The Mind Control Device Short: Schoolgirl Studies Anal

Author: f05028bed3

13 October 2021

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I used to go to a bar/steakhouse called MARMAC’S. I knew the band, (good music) and I would go there after work to dance & unwind. The joke at the place was the name M,A,R,M,A,C,'S stood for Middle Aged Raunchy Men After Casual Sex. I worked swing shift so it was perfect for me. I Still got to party but it kept the party under control. There was this one woman who’s name was Teresa. She had blonde hair, big tits and a full ass. She was a little rough in the face, but I liked her as a person. She had asked me to dance with her a couple of times (Slow) The more I danced with her, the more she wanted me. She tried all kinds of things to get me into bed. But I never would. Don’t get me wrong. I not dead and I have a very nasty mind. But I’m married and I just don’t jump into the sack with every woman who wants to fuck. Besides for me to do it with someone they really have to turn me on. One night on the way home I saw Teresa broken down on the side of the road. So I stopped to help as it was close to 2:00AM. It couldn’t be fixed and offered her a ride to her friends house. She tried to get me to go get a room as so called payment for helping her. I told her I had told my wife I’d be home by 2:00. She said make her wait. I told her can’t. Then dropped her off at her friends and left. A few weeks later I was partying at the bar when a friend of mine came up to me and said, “There’s a woman over there who says she really owes you.” “And if I were you, I’d go right over and collect.” As I started over to see who it was, I saw it was Teresa. She was wearing a short white dress, V cut very low in front which showed off her big tits and a pearl choker necklace. She was now a red head, With full red lips and fingernails to match. I have to admit, I thought she looked hot and would be one nasty fuck. As I approached, she started saying, “You really helped me, and I really appreciated it.” “I really owe you and I want you. I mean I really owe you.” I started to say “Look” but she cut me off saying, “I’ll do anything, anything you want.” “You say it, I’ll do it.” My nasty mind started racing. “ANYTHING?” I asked. She said in a begging tone, “Annnnything” I thought for a second. “Ok, I want you to meet me around the corner at the Motel 6 in 20 minutes.” She said she would. I also said that I was going to do nasty things to her. Things no one had ever done. And that I was going to talk to and treat her like a cheap whore. She smiled a nasty smile and said "Ok." As I turned to go inside to tell everyone good night, not telling them what I was about to do. She said, “All those girls, and now it’s my turn.” I looked at her and said, “You just show up.” When I got there she was standing out front waiting, looking like a cheap whore on a corner in that short white dress. As we entered the room she said, “This is our room.” I sat on the bed and instructed her to stand before me. She looked very nasty in that tight white dress. It hugged her breasts and ass showing her sexy full figure. I reached up and pulled the deep cut V apart. Out popped her huge breasts exposing her silver dollar nipples. I wasted no time and began to kiss and suck those beautiful tits. I loved her big nipples. I took her tits and cupped them one in each hand. Pushing them together and kissed and sucked from nipple to nipple. She must have liked it as she swayed them back & forth to meet my efforts. After a while I stood and told her to sit on the bed. Still in her white dress tits hanging out, she didn’t know how hot she looked like that. I told her to undo my pants. As she undid them, out sprang my already hard cock, right into her face. She looked up at me as she wrapped her hand and red fingernails around my shaft. I told her, “Kiss it & suck it”. She looked down and started to kiss the tip softly. She was enjoying it, I could tell by the look on her face. Then she sucked my cock hard into her mouth. She knew how to suck! She stroked my cock with one hand and put the other on my ass to pull me closer. She stroked & sucked it hard, squeezing my shaft as she worked my cock. She worked the head over then she pulled me even closer. Balls deep she sucked me. I had never had a woman take me down her throat like that. She then pulled me over the top of her as she laid back. With one knee on each side of her face, cock hanging into her mouth. She never stopped sucking or even broke stride. I couldn’t help but to start softly pumping her face putting my hands on the back of her head. I told her "Honey, I'm going to cum & I want you to drink it." I could feel her murmur a "MMM,HHHMMM" My cock swelled up and exploded into her sucking mouth. She took everything, I shot spurt after spurt of hot thick cum. I could hear her gulping