then respond in honest ways. Honest participation from the evolving wellness of common consciousness represents the basis of Aristotle's technology to guide ennobling government, to ensure that humanity to protect yourself from extinction.

Immanuel Kant, just like many Enlightenment thinkers, performed the mental faculty through high esteem. In his work on aesthetics this individual argued that our judgment permitted us to have beauty, clasping such happenings as part of a great ordered, purposeful natural universe. Aesthetics, nevertheless , only is the reason the outer physical appearance of issues and does not automatically relate to Aristotelian ethics. Though Kantian appearances can lead to integrity, it can simply do so simply by defying the incomplete idea of the second laws of thermodynamics. In essence, aesthetics can only understand beauty within just entropic deterioration. However , the bio-ethics from the late Medical professional George Cockburn of the Australian Science--Art Center, in his course about art appreciation, is the term for the actual strategy of ethical magnificence, not just breeze shots from it. The fractal nature from ethical magnificence, seen in the functioning in the 'beautiful attractor' utilises Phi harmonics and related fractal phenomena, to keep up optimum, strong, evolutionary awareness.

Phi relation frequencies, connected to Platonic harmonics, create a oscillation that when calculated resonates with our hearts, transmitting an increased frequency trend to the DNA. As mentioned, up to 60 codon triggers in that case engage with the heart reverberation, allowing the host patient to function for higher energy levels. The higher how many triggers turned on, the higher the signal rate and the greater the moral response. Response to ethical general purpose is normally intuitive and has now nothing to accomplish with found morality. The following understanding is postulated previous century by your electromagnetic practices of the researcher educator Maria Montessori.

Perceptive response to common ethics, which in turn requires a condition of higher consciousness, depends upon the environmental electromagnetic eq (emfs). Famous entropic scientific disciplines holds the fact that strong emfs are much essential than weak emfs, these having little or no biological result. However , a large number of scientists imagine electromagnetic industries conventionally considered as being thermally weak (or non-ionising) can be high in organic information content. Weak electromagnetic fields are now understood to be the two bio-energetic and bio-informational, with measurable neurological effects. The Chinese, for instance , have alluded to about this for hundreds of years with their Yin Yang principle, in which the Yin emf is usually weak yet has a large informational articles. From this getting it can be reasoned that substantial informational content is necessary to supply DNA considering the necessary major, survival data.

In my course Feminine Ethics in the Fresh Measurement of Humanity, (a review of Medical professional George Cockburn's book A Bioaesthetic Step to Creative Physics and Fine art, I written that Dr Cockburn's work was about the best way cerebral mechanisms function in reply to a common reality preserved by the putting weights on of the two entropic and negentropic energy source systems. Entropic systems, which in turn work on the basis of strong emfs with low bio--informational content, may not be sustainable. Progressively strengthening emfs with lessening biological your survival information will need to, in the long term, result in species annihilation. Unless entropic emfs will be balanced with weak emfs with the important ethical, survival data, it will be clear that there can be not any long--term outlook for humankind.

Homoeopathy is a wonderful example of employing weak niche emfs to realize biological sense of balance to bring roughly optimum wellness. Other samples of thermally vulnerable, but huge informational content material fields happen to be visible light, healing touch, intuition, and clairvoyance. Regarding this, inbreed tissues have got electronic elements that can be given and monitor weak electric powered signals that happen to be actually down below entropic arctic comprehension. Biological organisms implement these poor electromagnetic fields (electric and photonic) to communicate holographically, with all parts of themselves.

Chinese chemist, Kurt Geckeler magnificent colleague Shashadhar Samal, whilst carrying out standard water property exploration in Down Korea, found out a whole innovative dimension to what happens when you dissolve a substance on water after which add additional water. Typical science says that the mixed molecules merely spread additionally and further separately as a alternative is diluted, weakening any kind of effect it may well have. Yet , these two chemists found that some compounds clump alongside one another, in fractal fashion, first as groupings and then since bigger aggregates of those clusters. Rather than floating away apart from their very own neighbours, they become more.

