OSRS Timeline Of Updates

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20 July 2022

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I'm guessing there's a decent amount of returning players, myself included, waiting on group ironman's release. It'll be interesting where the numbers settle some time after that.

If we're reaching pre-mobile numbers now with mobile numbers included, that means either mobile was a failure or the "veteran" PC playerbase has dropped significantly, and that drop is being filled by mobile players. These numbers also include bots, which have multiplied due to runelite and mobile.

I feel like the game is in a much worse situation than these graphs let on. If Jagex actually got rid of the bots boosting these numbers, I bet they'd be in panic mode right about now.


Forgot to put the Trading Post in. RIP

RuneLite! Isn't quite an RS update but ok :p

Even though it was released in 2016 as it shows on this chart it had very little features or users for the first two years - I didn't even use it as my primary client until 2018 and I made it.

Sometimes I miss the 2016-2017 era since there was only a handful of people involved with the project and maybe a couple dozen users at best.

I thought it made sense to include the HD update since it's been one of the biggest updates recently for the game as a whole, and has had such a positive reception.

Since I included that, a friend of mine pointed out that it would make sense to include the client original release as well. Runelite is such an integral part of OSRS now, it's hard to imagine the game without it!

Osrs would be complete shit without runelite, so thank you for ur great work.

Runelite HD is hardly an OSRS update, but thanks for the graph I dig it

Yeah, why is that in there when leagues aren't? Leagues surely grab more subs than osrshd

Yeah, it's definitely an outlier. RUNESCAPE thought it was worth including since it's been one of the most impactful things to happen to the game recently, despite being unofficial.

I dunno, it’s kind of a major change to the game and definitely should be included.

The skiling updates have been lit lately tbh

I agree. I think sepulcher especially set the standard for what an engaging and rewarding skilling activity can be.

I wonder what that spike before Soul Wars is from.


Guessing off the location of the months it looks like one of the leagues

I'm pretty sure it's from Trailblazer league. I cropped them in the image, but I included temporary game modes on the page itself.

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