How To Use Session Recording To Optimize Customer Experience?

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21 March 2022

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How To Use Session Recording To Optimize Customer Experience?

Do you have a session recording of user behavior on your website?

If not! It’s time to get the ball rolling and track user sessions online for a better digital experience!

Customers visit your website for various reasons. Some are interested in a new product offering, while others seek prompt customer support. Few stay for long. Some of them get the desired information and end up buying your product, while others find your site content confusing. This set of potential customers drops out soon, increasing your website’s bounce rates.

Hence, you need to constantly record your user sessions to know why users stay on your website, or what drives them off. This monitoring is useful for website optimization and decreased bounce rates.

In this blog, let us understand how you can use session recording and enhance the user journey in the long run.

What is Session Recording?

A website session recording is a process of qualitative and quantitative data capture of user behavior on your website. The quantitative data gives you an idea of no: user page views, search user sessions, bounce rate, click-through rate, etc.

In contrast, qualitative data gives you an idea of click maps and scroll maps. For example, at what point on your website does the user click and scroll for a long time. If inspectlet alternative stay on the checkout page for a long time, they have a definite purchase intention.

Session recording helps marketing and sales personnel track the entire user journey. Increased conversion rates indicate that your website is well-performing, and customers are encouraged to make purchases. These days, businesses can easily use a site-recording tool to record and replay their website sessions. With this, you get a clear picture of most visited pages, blogs, form interaction, etc.

As a business, you can use the session heatmaps for better website optimization and decreased bounce rates. Let’s see how.

Top 5 Ways to Optimize Customer Experience with Session Recording

When you replay a website session repeatedly, you can closely understand your user journey. Further, you get a clear picture of your website’s shortcomings and devise innovative ways to fix them.

* Track Your User Journey

With a session recording, you can better track the customer conversion funnel. You get a clear picture of how customers interact with different aspects of your website. There may be specific pages that keep them glued to your website, whereas some pages can disrupt their attention span, thereby cutting short their user journey. If you can deduce different patterns, you can ensure smooth conversion rates on your website.

* Understand Flaws in Your Website

Is your website font and color appealing enough? Are the menu size and orientation affecting the proper navigation through your website? You can observe these challenges in session recording replay. By correcting these glitches, you can ensure a better user experience.

* Ensure Better Customer Support

Prompt customer support forms the basis of higher customer satisfaction levels. However, it becomes difficult to identify a customer’s pain point when they don’t reach out to you directly. That’s when a session recording can come to your rescue.

A session recording can help you better spot your customer’s problems. For example, imagine a customer is not able to fill in the payment details on a checkout page. They try multiple times before dropping out. In this case, you can deduce the problem on a session replay and introduce a live chat feature to help them complete the purchase in the future.

* Monitor Problems in Online Forms and Fix Them

Often, visitors get stuck up on your site while filling out an online form. For example, they may be trying to enter the wrong password, but the form does not show a password error message. In the absence of a session recording, you cannot understand why you miss out on conversions. Hence, by closely observing a session recording you can make relevant changes to online forms, thereby ensuring higher conversion rates through your website.

* Try and Test New Website Feature

Imagine you are introducing a new website feature but not sure about its performance. You can introduce the feature and see how the user interacts with it in a session recording. Based on their experience, you can make further alterations and fine-tune the feature.

Use Session Recording to Take Your Business to the Best Level!

Product analytics and continuous error tracking should form a regular part of your business website monitoring. A robust session replay tool helps you better visualize your user journey by pointing out the pros and cons of your offerings. With better problem detection, you can ensure the optimal level of customer service. Your customer satisfaction level increases with prompt customer support, thereby taking your business to the best level.