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16 December 2022

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Sign up to receive updates, special offers, program communications and other information from petsworld. Along with training, positive rewarding is an essential factor when it comes to quickly training your dogs. Nothing can be better than dog treats to positively reward your dogs.

You may also check out bird feeders for supplying food and water. Lastly, we also have stimulating bird toys for the birds to chew, shred, tear, climb and clean beaks. My second order from petshop.Co.Uk and I’ve now signed up for repeat deliveries of my dog’s food.

Bargain pet supplies, the uk’s favourite online pet store helps you save on top brand name pet supplies at cheap pet supplies prices. Using our great discount offers you can spend more time with your pets instead of hunting bargain prices online. This is another point in proceedings when it would be advisable not to read out loud.

However, as cats are generally picky eaters, gravy foods may tempt them more than dry cat foods. At petsworld, you can check out some of the top-notch gravy food brands like royal canin, whiskas, me-o, bellotta, sheba etc. Gravy foods not only elevate the overall health of your cats, but also keep them thoroughly hydrated in the scorching heat of the summers.

We at petsworld have a wide array of premium quality fish foods to feed your aquarium fish, which includes goldfish, japanese koi, tropical freshwater fish etc. You will also find healthy and nutritious foods for shrimps and turtles as well. Apart from this, you can also buy aquarium accessories for water care, ph treatment, plant care and water conditioning as well.

Our telephone lines are currently not monitored, and so we urge customers to email to or via our contact us page for urgent assistance. Please provide order numbers or item sku’s where applicable to speed up resolution of any issues you may be experiencing. We have regrettably had to temporarily reduce our range available on the website. All items will be relisted in due course, but unfortunately at the moment we cannot make all 12,000 items previously available purchasable at this time due to reduced staff resources. This is enabling us to continue providing the same level of service as before, something we pride ourselves on and want to ensure we continue providing.