Helen's Sixth Story

12 June 2023

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From the second I woke up on that particular morning, I knew that sex was going to be the major thing on my mind that day. I don't know if it is hormones or naughty dreams but every so often I just wake up really horny. Usually when this happens, I reach out and find my partner, Steve's, cock. I love the feel of his cock as he is waking up - it is so responsive and eager to please. Sometimes I wake him up by taking his cock in my mouth and gently sucking it. I like to feel it swell to fill my mouth. Don't men have a peak of testosterone or something in the morning? Whatever the reason, I'm rarely left disappointed when I need an early morning fuck to start my day off right.

Unfortunately, this morning there was no willing cock to satisfy me, since Steve was away on business and wouldn't return until late that evening. So, as I lay there in that lovely warm state between wakefulness and sleep I let my hand find its way down to my pussy. My hand may have followed this path many times before, but one of the true delights of sex is that, when you're in the mood, every touch is just as exciting as if it were the first time, yet with familiarity giving the added bonus of being able to savour precisely the delights to come. I parted my legs and let two fingers slide between my pussy lips. The wetness I felt confirmed what I already knew - I was very turned-on.

I manoeuvred some of my juices over my already receptive clit and began to massage gently in a circular motion. I knew from experience that if I remained quietly relaxed, with my eyes closed, I could stay in this semi-awake state for some time, and that the effect could be dramatic. I have never been hypnotized, but I imagine that what was about to happen to me must be similar to going into a trance. As I focused on the gentle circular motion of my fingers and the almost imperceptible increase in pleasure it was producing, it was as if my whole body and brain and nervous system began to disappear inside my clit. The entire attention of my being became concentrated on the tiny area of pleasure cells between my legs, which now felt as if they were expanding to fill my own personal universe.

I once saw a model of what we would look like if the size of our body parts truly represented the number of nerve endings they contained - large lips and ear lobes, long fingers and, of course, enormous genitalia! This is how I now felt - I was my clit.

As I ascended gradually towards my goal, every sensation became magnified a thousand times. A barely firmer pressure on my clit elicited a gasp, a slightly quicker motion of a finger and I quivered. I knew that I could cum in a second if I wanted to, but that, if I were prepared to wait for my ultimate delight, I would be well rewarded for my patience. So I fought to remain in control, yet with every stroke taking me nearer to the summit of my own personal Everest.

As my sensitivity became more and more intense, it felt as if my head was about to burst and I knew that the time was now right. Although I barely felt in charge of my arm and hand and fingers anymore, I started to rub much more firmly and quickly around the whole area surrounding my clit. The effect was immediate and the pleasure almost unbearable as, gasping for breath, I reached the peak of my emotion and tumbled uncontrollably down the other side. I emitted a passionate and uncontainable scream as my whole body convulsed wildly and I collapsed, sobbing into my pillow

Girls telling tales...

It was a warm, balmy evening as I sat alone in the garden, listening to the birds singing cheerfully and watching the beautiful sunset sinking behind the trees to the southwest. Purple sunsets have always been a favourite of my partner, Steve, and I, but I couldn't share this one with him as he was away on a business trip. Instead I was recalling a sunset we had shared in India, overlooking the Indian Ocean, a few years ago. I was just getting to the good bit - the alfresco sex after the sunset, when the 'phone woke me from my day-dream; it was one of 'the girls' asking me to come out for a drink, to celebrate Judy's birthday. I got changed into a smart, short, navy skirt and claret blouse and walked down town to find the girls. I don't usually choose to go out with my female friends, since I'm not very interested in 'girl-talk', but I suspected this would be more 'Sex in the City' than shopping and babies so I was looking forward to it.

We met up, found a quiet corner in a pub and started to talk about current men friends, houses, work and other fairly mundane matters for a while. As I'd hoped, though, it wasn't too long before the discussion turned to more interesting topics. Judy explained that she had been planning a saucy treat for her partner, since it was his birthday next month - she was going to give him the chance to choose to have sex anywhere he wanted. Of course, the discussion then developed into the strangest places where we had each had sex.

Liz started bashfully with the tale of her young husband making love to her on the beach on a busy day in summer. It had been a disaster, since the wind had blown the sand everywhere!

Jo thought for a while and then recounted the story of her experience with a guy who drove wedding cars; he had dropped the newly-weds off for their reception and had arranged to meet Jo in a nearby car park. He didn't have much time, but they enjoyed ten minutes of sweaty passion on the leather seats of his boss's Rolls Royce, before he had to return to work.

