5 Best Minecraft Adventure Maps For Multiplayer

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08 August 2022

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Outbreak 2 is the sequel to the popular Minecraft adventure map series, Outbreak. Up to eight players can play on this map, allowing groups of friends to experience this apocalypse-style journey together.

The map features an abandoned city named Amiro. Players need to plunder its vast treasure troves of knowledge while fighting off zombies and other threats.

4). Library of Babble

The map is based around a vast abandoned art gallery whose owner reportedly disappeared without a trace. This map supports up to five players as they explore the abandoned "Gallery of Thoughts" and try to solve and interpret the many puzzles while steering clear of an unknown but dangerous entity.

3). Machine for Piglins

The name is a play on the popular game Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. It puts players in the shoes of an Inspector who has to gather information on an experiment called "The Machine for Piglins"

The map supports multiplayer, has puzzles, death runs, and parkour mechanics, with around 30 to 60 minutes of content available.

2). The Abandoned Temple Mystery

This map involves a huge abandoned temple, which players must explore (alone or with friends). The temple contains many books and loads of treasure, all waiting to be discovered by the player.


However, the temple is filled with puzzles and traps, which must be dealt with to complete the map. If players get through at least six levels, they will be awarded a bonus level at the end of the map.

1). Under Olympus

This adventure map is story-driven and follows the story of an engineer who is put in hibernation during his journey to Mars. The player is due to land at Olympus, and the main objective is to repair and get the base on Olympus up and running.

It is a puzzle-based map, and the difficulty of the puzzles keeps increasing the further the player delves into the base. Also, dangerous entities are running around the map, and players must avoid them. Up to four players are supported on this map.

Download the map here.

Adventure maps are one of the most content-heavy renditions of Minecraft and can keep players busy for hours on end. The option to play them with friends is a bonus.

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