My experience being harrassed by Comedian and Dreamteam


03 August 2019

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My experience with Comedian & Dreamteam

Hello everyone! I'm a level 254 bowmaster from EU reboot and leader of a guild named

Recently, again, my guild and I got harassed by Comedian (a.k.a. Nof), the current leader of a guild named Dreamteam, and his friends.

For those who are unfamiliar with Comedian, he is basically the self-proclaimed embodiment of justice on the EU Reboot server, who unfortunately, exercises a large amount of influence throughout the server through his guild.

Apparently, a few days ago Comedian got hold of "good" evidence that would potentially destroy me - he smegaed it and called it "doomsday". In reality, the “good” evidence ended up being 1) a couple of screenshots of someone discussing/buying some applications/hacks on a forum, and 2) a flying kanna on video.

In relation to the forum screenshots, it is still unclear why these screenshots were used as evidence against me as it is definitely not me and, as far as I know, no one that I know of.

In relation to the flying kanna on video, this was unfortunately a new joiner who was immediately kicked thereafter.

Tbh, none of the above bothers me at all, but after Comedian continued to harass me in front of a guildie of mine in the presence of other random people, I finally decided that enough was enough and I would make this post.

I have tried to make this as brief as possible, while including all the information that I have.


At one point, Comedian and I created an alliance between Tinder and Winter, Comedian’s guild. At the time, me and Comedian had each other in each of our buddy lists, and apparently the way I spoke/my personality really triggered him for some reason.

Fast forward one month, the alliance disbanded and soon thereafter Comedian began to vocalize his hatred towards me and talking shit about me here and there. I heard rumours about Comedian talking shit about me behind my back (both in game and discord), but at the time I just laughed it off and continued with my life and assumed that it would end sooner or later, but goddamn - after more than 8 months later, he's still hating.

Communication between me and Comedian (with evidence of abuse)

I've told Comedian several times to stop interacting with me, but for some reason, he kept on contacting me one way or another. Here's a conversation we ended up having because I deleted one of his close friends, who was also a Dreamteam member.

iDriveCLP (Comedian) - I HIGHLY recommend you look at the screenshots to get a feel for what Comedian is like.

Comedian harassing me and spamming me because I got banned for keyweighting
Like goddamn man, why are you so obsessed with me?

And it keeps on going with smegas like these. (again, the flying kanna was a new joiner who was immediately kicked thereafter) - harassment by his guildie


Comedian is religiously known to be viciously against macroers and hackers. The sick irony is that whilst he abuses/harasses people he deems to be as such, he embraces/forgives the same people he apparently hates. He has forgiven those proved to be botting/macroing in his very guild (see evidence relating to Swordland and Seronic3 below). Some weeks ago, a guild leader within his alliance macroed, and Comedian didn’t blink before ending that relationship. One can only ask at this point, what kind of sick justice is Comedian practicing if he deems himself to have the power to go against (and forgive others) his own standards of justice? Basically, if Comedian likes you, you are fine.

It is also ironic that this is the same person who portrays himself as a victim in a post on reddit made a few days ago (160 upvotes; The way in which Comedian alleges to be bullied, as far as I know, is technically impossible. It is highly likely, instead, that he wasn’t “bullied” but rather was an issue with a recent patch update.


Given Comedian’s large following, I know this is going to cause a shit storm, but I felt it crucial to make this post because I could no longer take the constant abusing and harassing while knowing that Comedian is a hypocrite himself (it’s about time someone said something). I leave the verdict up to the public - #FuckHypocrisy #BackwardsJustice #MapleJusticeWarrior.

List of evidence:
* Swordland (lvl 262 Mercedes) - Fy | botting / macroing

* CharlieBlaze (lvl 251 Nightlord) - CharlieBlaze defending Swordland when he got caught and expelled from [R]atpack.

* Seronic3 (lvl 262 Mercedes) | botting / macroing / keyweighting

* Faffi - Lars(lvl 260 Nightlord) | suspicious
Screenshot of a close friend of Faffi saying that he shared his account with his cousin and it got banned for unknown reasons, okay dude. Something worth mentioning is that he got taken off-rankings, but when he got unbanned him and Comedian becomes best friend and no one bats an eye.

* Execute (lvl 260 Nightlord) | Shady / suspicious
I see you've bought an IGN Execute, I really do wonder what else you've bought Rahamim123 :)

Same to you Comedian/Madman

Dreamteam members:


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