Logic advises fractal clumping is about recollection information ethically balancing the device. This segment entanglement point out of difference, from an important homogeneous to the non homogeneous condition, happens by way of the peculiar attractor linking the living process to infinity simply by ethically levelling entropy. As it expands, the dissolved substance becomes significantly less noticeable. Nevertheless , the beautiful attractor, balanced by your strange attractor, adds brand-new information for the water by just joining substances and catalysing the effect with the substance-water combination, by utilizing its memory space.

The scientists stumbled upon the following effect although investigating fullerenes at the lab inside Kwangju Company of Research and Technology in Down Korea. They discovered that the football--shaped buckyball molecules maintained forming infrequent aggregates inside solution. Whenever they diluted the remedy, the size of the fullerene dirt increased, an important phenomenon not used to chemistry. To recieve the in any other case insoluble buckyballs to waste in water, the chemists mixed it with a circular sugar--like molecule called a cyclodextrin.

From these types of results there may be clearly a primary link between your functions of this beautiful and strange attractors. Just as aesthetics requires good emfs and little bioinformation, ethics, however, needs poor emfs and increased fractal information. These two become good and harmonised at a good mutual center, according to golden mean geometries, as Robert Pope provides predicted.

The very best amount of electrical moral information status as a might electron twist function is found in the cardiovascular system. The cardiovascular has several discreet components that are fixed to the seven spin angles of the fullerene tetrahedra. Simply because the electron twist activates evenness, the heart truly can be seen as the fabulous attractor. The golden mean fractal heart--shape is about unfolding this ride into functional wavelengths. In fact , the center can be seen as the transformer for maximum accessibility of angle or energy source into the human body. All these 6 spin geometrical angles concentrate on a weathervane-like spiral remove of the torus attractor at the centre of the heart.

The following dense core affects requirements of the heart projected upon the wall of the pericardium. The torus attractor impacts the stage of the chevy sonic energy penis-shaped both the pericardium and thymus. The Thymus (also known as the energy middle of the town referred to as the heart chakra), is just where immune system guidance are converted. The thymus uses these sonic dark areas on the structure of the pericardium cave to ensure the trend length ingredients to assimilate into cell phone identity. That appears to take place because level or wave-sharing coherence produces cell filters possible. Mobile membranes happen to be liquid gem, self getting chemical your local library processing the environmental signals (phenomena) as well as holographic heart--wave frequencies.

The concurrence of power and sonic pressure is usually exemplified by your muscular and toroidal electric structure with the heart. If the orderliness or coherence from electrical energy will grow, then overall health endorphins direct result affecting Candace Pert's 'Molecule of Emotion'. The immune system of this body swells, bringing about a situation of wellness, aligning that with the lawful human condition. This point out of maximum health and beautiful/strange attractor harmonics, triggers perceptive awareness defining into lawful behaviour.

The heart, nevertheless , is not the human body's only gorgeous attractor like the centriole, on each mammalian cell, likewise takes on that role. The function in centrioles have been controversial and remains incompletely resolved because centrioles, on and of themselves, do not specifically perform any kind of known physical activity. Instead, their role is often seen to be that of an important framework in which various functional constructions are built. It can be considered by simply science the fact that centrioles will be primarily interested in forming two structures, centrosomes and cilia. However , Doctor Johan Callerman, in his course, titled The Purposeful Globe, posits that the centriole offers, among it various characteristics, the factor of orchestrating cellular company as well as the development of the total organism.

This makes sense from your standpoint of its position in cell phone division during which the centrosome divides and replicates resulting in two centrosomes, each having its own two of centrioles. The centriole combine, moving to opposite draws to a close of the nucleus, then will grow micro-tubules in charge of separating replicating chromosomes right into two little princess cells.