Kath said that she hadn't had sex in any interesting places for a long time, though she remembered one particular episode many years ago. Her boyfriend had borrowed his father's sexy, but petite red sports car. It was too small to do anything interesting in, so he had sat her on the bonnet to satiate their passion. The problem came later when her boyfriend had to explain to his father what had caused the two cheek sized hollows in the bonnet!

I had been very quiet, but now they all turned to me and Judy said, "Well, Helen, can you beat that?"

I stared into the distance and thought for a while, before telling them this story:

It was a rainy day when Steve and I were both at a meeting in a hotel in a small English city. After lunch we needed to get out for a break, so we decided to look round the quaint cathedral, which was, apparently, famous for its crypt. We got to the crypt down a slippery and uneven spiral staircase. Inside the crypt, it was dark, dank and cold, hardly ideal conditions, but for some reason we both knew what was going to happen in there. In a flash we were entwined, with hands and mouths everywhere; I could feel the welcome bulge in his trousers as my juices began to flow. Soon he had his hands down my panties and I was loosening his belt. Suddenly, we heard a footstep on the stone stairs and we had to quickly make ourselves decent and climb out of the crypt. We read a few inscriptions in the cathedral until we knew the crypt was empty again, and we quickly descended back into the blackness to continue. This time the passion was even more extreme. I kissed him violently as his finger slid rapidly to find my clit. I fumbled for his zip and released his rock hard cock from its prison. He tore my panties from my body and took my weight with his hands as I jumped up and wrapped my thighs around his hips. There, with my naked bum cheeks pressed against the cold, damp stone of the crypt, his cock penetrated me. Fearful of the next footsteps on the stone, and hopeful that the sound of my arse cheeks slapping against the stone wasn't quite loud enough to wake the dead, we fucked ferociously for what seemed like an age, but was probably only a couple of minutes, before we came, explosively, together and sank, spent, into each other's arms.

As I finished the story, I turned to the others. The looks of shock and amazement were still clearly on their faces. I realised then I should have just told them that I once had sex in an aeroplane toilet………..

Making the best of a rainy day....

Another rainy day sat in front of my computer screen. It was cold outside, so I had put the heating on - though perhaps a little too high. As I moved on my black leather executive chair I felt a small bead of sweat run down my back. I remembered how the thought of my sweaty skin on leather had always been a real turn-on and I smiled as I began to feel the familiar, and always welcome, wetness begin to flow between my legs. I wondered what it would feel like with my naked back against the chair and slowly unbuttoned and removed my blouse. It felt good, very good, but the catch on my bra chafed uncomfortably as I rubbed my back along the sticky leather. I reached behind my back, undid the catch, slipped the straps over my shoulders and allowed the bra to drop to the floor. That was better, I could now rub my back easily across the chair and feel the leather tight against my wet skin. It also gave my breasts their freedom. My breasts are not large, but I have always been proud of their shape and how firmly they stand up on their own. As I stroked them gently I could feel my nipples harden. I pulled eagerly at each nipple in turn. It is strange how the older I get the more sensual and sensitive my nipples become. One day I know that I will orgasm through them.

Sitting in the warm office, naked from the waist up, I knew that I also wanted to feel the leather against my thighs. I eased myself to my feet and slid my skirt down gradually over my hips and felt it fall to the floor. In the stillness I could feel my heart throbbing as I snaked my panties down my thighs until they fell noiselessly onto the carpet.

The sun suddenly began to flood the room. It felt warm and welcoming on my body. The gentle tingle I was feeling became increasingly insistent. I reached down and traced my fingers slowly around and across my smooth pussy - the dampness between my naked thighs tasted good. I lowered myself into my chair and fumbled for the mechanism which made it tilt back. The leather felt warm and sticky against the entire length of my naked body.

Work was the last thing on my mind now. I was enjoying feeling the excitement building. A few minutes of gently stroking my inflamed clit and I was almost there. I could feel my hot breasts swelling to greet my hand. The stroking became more violent as the intensity of the pleasure grew stronger and more concentrated. I needed to pause now to allow my feelings to subside, since I knew that this would magnify the final climax, so I forced myself to wait until my breathing had almost returned to normal before I allowed my fingers to return to the throbbing between my thighs.

This time there was no holding back as I placed the flat of one hand on the smooth and shaven skin just above my pubic bone and pulled it firmly towards my navel. This stretched and tightened exquisitely the skin around my swollen clit and exposed it openly to the rasping, rubbing fingers of my other hand. I gasped and shook uncontrollably as the sharp stabbing pleasure at last turned into the elation of the final release.

Perhaps now I could think about doing some work……………

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