as she swallowed it. She didn’t know I was multi orgasmic and don’t lose my hard-on between climaxes. (My ex-girlfriends loved me.) I rolled off her, and she thought it was over. We lay there resting for a minute and then I stood up and told her to stand on her knees on the edge of the bed facing away from me. I stood behind her. She turned her head looking back at me. I started to kiss her on her lips. I could smell my sperm on her breath as I kissed her lips deeply and then her neck and shoulders, then slowly down her back. When I reached the small of her back I reached up without saying a word and gently bent Teresa over. Teresa didn't have any panties on as I lifted the bottom of her dress over her ass to her waist exposing her hips, pussy, and pretty little puckered asshole. I know she thought I was going to fuck her right then. But to her surprise I continued kissing the cheeks of her ass. Closer and closer I kissed to her bunghole. I could smell the tartness of her asshole as I kissed all around her tight little puckered brown ring teasing her. It just made the nastiness of what I was about to do even better. I could tell she liked it as she moved her hips in a manner as to try to get me to kiss her asshole. With her ass in my face I told her, “This is what a whore like you needs." And gave her a deep kiss right on the sphincter of her asshole. She let out a loud moan, then in a whining voice she said, “YYYYYEESS, OH, YYYYYEESS”. I continued to kiss her tight little butthole. She was softly moaning, “YES, YES, KISS IT HONEY, KISS IT GOOD.” Over and over she moaned this as I kissed her tart butthole. She was loving it and I asked if she liked it. She replied, "YES, YES, I LOVE IT. KISS MY ASS HONEY, KISS MY ASS." After a while I started to lick it. Long wet licks onto her asshole. She really liked that. In a whining voice she said, “YES, YES, HONEY, EAT ME, PLEASE EAT ME, I LOVE IT, EAT ME BABY, EAT MY ASS, EAT MY AAAAASS.” Again over and over she begged me to keep eating her butthole. Her whining became louder the longer I licked. She was really enjoying it as she started to push her ass back into my face. I licked her butthole feverishly, back & forth, up & down. Long hard wet licks & kisses on her butthole. I stopped just long enough to ask her, "Are you my whore?" She said in her whining voice, YES, YES, I'M YOUR WHORE, EAT ME HONEY, EAT MY ASS." "NO ONE'S EVER EATEN MY ASS LIKE THIS." "YES, I’M A WHORE, EAT MY ASS, EAT MY AAAAAAASS." She reached down between her legs and started rubbing her clit feverishly as she pushed her ass back into my face. Her whining voice was really getting excited, “LICK IT, EAT IT, EAT MY ASS HONEY, EAT MY ASS, YOUR TONGUE, I'M GOING TO CUM ON YOUR TONGUE." "EAT ME BABY, EAT MEEEEEEEE.” I could feel her building for an anal climax. When she started to cum she pushed her ass back into my face hard and in a rough panting voice she said, "I'M CUUUUMMING." Her body shudder and shook as she climaxed. Right in the middle of her anal climax, I stuck my tongue as deep into her asshole as I could and she went wild. Her asshole clinched tightly around my tongue as wave after wave of anal orgasm ran through her body. I was enjoying watching, feeling and tasting her anal climax. When she finally quit cumming Teresa’s body just went limp and she could hardly speak. When she had caught her breath. I pulled a chair in front of the mirror and said, “Get on your knees on this chair leaning over the back.” She took her position as she was told. As she bent over the chair, I was going to fuck her in her ass and she knew it! I would be able to see the expressions on her face and see her big tits swing with each stroke as I fucked her asshole. I told her "I love nasty whores like you, reach back and spread your ass for me." She willingly did it, as she looked back over her shoulder waiting to be fucked in her ass. I laid my cock in the crack of her ass saying, “Feel the cock that’s going to fuck your ass.” I could tell the idea excited her. As she looked back saying in a nasty voice, “FUCK ME”. With her spreading her ass cheeks wide and her butthole still wet from her anal licking, I put my hands on her hips putting the tip of my dick against her asshole. I started to push forward and watched the head of my cock go in. As I pushed it up her ass she looked forward and moaned, "AAAAAHHH." I got it a few inches up her ass and then told her “This is what a whore like you deserves.” Her butthole was very tight. I pushed again and she squealed, “OOOOHH” Looking in the mirror, I could see her eye browse were drawn up together and she was pouting. She had a pained look on her face. She whined, "Easy honey, I’ve never done this before." "I want you to fuck my ass." "Just don’t hurt me." Shit I had an anal virgin here. I stayed there and rotated my hips giving her time to accept my cock. I worked her gently