The Beauty Of Japan: Gentle Mistress

30 January 2024

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His moans of pleasure sound like a soft melody in a song. I lay on my back as he devours me completely. Sucking and slurping into my soft tunnel. So hot. "fuck me" I whisper in a low seductive voice. He obeys me and enters my tight whole. Small bites and scratches down his back. I have trained him to please only me. To want only me. A deep hard thrust turns me into something i have been waiting to unleash. I roll over on top of him and tie his hands to the bed post. His eyes shine with lust. I love the bond that we have. That only we can have. I straddle his member and tighten my pussy as if I'm pulling him in deeper. I grind slowly as i look into his eyes. Like I'm looking into his soul and smiling at he person he used to be. Rough, hard, passionate, and steamy. I take what i want. As i reach my climax over and over i can see he can't last any longer. I untie his hands and push him over onto his stomach. Laying on top of him now with his cock in my hands, i press my body against his. I get close to his ear and whisper " give it up to me Mizuhashi". That's all it took. His muscles relaxed and he came all over the bed. I smile and kiss the back of his neck. The room is filled with the smell of lust and pleasure. A very potent smell, one i find calming.

I walk into the living room to answer the phone. It has been ringing for sometime now. A women's voice is on the other end. It's Kim. Since the sauna i can't seem to stop thinking about her. The connection we had. The same connection i had with Mizuhashi. This could become something more.

" Can we get together sometime?" she asked.

" umm...I'll see if i can make time"

" Oh, maybe I'll call you when you have time"

" no it's fine, where do you live?" as i answered her Mizuhashi was walking out of the room. His body glistening with sweat. I was beginning to get wet again. As she gave me her address i began to imagine me between her thighs. I slid a finger into my pussy. It was so wet and so hot. Mizuhashi dropped to his knees and kissed my mound. He licked and rolled his tongue around my clit like a hungry animal. I arched my back and hung up the phone. He sucked a finger into his mouth and pushed it into my tight ass. I grab a handful of her hair and push him into me further. " fuck me with your tongue...sssss....hhhhhaaaaaa....harder" i moan uncontrollably. I've trained him well. A mind blowing orgasm and a long passionate kiss. Mizuhashi carried me to the shower and helped me wash up.

After gaining my strength back i decided I'll see Kim today. Surprise her. I walk into a gift store, buy a dozen lilies and some candy hearts. For a woman everyday should be valentines day. As i walk up to her apartment my heart starts to beat fast. At this point i would have walked away because of my past, but some how i couldn't. I tried to knock on the door but my hand froze. When i finally get the courage to knock she opens the door before i have the chance. Her face lit up when she seen the flowers and candy. That is the expression she should keep. Happiness. Why is she making my think like this?

" wow...Lilies, they are my favorite. How did you know?"

" lucky guess"

" you look amazing"

" thank you, so do you" i said. She did look amazing. A small little spring dress, light, floating just above her skin. Her hair was down and straight. I couldn't help but to stair at her. Any man or women would be beguiled by her beauty.I was wearing a black dress with small straps and some pumps. The dress didn't hide much of my long slim legs, tight figure, large breasts, and firm ass. Practically wearing nothing. But she had a smile that brightened everything around her. Some how i felt happy. She invites me in and she shows me around her apartment. It was small and white with black accents. Seemed professionally decorated. I could smell paint so i think it was just recently done. She noticed my interest in the design and began to talk about it. Sitting on the couch having one long boring conversation after another and yet i didn't care.

I couldn't help it anymore. I leaned forward for a kiss and put my hand on her leg. The moment our lips touched slightly i felt her body tremble. We began to kiss slowly and passionately. I loved the feeling of her soft lips against mine. My hands began to caress her back and sides. She felt so powerless and fragile. I decided to take it gentle at first. On the phone and in the sauna seemed so different from now. I kiss her neck and chest. My hand wanders down her back and rests softly on her ass. She grabs my hand presses it firmly against her ass. Telling me to take it further. I can tell she wants it badly. She presses her cheek against mine and presses my other hand against her breast. I take control not her. This isn't how it's supposed to be. I feel the urge to fuck her madly and eat her pussy until she can't move. I squeeze her ass tightly and bite her neck. Reaching up i use my other hand and scrape down her back with my nails. She moans in both pleasure and pain. I can't handle it anymore i slide a hand up her dress. She isn't wearing any panties. Unable to stop myself i shove three finger into her hot waiting cunt. She begins to shake and jerk around bucking at my fingers. I heard a growl escape her lips. Animalistic noises all around the living room. Heat and the smell of sex fill the room. I felt something i have only felt with Chris. It's a dark lustful feeling. Shoving my fingers deep inside her feeling as if I'll split her in half. She's screaming and begging me to keep going. To give her more. She want's the pain. I sense something dark in her past that bay effect her in the future. I finally get the courage to get up and leave. I run out the door leaving her there to fend for herself. Hearing her yell for me causes me to run faster. I don't know what it is, but it's not right.

Arriving at the hotel Mizuhashi seemed worried that i was back so early. He seen me leave no less than two hours ago. Not stopping i just ran into the room and into the bedroom. My heart is still beating uncontrollably. I can't stand it. What happened? Why can't i do it? I'm confused more than worried. I've already had most of her in the sauna and then again at her apartment. I lay in bed thinking about everything. Suddenly Ana slipped her way into my mind. I miss her so much. I want to hold her in my arms again. Tears begin to trail down my cheek as i begin to think of the past. My own darkness has been haunting me lately. I can feel something terrible is going to happen. A knock at the door causes me to jump. I wasn't expecting anyone but i assume it's Mizuhashi, so i decided to ignore it. I turn the light off and close my eyes. A hand is touching my leg. My eyes fly open and start darting around the room. No one is there. I lay back and try to clear my mind. The hand returns and ventures to my chest. Someone cups my breasts and squeezes them tight. I feel myself becoming wet. The intruder reaches under my dress and pinches my nice pink nipples. I bite my lower lip. It must be a man, the size of the hands are too large to be a woman. One of his hands wonder below my waist line and find it's self inside my panties. I don't want it...yes i do. The large fingers move inside me at hyper speed, fast and rotating. I can feel myself ready to cum. Every time his fingers enter my pussy he hits my G spot. I curl my toes and grip the sheets. A hand covers my mouth, someone else is in the room. I let go and squirt across the room. Barely able to breath I practically rape my intruders. I push my finger fucking playmate onto his back and to my surprise he's already naked. I shove the unfamiliar cock deep inside my pussy and ride him hard. Trusting against his member i start to cry out in lust. Animalistic noises escape my mouth once again. Bucking wildly against this man i don't know. The other one gets behind me and enters my ass. Anal sex has always been something to take me over the edge. I love the feeling of him sliding in and out of my hot puckering whole. " Fuck me harder Bitch!" i yell moving harder and faster. Both men begin to hard core smash my pussy and ass. Taking me deeper into madness. I clench my pussy tight and scrape my nails down my intruder's chest. "bite me!" i Command. They both bit down hard on different areas of my body. I fucked them crazy until i lost myself. Blacking out.

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