How to Store Microgreens Properly and keep them fresh

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17 January 2022

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Microgreens are widely used in soups, salads as well as sandwiches these days. They are also included in healthy smoothies. If you have been growing microgreens in your home, you likely already know that they turn unhealthy quickly if they aren't stored correctly. This is why you have learn how to use them. This article will provide tips on storing them properly to keep them fresh for days. The majority of times, you are unable to finish a tray of microgreens at the same time and must store them in the refrigerator.

It's very easy to grow microgreens, even for people without a green thumb. They are popular because they can grow microgreens within the garden or kitchen. In addition, they do not require much only a little soil and containers. Once you've collected the seeds, simply sprinkle them sparingly and keep the soil moist. Be aware of the surrounding. Microgreens can be harvested in a high-quality manner by planting them in areas where temperatures range from 77 degrees to the temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit. To receive more details on microgreen business kindly look at Although some microgreens typically take between 7 and 10 days for growth however, some require three weeks to grow. You must know how to pick huge quantities. Once you've decided on the microgreens you would like to harvest you should cut the sections with knives or scissors. Microgreens can become soggy when you aren't able to properly Store Microgreens them. You should not water them up to 24 hours before harvesting them to ensure they dry completely. You may also rub them gently using paper towels to eliminate excess moisture.

Microgreens that are wet will become soggy instantly, so ensure that they are dry before storage in a refrigerator. The need to keep them cool is important for them to stay fresh. Microgreens should be washed at the time you're about to take them in for eating. Also, be careful of the temperature of the water when cleaning them. Clean the microgreens using cool and clean water as excessively hot or cold water could harm them and decrease their nutritional value. Microgreens can be spoiled rapidly if not stored properly. The best method to store them is to keep them refrigerated in a container or plastic bag.
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