27th July 2023 - API, Recent Page and Server Upgrades

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27 July 2023

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Hello Pastelink users!

Today we're happy to present the most requested feature for Pastelink - an API! Now you can create, edit, delete, view and list your pastes within your own programs using our REST API. As with all Pastelink features, this is free to use with generous daily requests for each endpoint. If using asynchronous request libraries then please limit this to 10 per second to avoid hitting our rate limit.

You can create and manage an API key on your account page: https://pastelink.net/account/api

And view the documentation here: https://pastelink.net/api-documentation

Many of you have noticed that we recently removed the Recent page from Pastelink. This wasn't something we wanted to do, rather we were forced due to a small number of people posting links to child abuse material. To response to this we massively improved our detection methods (which is part of the reason for the delay in this update) and took down the Recent page. While we are confident now that Pastelink catches these people within a very short time, we still aren't quite ready to return the Recent page, until we are 100% confident that it is safe.

Recently we added a small update to paste Link Options. You can now select 'Count' as an option, which will number all links within your pastes.

Lastly, we'd like to address the recent issues with downtime we've been having, which has been beyond our aim of less than 10 minutes per month. Pastelink is growing, and has hit the point in which it must be spread over multiple servers in order to continue getting larger. This downtime has been the result of issues appearing between these servers working together and also some failures in our downtime detection and alerts. We've now isolated the issues, fixed the bugs meaning that Pastelink is again a stable and reliable website. Even more so than before in fact, as now if one server runs into trouble, others will quickly take over and resume service.

Thanks for reading this and for using Pastelink.

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