9th December 2021 - More Sharing Options & Live Custom URL Checker

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09 December 2021

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In October we ran a poll asking what Pastelink users would like to see next on their website. The overwhelming response was to add more sharing options, which we completed right away. We added 15 new sharing buttons to the sharing panel, which appears after you create your paste or if you are logged in and revisit a paste you made.

We've completed a lot of behind the scenes work this month, which will set us up for some big updates in the near future.

A quick overview of what we completed in November:

Live custom URL checker

Before, you needed to submit a paste or an edit to have the system check if that custom URL was available. Now, you'll see a little loading spinner as you type, which will tell you right away if you can use it.
As we recently switched to a more secure randomised auto URL generation system, we no longer need to restrict custom URLs to a minimum of 7 characters. You can now create custom URLs that are just 5 characters long.

Edit pastes rework

Our edit paste system was in need of a rework, as it wasn't very forgiving before if your paste edit was not acceptable. Now, you'll be given live feedback with for all options.

Internal reworks

We've laid the path now for much easier introduction of an API in the near future.

Helpful articles

Now in the Pastelink footer, you'll see a whole list of helpful articles. We plan to extend these out in the near future and to translate them fully to all our supported languages.


We've made some important security updates for user accounts.

Bug fixes

We also found and fixed a number of small bugs this week, most importantly:
Adshrink updated their easy link URL, making our connection system harder to use, we've fixed this up.
Editing a paste with a password led to some strange re-setting of that password in some cases, now fixed.
Older posts had a spacing issue at the top

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