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24 April 2022

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Anchor text is the hyperlinked word on a web page. These are the words that you click on when you click a link.

It does provide useful information to the visitor about the page you are linking to.

At times it works to optimize your own web page so effectively that your page ranks high as one of the top ten pages in Google Search results.

You can use anchor text in:
a. External links - links from the other sites.
b. Internal links - links from your page.
c. Links on your main page. A very important spot.

This link is the most important factor in online search engine optimization as it maximizes website ranking benefits for the page you are on and the page you are linking to. Following are the main benefits:

1. Google uses this link to judge the relevancy between referring site and destination site. If anchor text, content of referring site and destination site have similar contents, the link is seen valuable.

2. Google uses it as a "popularity vote" for the webpage that created the anchor text. If this site is using many links from other sites on a keyword, it is more likely to rank high.

3. Google uses this link to judge on the relevancy of the content. So be careful while choosing the keyword for the anchor text, use a specific keyword of the page that directly relates to the subject of the page.

Length of the link:

The maximum length of this link has to be fifty-five characters, a more massive anchor will be taken as a suspicious that you are simply using excessive keywords.

Internal linking for the anchor text link:

You can make most of it when you are linking to your own pages. Instead of using the URL of the link you can use the primary keyword of the page. If you get a couple of high quality links you can use the primary keywords as anchor text for a niche page and your website rankings for that keyword should improve drastically.

When you create this link from primary keywords and link to your own pages it becomes easy for the user and as well as for the search engine robots. It also allows for the easy flow of page rank.

1. It is easier for the search engine robots to control links within your website. So it is a good idea to provide more of the links from internal web pages to get a better rank in the search engine.

2. When you link to internal pages, the search engine spider take a longer time on your site to control the links and this longer stay will create a higher page rank again

Internal linking is one of the best strategies for anchor text links. To understand this situation take the example of Wikipedia USA. It has a very high web ranking and gets a lot of traffic. Their inter linking policy is one reason for such a high traffic. In fact it is the 7th highest traffic getting website in the world. They use anchor text keywords and link to its own pages and when a visitor visits for information he/she spends longer time on the site going from one link to the other, getting more and more information, all because of website ranking.

Anchor text, back links are very important for online search engine optimization. Google likes them. Internal anchor text links do help the spiders to stay longer on your site and therefore, provide better higher web rankings.