and her bowels finally loosened and lubed themselves. I kept working it deeper into her tight butthole. Each time I pushed her bowels would tighten and she would moan, "OOOH." The grip her bowels had on my cock was tremendous. The whole time the look on her face was that of concern, eye browse drawn up together, lips pouting. She had broken a cold sweat, which glistened on her face. Even with that pained look on her face I still heard her murmur under her breath, "Yes, Put it in me, Give it to me, Give it to me good.” “Oh yeah, Oh yeah, up my ass.” This slut wanted to get her asshole fucked. It felt so good the tight fit of her butthole as she struggled to take my cock. I loved that look of concern on her face and seeing her digging her red nails into the chair back. It was so hot. listening to her whimpers and whines as I worked my cock deeper into her ass, When I got it all the way in, I could hear her murmur under her breath "It’s so big, so deep." I stayed there for a long time. My cock buried deep in her bowels. I rotated my hips, which rotated my cock deep in her asshole. She moaned, "YEeeeeeeeS." As she loosened up her concerned look turned to pleasure. I began to pump in and out slowly. She moaned “YES, YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME.” I enjoyed hearing her & feeling her very tight asshole sliding up and down my cock. Seeing her brown ring stretched around my cock, milking my cock every time I pulled it out. Then driving it all the way back in. Soon she was telling me "I LOVE HOW IT FEELS, FUCK MY ASS GOOD." The faster and deeper I went, the louder she whined, begging me to fuck her asshole. I told her “Take my cock you filthy whore.” The nastier I talked the more she loved it and the louder she became. The whole time she was begging for it. "THAT'S IT HONEY, SHOVE THAT COCK UP MY ASS." "YES, SHOVE IT UP MY ASS.” “I LOVE IT, FUCK ME, FUCK MY ASS HONEY!” “FUCK MY ASS!!” I told her, "I love sluts like you." "You're such a dirty little whore, take it hard up your ass!" Holding her hips, I shoved my cock up her ass hard and deep. She was loving it! Then I said, "You like being used!” “Fucked in the ass like a used whore, Don’t you?!!" Through her heavy breathing she said, "YES, YES, USE ME!" I said, "I'm using your butthole for my pleasure!" She loved that whining, "YES, USE ME, USE ME, USE MY BUTTHOLE, FUCK ME LIKE THE FILTHY WHORE THAT I AM.” "SHOVE IT UP MY ASS!" I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. From a woman who struggled to get my cock in her ass, to a woman who was screaming that she was a filthy whore and to use her. She screamed, "HARDER, FUCK ME HARDER” "I LOVE IT UP MY ASS, SHOVE IT UP MY ASS." I had been buttfucking her really hard for close to an hour. I was fucking her ass so hard my hips were slapping against her ass and my balls were slapping against her clit. Her big tits were swinging back & forth hard to every bowel bruising stroke. It had to hurt. I told her, “You fucking whore I’m going to bruise your bowels, Take it! Take it hard up your ass!” She just yelled “BRUISE MY BOWELS, BRUISE MY BOWELS, USE ME HONEY, USE MEEEEE!” Damn, everybody in the place had to hear her. Either she didn’t care or she wanted them to know that she was an anal slut being butt fucked hard in her ass. She was an ass man’s dream come true. Watching her bent over the chair back like that. Nails dug in and her head and boobs jiggling and bouncing to every butthole bruising stroke. I loved the look of mixed pained pleasure on her face as I plowed over and over deep into her butthole. I looked down at her asshole. She had a brown ring of anal glaze all around her asshole as it pulled outward milking my cock each time I withdrew. Her butthole was now bright red and swollen from being fucked long & hard as I continued to ream her. She would never forget this anal fucking as the room smelled of anal sex. I told her, "You anal slut, I can smell your asshole on my cock!” It was the smell that only a long, deep anal fucking can give. She looked at me in the mirror with nasty bedroom eyes and said in a breathless tone, “YES,,, I SMELL IT,,,, IT SMELLS SO GOOD, SHOVE IT UP MY ASS BABY, BRUISE MY BOWELS,, BRUISE MY BOWELS.” She continued pumping her ass hard against me saying, “USE MEEEEEEEEEEEEE.”. I loved watching her in the mirror, the lustful looks on her face with my cock reaming her butthole & her big tits swinging back and forth! I could tell she was getting ready to cum anally again. I told her, “You love being buttfucked don’t you?