554724 060 Gz Air Jordan 1 MID Black particle Grey white gym Red Unisex 36 47.5

Expires in 6 months

28 May 2022

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Thizzital honestly Yyesyeezy was pretty dang good. Got a pair of mochas from

them and everything is pretty much good aside from being a little smaller than

retail everything is 💯. It sucks your shoes got botched tho: /. What seller

was it? These are YouTube comments anyways so you're good unless you put a


DOSE Of adrenaline Well I finally received photos after 6 weeks and asking

for a refund twice.

I ordered the raging bull 5's, overall the shoe's were fine, but the jumpman on the

heels were botched. Terrible. We came to the conclusion that he would substitute for

the University blue AJ1. All in all maybe patience is the key when it comes to reps.

Not sure if I can mention the seller but if I can let me know. Also which of his WTCs

did you have success with.

Mateusz Stawski will you pay 4 thousand for the off whites?

Because I won't. I just want to have them in case I ever want to wear them.

There ain't enuff pairs. Resellers keep buying all of them:

554724-103 Gz Air Jordan 1 MID White/gym Red-black Woman:36-39 Man:40-47

. And then reselling them to us for double the price. Or more.

I ain't payin them. That's extortion. I rather buy a pair of fakes. It ain't

a big deal. They look just the same. Nike has billions of dollars. They won't miss the money. If they wanted us to

not to buy reps.

They would make enough pairs for everyone

Gz AIR Jordan 1 Low Gym RED/WHITE Woman: Man:

. Or atleast do something about the resellers scamming us. so go cry somewhere else

if you don like me wanting to buy reps.

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