17 January 2023

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(Please consider puchasing VIP or Linkvertise premium we post 600 links a month and it helps us continue to source and post the highest quality content possible for you. Thanks)

STEPS FOR FREE ACCESS: Opening links is very simple and easy and only takes a minute we can keep posting more content for you the more you access our links. Make sure to follow the steps below and watch the videos if you need to.( NOTE: as of now you get 3 free link access credits a day which means you will need VIP or linkvertise premium to access all links each day.)

video for download step:

video for article step:

1. click on the link you would like to open. you will be taken to the linkvertise screen. from there scroll down to, and click on free access with ads. you will get a step or 2 to complete before getting the content.

2. to complete the step read interesting articles or explore etc, just click on the box with "im interested" then click on the step that has the article (sometimes the window will pop up by itself) then scroll down to the bottom of the page with the article advertisement You dont need to interact or click on anything with the article page . Keep the page open (on pc. on mobile just tap back after a min) it may take a minute or two, then go back to the linkvertise page and once you see all 3 circles checked click on the "get" box to receive the content.(if you dont get another task just tap free access with ads again to get the content.)

3. You may get a task to click on the first search result. Just follow the instructions and you will be taken to a tab with a seach engine. The same applies for this step as the one above you dont need to interact with the page. Just wait a min or 2 and go back to the linkvertise page and wait for the 3 circles to check to receive your content link.

4. If you get an app download on mobile, just choose "im interested" then select download the app. you dont need to download anything. just hit back as soon as the new tab opens and wait on the linkvertise page for the 3 circles to turn into checks.

5. You may have to install operagx browser to proceed just install it. Its actually a great browser! You can also uninstall it after so you can get this easy step again.