Interesting facts about Minions you may not know!

25 March 2022

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Not only stirring the cinemas and bringing in huge revenue, the minions also have a lot of interesting things.

- The original shape of the minion is like a big, wild and quite cruel Orc, but this image has been reduced and made cute to create sympathy for the viewer about Dr. Gru.

- The prototype of these minions is a combination of the character Jawas from Star Wars and the elves Oompa Loompas from the movie Chocolate Factory.

- Poster of the movie Despicable Me 2 - The Moon Thief 2 with up to 1,400 minions appeared

- The Despicable Me series has grossed up to $1.4 billion worldwide. In 2013, this film had grossing only behind Frozen and Iron Man 3.

- Because the food that the minions love the most is bananas. So, Chiquita Banana, a world-famous banana company, printed more than 2 million stickers on its bananas to promote Stealing the Moon 2.

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- The minions have been nominated for 2 Oscars for the movie The Moon Thief 2 in two categories: Best Animated Feature Film and Best Original Score with Pharrell's song Happy.

In the movie Thieves of the Moon 2, minions were kidnapped and poisoned with a potion, turning them into purple monsters. The filmmakers chose purple for the evil minions because purple is the color that contrasts on the palette with yellow.

If you want to draw these mischievous Minions, you can refer to:

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