Yet , the centriole's function generally seems to go far further. Based on the latest scientific research on the subject centrioles may be the element in realizing life and consciousness. Centrioles found in every single mammalian cell may be what gives your life the dynamism that science is unable to make clear. Science are not able to simply blend chemicals and create lifestyle. It are unable to even continue to create existence from low living situation. Even if scientific discipline could make it happen it however doesn't describe life. Yet , as technology learns whole lot more about centrioles entropic globe view physics becomes much less credible.

Centrioles, while training a high quantity control over the cells, appear to be attuned into a higher lawful criteria, during contradiction to entropic second law knowledge. Although, the centriole appears to be no more than a great antenna-like structure, transmitting intelligence to the mobile phone, its advice has to come by beyond entropic logic, because predicted by Platonic Scientific research for Ethical Ends, from functioning on the Greek Nous. So , whenever centrioles and DNA codons act like aerials, what signal are they picking up and answering?

Science is normally hard-pressed to elucidate the source in any animating signal from the physical world. Anaxagoras searched for to explain this kind of with his 'Nous', a creative pressure based on fractal logic. Entropic science just might offer a great operational account about brain, but it does not tell us just how life develops or as to why it happens the way in which it does.

Even though the living phone, an extremely complex framework, cannot be revealed operationally by means of science it is currently recognised that centriole may well be a major input our understanding of how the inanimate becomes animate and even, to some degree, the source of Anaxagoras' Nous consciousness (an innate smart property in the sub assise of the physical atom). Centrioles, composed of bass speaker structures, termed 'micro--tubules' and located in the nucleus of most mammalian units, may point to the existence of Jake Bohm's holographic non--physical market. As scientific research is more and more being forced to enjoy 'fields' to be a basic material of reality', such a strategy has validity.

The initial concept of the centriole being the possible key to consciousness was clearly alluded to by way of Roger Penrose, one of the uk's top physicists. However , the function of this centriole would not fit in with his purely materialist interpretation. Awareness is not merely a matter of enough computer power, which if, would substitute futuristic individuals potential with artificial cleverness. Centrioles, because basic antennas focusing right into existence some kind of existence from outdoors this physical universe, could very well provide for dynamical life, along with being major and method to obtain consciousness. If perhaps, as Anaxagoras postulated, intelligence comes from inside the sub classe of each atom, holographically it becomes the common mind. This concept fits well along with the generally established interpretation in quantum insides, which just like Anaxagoras' 'Nous', does not possess ethics built into it.

This is a specific problem for the Platonic convention of Ancient greek language philosophy, of which existed to fuse honesty into the Nous-mêmes, so that the creative force probably would not become damaging. Within the enlightenment limitations of his time Plato would the best this individual could with the idea of ethics. Robert Pope's titling of Platonic--Fullerene Chemistry updating quantum technicians to part biology is recognised in the 24th from September 2010 by the Italian language Republic, simply because the Florentine Brand-new Measurement in Humanity Renaissance.

The existence of the body or maybe organising particular field of intellect (auric sheath) formed available all living organisms is definitely proposed and this is now appearing measured by your Florentine Job. This subject is organised to contain the system's brains that organises the framework of the physique down to the atomic level. The fractal structure of this physical cardiovascular, receives this field energy and alters it right into electrical energy, examining its protected information. The brain, acting as a detector for this information, conveys with the cell phone systems of this body, resulting in an information stream to travel up and down the harmonic frequency level. Each phrase--like heartbeat is usually part of a fabulous song the fact that sends getting instructions during the entire host organism's system. This really is explained by The state of texas University's Dr Richard Merrick, in his course Interference--a grand musical music, in which the person translated the following Pythagorean Popular music of the Spheres into a electromagnetic description of this human objetivo process.

Honorable behaviour is absolutely not just about doing the appropriate thing because of its own reason. In essence, it is actually about becoming coherent with universal your survival information. When human coping data needs constant changes, like information flashes, progressively more ordered sophisticated information is desirable. Yet, correctly to be useful, it has to be without effort ordered through beautiful attractor, and then acted upon by the unusual attractor. Consequently , it is the heart and soul, not the brain, that travels this crucial information on for the DNA. With this patterning to be both purchased and infrequent simultaneously, the model applied has to be on the fractal character.

