The Truth About Paid and Rented Email List Rentals

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02 August 2022

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Email list rental is very different than email lists buy. When you purchase an email list, you actually take ownership of all the email addresses that you choose, and have the sole right to utilize it as frequently as you wish. However, email list rental gives you the convenience of emailing to your list as often and as regularly as you would like. In this business model, the company that you rent your email list from buys your email list wholesale and then puts it together in a certain format, compiles the information and offers it to you. FrescoData is basically the same as renting an address to put your business name on.

The advantage of email list rental over buying lists is delivery of email messages into the customer's inboxes. With email lists purchased from a company, the likelihood of those messages arriving on time is highly unlikely. Many marketers and salespeople believe that the only way their messages will reach their intended audience is if they're delivered to the people who've chosen to receive them.

However, email list rental companies have the technological savvy and resources to handle multiple lists at the same time, instantly. This results in higher deliverability to many more potential customers. Many times, this means more business overall. The only disadvantage of purchasing pre-existing email lists is the cost. In most cases, these lists are purchased for significantly less than purchasing new ones. That means having the financial resources necessary to continually support your marketing campaigns for those lists.

A second advantage to email list rental is that many companies have features that allow you to market directly to your email subscribers. These programs enable you to choose the best ones to promote to based on geography, interest, email addresses or any combination t here of. For instance, some companies may group together people who live in the same city or state. Others might group similar businesses together based on industry type. And some may look at a person's geographic location to determine if that person is a good fit for a certain product or service.

Using email list rental services can also save you time. Instead of spending hours searching for the best messages to send out, you can just purchase one or several pre-written campaigns that you then send out with the links to your opt-in pages. These messages are ready to be read and acted upon almost immediately. As you may know, sometimes even the best-worded sales copy can be too vague and your message overlooked. With email lists, you can make sure that your email campaign targets are met.

One thing to remember when renting email lists though, is to check your own writing and your recipients' needs. Don't fall into the common trap of sending out promotional emails only to have your subscribers to unsubscribe en masse. FrescoData of low-impact marketing is rarely cost effective over the long term. The right way to go is to rent email lists for marketing that will give you a boost, but not do so at the expense of your own business.

You can find email list rental services online, by doing a simple search. Most sites offer both standard offers and premium packages geared toward different kinds of customers. For example, a standard package might include one or two emails per week, with a maximum number of recipients. A premium package might include unlimited messages, a tracking system for updates, and targeted web advertising to increase your exposure.

When it comes to online marketing, renting email lists has definite benefits. If you've been looking for a new approach to your marketing, it might be worth giving this strategy a try. You'll get results faster than with other strategies, and you can ensure that your marketing remains consistent - no matter what you're promoting. Check out sponsored email advertising today - it could make all the difference in your business!
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