“ She replied,“YEEEESSSSS!” as I pulled her hips back towards me keeping my cock buried deep in her ass. I told her, “Tell me you love it in the ass.” She said, “YOUR COCK FEELS SO GOOD, I LOVE IT IN THE ASS.” “IT’S GOING TO MAKE ME CUM HONEY,,,, IT’S GOING TO MAKE ME CUM,,,,, I’M,,, I’M,,, CUUUUUMMING!” She could barely get the words out and I could feel her bowels constricting on my cock. And again I enjoyed watching & feeling her shudder and shake as she came. When she was done cumming my own climax was nearing. I told her, "Your such a nasty whore, I just love your asshole. It's going to make me cum." I looked at Teresa’s face in the mirror. She was enjoying playing the role of a willing anal slut and was smiling a very nasty smile. She told me to pull my cock out of her ass and cum in her mouth. She had the nastiest look in her eyes. She said, "CUM IN MY MOUTH, I WANT IT.” “I WANT TO TASTE YOUR CUM AGAIN.” As my climax neared I told her it was close. As Teresa stood up and turned around my cock pulled out of her ass with a slurp. She turned quickly and sat facing me grabbing my cock in one hand and putting her other hand on my ass pulling me towards her. With deep lust in her eyes, staring at my cock, she jacked me feverishly at her face. She was breathing very hard and I could feel her breath on my cock. I knew she could smell her own ass on my cock. And she knew I was about to cum and wanted it as she licked her lips in anticipation. I was about to explode and told her to put my cock in her mouth and suck it hard. I couldn’t believe she shoved my cock into her mouth, Anal juice and all she sucked for all she was worth. She squeezed my cock as she stroked and sucked me. It felt so good hearing and feeling her going, "MMM,MMM,MMM” enjoying the taste of ass on my cock. I told her, “You like the taste of ass don't you?" Her "MMM,HHHMMM" was muffled by my cock. She was the nastiest slut I had ever enjoyed! I told her, "I'm going to cum in your mouth.” “When I cum don’t swallow, keep my wad in your mouth and taste it.” “Then I want to see you play with it.” I could feel my balls tighten and my cock began to swell up getting ready to drain my balls. “HERE IT CUMS BABY," "TAKE IT YOU FUCKING WHORE!” My cock just exploded into her mouth. Spurt after spurt of Hot, Thick, Sticky, Cum filled her mouth. She continued to jack and suck me hard as I filled her mouth with sperm. I could hear and feel her going, “MMMM,MMMM,MMMM” the whole time I was cumming. She loved making me cum and loved the taste of my load. When I was done, I stepped back a little and as my cock came out of her mouth, long strings of jizz stretched from her lips to my cock. Teresa looked up at me with nasty loving eyes. With her mouth full of sperm she puckered her lips and softly kissed the tip of my cock several times, then rubbed the tip of my cock over her lips like she was putting on lipstick smearing my jizz over her lips. Still in her tight white dress, tits hanging out the deep V cut, She put her arm under her tits holding them up and out cupping them between her elbow and hand. With her other hand she let go of my cock and began to rub her clit feverishly. As Teresa masturbate she then looked down slightly parting her lips. Sperm spilled out over her red lips as she slowly drooled my load. Long strings of jizz ran and dripped off her lips and chin down the front of her onto her tits as she masturbated. She was putting on a nasty show, acting like a cum loving slut as she turned her head from side to side, letting it drool and drip all over her big tits and nipples. When her mouth was empty she licked her sperm sticky lips and looked back up at me saying, “I LOVE YOUR SPERM.”. I watched as Teresa held out her cum covered tits and feverishly masturbated her clit. Continuing to masturbate she took her arm out from under her tits and with her hand slowly smeared my sperm all over her tits, then teasingly pinched her sperm covered nipples. She looked so hot like that. I had to step forward and offer her my cock again. She grabbed my cock and sucked it back into her mouth all the way down her throat, face buried against me. I put my hands on the back of her head, Saying, "YOU'RE SO WONDERFUL!" She continued to suck it hard as she masturbated bringing herself to her final climax.. As she sucked and climaxed her thighs were quivering as she came the last time. I could feel her going “HMM, HMM, HMM, HMM.” Cooing on my cock as she came. When she was done she kissed my dick several times and then just held me close to her. She had sperm all over her. She looked so sexy, in her white dress, red hair and red lips, my sperm smeared and dripping from her face. With her big tits hanging out covered in cum. Teresa said, “I've wanted you for so long, I'll be your whore anytime you want honey, I just want you to enjoy me.” I said “Oh Honey, you were so good” “I will honey, I will”...... 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - It was incredible. I loved every moment of it. I shuddered, squeezing down tight on him. I whimpered, my breasts rubbing against the table. The pleasure was growing and growing in me. I would have such a huge orgasm.

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