18th April 2022 - Dark Mode, New Languages & Account Management

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18 April 2022

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Hi Everyone!

We're back and here to hit the ground running with new Pastelink updates after a few months break. Expect much more in the coming months, including some very big features that aren't available on any other sites.

Here's the update breakdown for April:

Dark Mode

A highly requested feature that's long overdue, dark mode has been fully implemented into Pastelink! Just click the moon icon in the menu to activate it. We did everything we could to remember your preference long term, so you need never see a bright screened Pastelink again.
Dark mode is a beautiful darker take on our website design that we're excited for everyone to try.

Email Verification

You can now verify your email after logging in on your security page. Verifiying your email provides extra account security and ensures that even if your password were stolen, you'd be able to get your Pastelink account back. Email verification will be required for a few upcoming features that demand higher security.
If you have an account, here's a link to the settings page: https://pastelink.net/account/security

Account Management

On that same security page, you can now adjust your marketing email options and request to delete your account.

New Translations

We're happy to welcome support for four new languages on Pastelink: German, Italian, Turkish and Ukrainian!

We've also brought a few of our older supported languages back up to date with all recent changes, as we've added over 1,000 words of labels, buttons, help texts and emails within the last few months. French, Indonesian, Portuguese and Vietnamese were fully updated. Within the next few weeks, we'll be fully updating Arabic, Malay and Spanish as well.

Also coming very soon (was going to be today, but our translator had to delay), full language support for Polish!

Small things

The font size on pastes was raised by 1px

Bug fixes

There was an issue with some expired pastes not properly expiring, now fixed.

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