Details You Need To Know About Cinnamon Sticks

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31 August 2022

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Cinnamon is a popular cooking spice used in a number of cultures. Created from the bark of certain tree species present in China, India and Southeast Asia, cinnamon comes in powder, capsule, liquid extract or stick forms. Furthermore cinnamon flavor your selected dishes, it is also used in folk medicine to deal with medical conditions.


Cinnamon sticks impart better flavor to foods in comparison with its powder counterpart. Cinnamon loses its flavor with time, whether it is in powder or whole form. However, ground cinnamon will degrade quicker than whole sticks. Cinnamon sticks also have a longer life expectancy than ground cinnamon. You can store cinnamon sticks for up to 12 months while cinnamon powder will simply stay fresh for A few months. Use a specifically created spice grinder or perhaps a coffee grinder to produce ground cinnamon out of your sticks to enhance baked goods and also other dishes.

Health advantages

Cinnamon includes a amount of potential many benefits. The spice might help lower blood glucose and cholesterol in individuals with type-2 diabetes. Cinnamon also includes polyphenols, a type of antioxidant that may protect cells against molecular damage and prevent coronary disease. The scent of cinnamon may help to boost mental alertness also.


Cinnamon sticks also make a fragrant decoration around your house or office. However, you may associate the smell of cinnamon with autumn, you need to use cinnamon sticks throughout every season. Place cinnamon sticks in a tiny vase for a pleasing air freshener. Another deodorizing choices to simmer the cinnamon sticks. Put them inside a saucepan engrossed in water. Bring the river to a boil after which slow up the heat. Permit the cinnamon sticks to simmer for a few moments to supply a wonderful aroma during your house.

Cinnamon ornaments are a fun way to not only decorate your Christmas tree but keep the house smelling nice for your holidays.

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