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28 October 2022

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Bristol city council tenants who live in a flat may not have to pay for treatment for rats, mice and cockroaches. We'll tell you if you don't have to pay when you book an appointment. Our pest control service, what pests we treat, how much our services cost and what you can do to deal with pests yourself. All of our services are carried out in an efficient, timely fashion in order to provide you with the best possible results.

We treat a variety of pests in domestic properties for all residents of the borough. There are discounts for council tenants and dacorum card holders. If the pest problem comes back after the treatment is finished, let us know as soon as possible. After a month of being pest free, any new report of pest activity will be seen as a re-infestation and you must pay the full charge for treatment. Provide you with a written report highlighting any recommendations, any actions taken and the name and locations of any pesticides or insecticides used during the treatment. If you wish to book a pest control service, and know the service you require, you can go straight to our online form.

They prefer well-drained soil and sometimes use burrows made by rabbits or badgers. In urban areas, they also live underneath sheds and outbuildings, some have even be found to nest under the floorboards of houses. Baits can give continuous control of cockroaches over an extended period.

This can create a nuisance because of the quantity of them in the immediate vicinity attracted by the food available. If residents do wish to feed birds we suggest that they target the smaller garden species by the use of appropriate foods and food containers within the boundary of their property. If the foxes have got in under your house, all you can do is to arrange for a pest control company to lift floorboards and drive the foxes out.

If insufficient evidence is gathered during the visit then it is likely that no further action will be taken. This does not prevent us from investigating the matter again if the situation escalates or significantly changes. The brc is a tough audit to get through and as always the pest control manual, layout and maps were thoroughly audited. You may well have fleas in your house if your pets are constantly scratching and/or flea droppings can be seen in clusters next to their skin. Fleas are 1-4mm long, brownish in colour and have no wings, but do have powerful legs adapted for jumping where water is readily available. Price on application minimum charge of £30 even if no treatment is necessary.

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