Nail Fungus Treatment Options to Consider


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25 October 2021

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What is toenail fungal infection? Toenail fungal infection refers to a fungal infection underneath the nail that causes the nail to turn yellow and thicken. While many commercial foot fungus treatments offer limited relief or require multiple applications over multiple weeks or months to eliminate the infection, toenail fungal laser therapy can take just a few short weeks and offers complete relief... even in as little as one treatment. This is a major advantage of toenail laser treatment... but you may be wondering, "Why would anyone want to try this treatment?"

There are many reasons to try this alternative to treating your toenail infection. First of all, it can completely restore the color and health of your nails. The reason that the treatment works so well is that the fungi that live inside your nails grow at an incredible rate. As time goes by, they can produce unhealthy discolored nails by growing out of control. These discolored nails, if not treated, can spread to the skin surrounding the nails and result in scars. Toenail fungal laser therapy can kill off these micro-organisms and keep your nails looking beautiful for years to come.

You can get a fungal toenail treatment in two different forms. One type of medication comes in the form of a spray. Many companies make top quality sprays that will penetrate your nails and work deep within them to kill off all bacteria and fungi that are living within the nail beds. While some people have had great results with this type of medication, others have not had very good results. It usually takes several applications before any noticeable results can be noticed.

Another option is to take an oral pill that is designed to kill the infection and provide relief from the pain and discomfort. These pills work on the nervous system to stimulate nerve endings so that you have less pain when the infection is present. If you have an active infection and want to treat it as soon as possible, you should consider taking an oral treatment. You do need to be very careful though. There are many supplements that are counterfeit and can actually make the problem worse.

There is a better option. Topical medications are available that contain natural ingredients. They are effective for fungal toenail treatment because they attack the infection from the inside. They actually enter the fungus and break down the protein that is responsible for its growth. Unlike antifungal pills, they cause no serious side effects. They are a better option if you want fast relief without dealing with potential side effects.

Best products on Best Reviews Tips Canada One of the most common side effects of prescription oral medications is liver disease. Because the fungus has entered the body through the top layers of the nail bed, the liver is not able to effectively remove it. Fungal infections in other areas of the body such as the throat and chest can be quite dangerous if left untreated. This is why it is important to treat nail infections as soon as you suspect you have one. The best option is to take an oral medication to clear up the infection and prevent it from coming back.

While prescription medications can be effective for some people, they often come with significant side effects. It is also not a long term solution. As soon as your fungal nails begin to clear, you again will need to apply the medication to prevent new fungal infections. Topical medications do not require a prescription and can be used regularly to maintain healthy nails.

If topical solutions and laser treatments do not work, then your last option is to undergo toenail extraction. A toenail extraction is performed by a podiatrist and can also be quite expensive depending on where you go to get treatment. However, many patients find that this is the best option for them. Your physician can decide if this procedure is warranted based on the severity of your infection and any other health concerns you may have. A good rule of thumb is to try all three treatment options before deciding on surgery.

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