02 February 2023

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Why is there a feeling of apathy towards Hindu Dharma? Is there a need to fight for it, or are we too small to undertake this fight? Do we engage and respond to her relentless criticism, or should we ignore them? How have we allowed centuries of damage to its various aspects? How do we take adequate steps to ensure that history does not repeat itself? These are just a few of the questions Ms. Neena Narumanchi tries to answer as she explores the importance of Hindu studies.

Current status

I had no idea that there was a parallel world on campus until I attended a Hindu University of America (HUA) webinar about HUA's vision and mission.

Once I graduated from college and entered the working world, I never paid attention to what was going on in colleges, universities, what professors, authors, students were saying and publishing - in any field, not just Hindu Studies. And I won't be far off the mark if I say that this is true of about 75% to 80% of college-educated Hindus.

Once we get caught up in the drudgery of making a living, raising a family, and building a career, they become all-consuming tasks. Or at least that's what we say to convince ourselves. We refuse to engage our minds in any other task, we refuse to allow ourselves to gain more knowledge unless it is related to one of the above tasks I mentioned - and we let the "activist" in us die.

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