Fractal common sense, displaying your weak emf with solid biological facts, is a unifying concept combining scale-dependence and complexity, both of which are central to our understanding of biological patterns and procedures. Given that fractal and mayhem theory are comparatively different fields, it truly is perhaps no surprise that most biologists are still grappling with these ideas. Recognition of this fractal angles of dynamics has crucial implications to biology, because evidenced by many illustrations presented herein.

Fractal logic embraces sub-units that look like the larger increase shape. This can be analogous to looking in a mirror when holding a 2nd mirror you are holding facing the first. An unlimited series of glare can be seen, with each becoming smaller until the eye is unable to discern the idea. If we get a new distance involving the two glass, the scale changes but the relative amount will remain continuous. Mathematically conversing, as fractals maintain the same ratio whilst changing scale, their geometric patterning will allow electrical and lightweight frequency harmonics to exchange energy source across great distances in wavelengths to be a function from quantum entanglement.

As mentioned, the heart communicates coherent wavelengths to the GENETICS, which, answering to it has the vibrations, will get sonic sensations. Not only do the emotions supply the DNA but also the mobile phone metabolism. Cells have to conduct vast amounts of chemical reactions to keep their proper function, which need energy from the sensations, causing the centriole to react and drive phone replication.

A lot of scientists include recently postulated that the centrioles are actually the eyes of this cell. Centrioles come in frames that are focused perpendicular to each other. The framework of these frames strongly suggests that, apart from their wide range of other attributes, centrioles do work as cellular eyes. Each centriole can only map the viewpoint of the source info in a jet perpendicular to its axis. However , since light options are passed out in some dimensions, the other centriole was at right aspects to the first. This holds the geometry of the planes source, or a three dimensional proxy.

This 90-degree offset polarisation may well perform like Chroma-depth improved lenses, allowing a great evolving A 3D MODEL pattern recognition of holographic reality. This means that the centrioles, as cell eyes, have the ability to perceive range as well as perpendicular orientation. Such a proposal was used by Robert Pope in the now well known correction towards the optical key element upholding Leonardo da Vinci's Theory of Knowledge.

Coherent sonic ocean from the center to the centriole also refer to the subconscious and emotional health of the host living thing. Research unveils that so long term despression symptoms will gradually cause a breakdown in physical well being a specific relationship is out there between the mental and emotional express of well being. Medical groundwork shows that regardless how well newborns are raised on and retained warm, devoid of the loving contact of their mothers they can very seriously become badly affected. It is because the caring hugs on the mother happen to be instantly sent to the newborns DNA. The ancient Greeks belief that the moon had an effect on women menstrual cycle led to a science to explain your mother's take pleasure in and consideration for children. Can make perfect sense when considering the beautiful attractor connection between your moon plus the mother. Some heart evoked ethical practices comes from deep cellular your survival data from within the GENETICS, signalling the mother's instinct to alert her to the threat to her babies.

From this, it can be reasoned that our emotions program the DNA and shape the immune system of our skin cells. Negative feelings, give out solid thermal signs with tiny coherent articles, damaging the coherence of the immune devices. Counter-wise, excellent emotions, that have weak emfs but abounding coherent details, enhance the immunity process. The healthier the immune system the healthier the host affected individual. The amazing factor is that by positive fragile emfs we can easily generate substantial levels of energy source from which we all feel a heightened positive sensation of do it yourself, as part of the holographic universe. This sense of connection will help us look true 'Epicurean happiness'. Being good creatively, on the other hand, solely connects us emotionally with beauty entering decay. When we feel favorably energised and secure inside our lives we could much more likely to act in ethical ways. You will find, therefore , a definite link between our levels of energy and the inclination to do something in honourable ways designed for the enhancement of all.
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