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07 April 2022

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CEMENTATION is among the leading conglomerates Having a Solid presence of in businesses Including Manufacturing, Processing and Exporting of Building and Construction materials, Minerals and Chemicals. We are also engaged in a Civil Construction works and so are government approved contractors.

CEMENTATION is a highly dynamic company. Innovation and flexibility are key aspects of the way we discuss company and our dedication to our clients is the number one priority. Our clients are located throughout the entire world.

We believe in providing an extremely sustainable and consistent array of merchandise created to generate a quality product with the lowest potential carbon footprint in a price of effective price.

With over 15 decades of development and research and industry expertise, our goods are made utilizing vigorous quality and procedures backed by an innovative management system that ensures highly powerful and consistent products. Our well-equipped laboratory operated by our expert staff allows us to continually monitor our products and procedures ensuring tight control of quality and product consistency.

According to https://cementationindia.com/ (close to Kandla and Mundra Ports) - based Gujarat, the western portion of India,'' CEMENTATION operates in an entirely transparent manner in all regions and levels of our company with the values of a local family business.

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