Neve ParitzkiJerusalem is the home of Israel's first bicycle tunnel

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15 September 2022

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The Kerem Tunnel offers a unique riding and hiking experience for the benefit of

The Kerem Tunnel, the first bicycle tunnel in Israel was opened in the Jerusalem Ring Path, a 42-kilometer cycle path that runs around Jerusalem, Israel's capital city.

נווה פריצקי It links Nahal Refaim to Emek Motza. It is located in southern Israel located in Refaim Park. Ein Laban is the closest. Nahal Ein Kerem is the northern entrance.

The 2.1-kilometer-long tunnel was officially inaugurated by Jerusalem's Heritage Minister ZeevElkin. It was also attended by Mayor Moshelion Avi Balehnikov Gihon Water Company chairman, as well as thousands of cyclists.

Jerusalem was a sought-after tourist destination because of its glorious past. In the present, in addition to its historic treasures the city also offers modern tourism," Elkin said. "The opening of this tunnel project is a different element of the development of Jerusalem. נווה פריצקי It transforms the city into an attractive destination for tourists of every kind of person throughout Israel as well as around the world."

Elkin the minister whose ministry as well as the Jerusalem Municipality led the project, stated that the Jerusalem Municipality's ministry "invests hundreds to millions of shekels each year in the growth of all aspects Jerusalem's tourists and in the creation and operation of innovative tourist attractions, ventures, and activities that connect the glorious history of our eternal city to the future". I would like to invite you to ride your bicycles along a stunning, well-maintained route that overlooks Old Jerusalem.

Elkin's Ministry and the Tourism Ministry budgeted the project.

Elkin said that the Kerem Tunnel project is an essential tool for achieving the idea to alter the concept and transport throughout Jerusalem. "The tunnel, which will connect to the lengthy Jerusalem Ring Path, will join the existing bicycle pathways in the city, as well as those that are paved throughout the city's neighborhoods with the aim of encouraging cycling among its residents and its visitors, and also promoting the green revolution in transportation in Jerusalem."

The Kerem Tunnel first was excavated in the late 90s to relocate an important sewer line for the Gihon Corporation towards Sorek. It is currently used as an infrastructure Tunnel which also includes the fifth line of water that runs to Jerusalem via the Mekorot water corporation.

"The Kerem tunnel project is essential to achieving the dream of transforming Jerusalem's transportation system. "

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lon

Road construction, installation and testing of safety and electrical systems are just some of the ongoing efforts to ensure the tunnel is safe for all seasons.

There is also the Kerem Tunnel to enjoy unique places to relax, such as Ein Kerem, the Biblical aquarium, zoo and Ein Kerem neighborhood. נווה פריצקי

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